February 17, 2012 - February 23, 2013
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February 23, 2013

To: David
Marry me. Love Christopher
—christopher carriero

To: LuAnn Hunter
Happy 70th Birthday. Enjoy another glass of wine. You deserve it. Love from your son David and his partner Christopher
—christopher carriero

To: Dimmer Switch and Sherrie
Happy 50th wedding anniversary from your kids! That advice on "wearing good underwear just in case something happens to you" has come in handy through the years.
—Lynne Thall

To: Fred & Phyllis
Enjoy the show tonight! Glad you were able to check A Prairie Home Companion off of your Bucket List!
—Laura Jonker

To: Christopher Carriero
To Bird (who is in the audience) from Pony (who is not): I love you so much, and I know it's only been 7 months but: Will you marry me? Tweet-Tweeeet!
—David Hunter

To: To the important ladies in my life
Thank you for making me a son, husband, son in law, and daddy. My love always. From: Hasa(hay-sa), darling, SIL, and papabear.
—Jason Myrmoe

February 22, 2013

To: Joy Posis and Alex Yi
Happy 80th birthday to my mom! And another happy birthday to dad of the the one I love--as they share the same birth day.
—Michael Posis

February 21, 2013

To: Little Jason
Jason, Uncle Paul loves you and promises to play turkey foot with you anytime you want. Sending you a hug from across the country. Your Uncle Paul.
—Paul Hargus

To: Rachel Gerlach
Happy 15th Birthday love mom.
—Inez Bissada

To: Marla Nargundkar
Wish you a birthday filled with bird- watching, relaxation, Southern Comfort, and NPR!
—Satish Nargundkar

February 20, 2013

To: Dave and Gail Swindell
Greetings from Thailand! Sorry our winter is considerably nicer than yours. Can't wait to see you in April. Love Andrew and Jane.
—Andrew Swindell

February 18, 2013

To: Stan and Annie
Hope things are going well in Missoula!
—Emma Lugenbill

To: Grace and Shane
Hope things are going well in Missoula!
—Emma Lugenbill

To: Jay and Cheryl
Thanks for the tickets Mom and Dad!
—Emma Lugenbill

February 17, 2013


February 16, 2013

To: Sally Glemba
To: Sallicka Glemba;It's the end of your 75th birthday week so once more I'd like to say Happy birthday to a kind, sweet, loving, amazing wife a man could ask for! Who knew that I would find a treasure in Selma Oregon! Love you "Duša Moja". —Fero
—Frank Glemba

To: Joanne Bosky
Greetings to you and your truly remarkable pug dogs.
—Anita Bosky

To: Chad
Congratulations Chad- you're going to be a Daddy again! Wouldn't want to attempt this wild ride with anyone else. Love You. Nettie
—Danette Parr

To: Terry Spawn
Happy birthday from the rest of the family! We are so happy to be celebrating with you at the show tonight!
—Cory Spawn

To: The Nellie Family
A shout out and sincere thank you to Gregg, Colleen, Raliegh and Barbara who so graciously shared their home with us this past year after the fire! We will never forget your generosity.
—Beth Cliff

February 15, 2013

To: Bill, Jackie & Heidi
Visiting from Sussex, WI. Hope Josh got you good seats. We'll be listening to the show at home and wishing we were there.
—Bob & Diane Midland

To: Tracey Richwine
Happy 50th birthday to our wild and crazy friend! I know you LOVE sitting in the audience right now watching the show in person! And all the way from Richmond, VA!
—Sabet Stroman

February 9, 2013

To: Dana
Missing you very much, Dana. Definitely the worst part about this storm.
—Josh Herbst

To: Esther Crosby
Hope you were "lashed" to the pine tree in Wrentham when the 68 mph winds "slammed" against you while the snow gently and quietly fell!
—Matt and Candace Rogers

To: Jesse
Happy 30th birthday Jesse! Between this milestone and your new son, the gray hairs are soon to come! From your older, and grayer, brother.
—Ben Wolff

To: Zach Sawyer Josephine Sheridan Summer Everett & Cassen
To our 7 wonderful children. You may never "see" radio in your lifetime so we are here to tell you what it was like.
—Shawn & Rebekah

To: Amy Wages
Thanks for 8 great years of marriage and chasing me around with your vegan dishes. My heart is happier and my belly is smaller. Austin TX
—John Wages

To: Annie
Happy Birthday to my mother who died 3 weeks ago -- she was aiming for this 95th birthday.
—Carolyn Hubenak

February 8, 2013

To: Harlan Christianson
Let's say goodbye to , a devout Norwegian Lutheran farmer and devoted public servant, recently honored by the Minnesota Legislature with a Moment of Silence.
—Kiel & Tony Christianson

To: Char in Texas
Looking forward to your retirement so you can attend the Minnesota State Fair. Maybe your cat, Wishbone, can perform his tricks.
—Paula Greene

