November 13, 2011 - November 19, 2011
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November 19, 2011

To: Keith
Hi Keith, It's been a while since we last spoke but here is a new greeting and an invitation to renew speaking. Dan
—Dan Huynh

To: Brothers in 2nd LAR Battalion
Welcome back home brothers Victory to the bold Semper Fidelis Marines
—Christopher Dotts

To: Nelson-Penland siblings
Dear offspring, I know Thanksgiving wll be hard this year, and I know you miss your dad. I love you all. Mom
—Kris Goble

To: Robert Kittler
Congratulations to my son on getting his first professional acting job! That it's title is "Sex-Rev" makes us no less proud. And though you now go by the name "Robert," you'll always be our "Bobby." Deal with it.
—Lindy Kittler

To: Holly & Joe
The cancer is gone, my hair is growing. Thank you for being my spiritual fertilizer.
—Michelle French

To: Patti
To my dear wife of 17 years, happy 40th birthday!
—Josh Francis

To: All my former Ole students and Ole colleagues
Listening from Maine tonight and missing you all and life on The Hill dearly. Um ya ya!
—Stephanie Schmidt

To: Carol Bisbee
To Carol on her 72nd birthday, from her Ole friends in Fort Collins (listening together tonight)!
—Brian & Lonnie Mihm

To: Dave
Happy 10th anniversary, Honey. I know you won't hear this in your deer stand but I'll tell you all about it when you get home. Love, Juli
—Juli Olson

To: Far away family in Red Bluff, California
Thinking of all of you today as we adopted Minnesotans work on perfecting that delightful Minnesota long "o" sound as we sit here at the shooow at St. Ooolaf while the first snooow of the season is falling outside. Wish you were all here!
—Ken and JoAn Warwick

To: Mom
Happy Birthday! By the way, did you talk dad into going to Christmas Fest yet? Tell him he can mouth the words and skip the Norwegian sweater.
—Ryan Palmer

November 18, 2011

To: Emily Patterson
Congratulations on getting through 10 weeks of college . . . Only 118 more weeks to go!
—Andrea Patterson

To: Jeppesen Family
Listen to this live from St. Olaf, and I will tell you all about being in the audience when I come home next week for Thanksgiving!
—Amy Jeppesen

To: Don and Carol Smidt and Jackie Rath
Celebrating a wedding anniversary and a birthday with family this weekend at St. Olaf while in attendance at this broadcast.
—Tammy Rath

November 17, 2011

To: Sam
Greetings from mom and dad in White Bear Lake! We're so glad you're enjoying your 1st year on the hill. Don't get any funny ideas about lefse for Christmas - you're German, not Norwegian!
—Rick & Nancy Bosak

To: Abby & Dick
[I will be IN THE AUDIENCE at St. Olaf 11/19] Sarah says THANK YOU to Dick, in Boston, for marrying her sister Abby 40 years ago, and to Abby, in Boston, for turning her onto this show 30 years ago.
—Sarah Entenmann

November 15, 2011

To: Aubrey Frances Tyler
Today is the twentieth birthday of our favorite fair-haired Ole. Life in Sanbornton isn't the same without you! Love from Mom and Dad.
—Frances Belcher

November 14, 2011

To: Bruce and Bev from Cumming, IA in the audience Nov. 19
We moved the party to your house tonight. Your loving neighbors. Kim, Harold, Margie, and Greg.
—Harold Petersen

To: Jimmy and Heidi Olson
Happy 28th Anniversary on Nov 26th to our parents, Jimmy and Heidi Olson from Westby, WI. Jimmy is a St Olaf Graduate, class of 1973. Jimmy and Heidi have been listening to A Prairie Home Companion since their "Courting" days. They are here this evening with family and friends to celebrate their Anniversary.
—Kjersten, Annika and Tommy Olson
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