To: David
20 years ago we had that first Valentines dinner, we never did decide which one of us should have the seizure to get out of paying for the meal!
—Barb Pederson

February 7, 2013

To: Peter Overlien
Hope you are listening on the radio so you will know how near and dear you are to me. I hope our paths will cross again soon. Will all my love...
—Sarah Moylan

To: Gene
Happy 83rd Birthday to Gene,from Augusta, Georgia, here in the audience! Love that your celebrating in MN with us, Dad-
—Becca Norris

February 6, 2013

To: Terry Spawn
Happy Birthday!
—Cory Spawn

February 2, 2013

To: Lindsay Boris
Thank you for coming all the way to St. Paul with me to enjoy the Winter Carnival, and to re-define you idea of what "cold" really is.
—Matthew Glithero

January 30, 2013

To: Rosa Yi
I continue to search for the frequency to your NPR-loving heart. If I could dedicate a PHC song, it would be "Am I Boring?"
—Michael Posis

January 28, 2013

To: John McTaggart
John, we all miss you and our City desperately needs you back on the Council. It's been 3 years since your passing and still there is no one to provide your wise and patient mentoring, shrewd advice, and the best and wryest humor of anyone I've ever known.
—ted vegvari

January 27, 2013

To: Leslie Lofton
Happy Birthday Daddy! Surprise! Thought it'd be a cool gift to have PHC wish you a happy birthday and Happy Anniversary to you and Mom!
—Alicia Ramsey

January 26, 2013

To: Holly Lynn
Who knew I'd find the love of my life at the dog park. You're my best friend and I love you wildly!
—Daniel Ronesi

To: Jack and Beth
Merry Christmas Hope all your wishes came true!
—Glenn Miller

To: Molly Arbogast
Happy birthday to Molly! (here at the Madison show -- 9pm version) When I said in my proposal 14 years ago that I wanted to grow old together, I meant it; and we do so as each day drifts past. But surely we've solidified a new maturity here tonight by attending this live recording of a PHC. (9pm) Your loving and slightly older husband, Bill
—Bill Arbogast

To: Terrisa Kienzynski
"Laetam natalem tibi,O Mater," from your soon-to-be Latin teacher daughter! Hope you had a great one!
—Misty Kienzynski

To: Leif Erickson Kluesner
Happy 3rd birthday to a little boy with a big Norwegian heart! Love Papa and Nana
—Terry Meyer

January 25, 2013

To: Kirsten
I hope you're enjoying being in the audience tonight. I'm looking forward to many more experiences like this together. Love you!
—Theron Schultz

To: Gracie and Bill
To a fun 50! You two are our role models, whether at "the club" or "up nort'!" Happy Anniversary, can't wait for the next 50! Love your sister friends in Overture Hall and the Radio Audience
—Martha Vukelich-Austin

January 23, 2013

To: Edna Lillian (b.)Crandall ( m.Mashl)
Our Mom, Edna, was born 100 years ago in Charlestown, Rhode Island. She still lives alone, feeds the deer because she has given up fighting with them over the vegetable garden, When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said, "I would love a lone, yodeling cowboy." So we thought of you. It's been tough trying to find one in Rhode Island.
—Sally, Stephanie, David and John Mashl

January 21, 2013

To: Sam
Happy 13th Birthday to our son, Sam! Celebrating at the late show on January 26! Sam's parents are Moravian and Presbyterian ministers. Wisely, he is being confirmed a Lutheran! Pastor Ingqvist would be proud!
—Scott & Staci Marrese-Wheeler

To: Norma Titherington
Happy 90th Birthday to Norma Titherington. Born Norma “Hansen” to native Norwegian Karl Hansen and his wife, Hazel, near Mikana, Wisconsin on the shores of Red Cedar Lake in 1923. Norma arrived 2 months early and weighed 1.5 pounds. Her grandmother put her in a cigar box with a homemade incubator to keep her warm and alive. For many years now, she has been singing the Star Spangled Banner a capella at the annual 4th of July celebration in Mikana, and sings regularly at her church, Our Savior Lutheran.
—Kris Pagenkopf

January 20, 2013

To: Bobby
Well its the end of your Birthday week so once more I'd like to say Happy birthday to a kind, sweet, loving, amazing boyfriend a girl could ask for! Here's to many more to come! Love you baby!
—Heather Ostrowski

To: Rick Evans
I'm so proud and happy to see you on stage with the Krause Family Band and PHC at the Overture Center!! I'm even more proud and happy that 77 days from today I'll be your wife! I love you, Jackpot!
—Marsha Kinzer

To: Bill Parrott
Sorry you missed the show at Gammage in Tempe yesterday after waiting so long to see it. Feel better soon!
—joan allen

January 19, 2013

To: Bill & Margaret Knopf
Happy 70th Birthday, Bill Knopf! Love, Kelly, Mark, Leah, Ezra
—Kelly Knopf-Goldner

To: Grandma Alanna and Papa Don
Grandson Corey wants you to return his Christmas gift in exchange for his two front teeth he just lost!
—Brian Mack

To: Anne and Jeff LaVigne
Hope you're having a great time at the show, you guys deserve it! Love you lots!
—Emma and Christian LaVigne

To: Michelle
Reuben would like to ask Michelle for her hand in Marrage? And says: I think we should open the “wedding wine”. (Both in audience 1/19/13, and I have the ring with me)
—Reuben Rettke

To: Emma and Christian
...our two wonderful children, already 17 and soon to be 13. You're growing up so fast, and we're very proud of you. -Love, Mom and Papa
—Anne LaVigne

To: Sarah Cupo
Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife; the perfect friend, companion, and now mom. We love you!
—Jason Cupo

To: Wendy and Stephanie
WE-HE-LO to my dear Campfire Girl friends from your fellow graduate of Horace Mann Grade School in St. Paul/Highland. I'm in the audience today!
—Susan Boudreau

To: Donna and Diane
Hi from Brownsville,Minnesota to my sisters who are in the audience tonight. I hope the Bucky Badger yard gnomes are scaring the scorpions away.
—Dick Shepherd

To: Julia Kennedy
Just finished our combined fall/winter season in 1 week here in AZ. How's the weather (and 'super phone ringer' we got you for Christmas) in White Salmon, WA?
—Eric Jensen

January 18, 2013

To: Rebecca and Brian
Sorry Dad and I ditched you this afternoon when we found tickets to the show. Be good for the babysitter! Love, Mom
—Susan Zulch

To: Amy, Eddie, Leslie & Trevor
Can't wait to see all of you at the beach this summer. Love, Mo and Po
—Bev Keefer

January 13, 2013

To: Marcella Klemme
Belated Happy 91st Birthday to Marcella who is sitting in the audience today.
—Faye Koger

To: D. Garrison Hewitt
Happy 13th birthday this Jan. 19th 2012. We look forward to many more years of listing to Prairie Home Companion with you. Love, Mom & Da.
—Lori Hewitt

To: Jim bowen
Jim and Randy are in the audience, taking time out of archery deer season to see their favorite show!
—Marie Bowen

To: Martha and Dreamah
Hope you're having a good time in Superior today, we are slip slidin' away at Big Lake in Bemidji, MN.
—Sarah, Bubba, Sissy and Happy Einerson

January 12, 2013

To: Jannot Ross
Happy birthday honey love Ty
—ty parker

To: Ryan duval
I can't wait for our first little one to arrive this year, you are going to be an amazing father, I love you!
—Franhesca Duval

To: Cora
My love- Thank you for five wonderful months of marriage; here's to many more!
—Cory Schoolland

To: Lucy Nordwell
Baby Melanie says Hi to Grandparents Steve and Lucy and Great-Grandma Nonnie in Port Angeles, WA. We had a great time over Christmas and hope next year will be the one where no one gets sick :)
—Hillary Nordwell

To: The three generations of Webbs & Kenny-Elliotts in the audience
Thank you for the joy of family and music! Love, Aunt Beth
—Beth Kenny

To: Loretta
Loretta, you still rock my world. I love you more. today as I did 30 years ago! Love, Kevin
—Kevin Miller

To: Kona
David, Sandy, and Cooper of Walnut Creek send woofs to our new dog, Kona, who's listening in the car.
—David Ogden

To: Michael and April
To the not yet conceived child looking for April and Michael: Have you lost your way? Use MapQuest! They live in Emeryville and are awaiting your arrival.
—Vivian Clayton

January 11, 2013

To: Ted & Delores
Connie and Kari (in the audience 1/12) send greetings to Ted and Delores, who moved back to Minnesota and will be at the Fitzgerald Feb. 2. Enjoy winter!
—connie olsen

To: Jenna
Happy birthday to my niece. Really enjoyed your visit last year and next time we'll try out that French restaurant that makes the best burger in San Francisco.
—Brian Shylo

To: Tom
Happy birthday, love of my life! Let's celebrate this marvelous day with Garrison and the Prairie Home Companion Show Live here is SF! Bunny says Hi!
—barbara barrett

January 10, 2013

To: Helen Wedmore
Happy 78th Birthday Mom, No dancing at the Eagles Club this week-end. Rest your hip. Love you, Theresa
—Theresa Keller

January 9, 2013

To: Bruce Ruff
Happy 74th Birthday Dad! Can't wait to see you guys up here for the kid's birthday. We'll try to turn the rain off for your visit. Love, Abigail
—Abigail Bokman

To: Clyde
Happy New year Dad in Cincinnati from Marty and future daughter-in-law Susan-I promise she will be the last one!
—marty ankenbauer

January 8, 2013

To: Kaye-Lani
A very happy day of birth to my loving wife and best friend. The move to South has been a quite change but at lest we have each other for in-depth discussions on (southern Living)- please read in "souther accent" if at all possible.
—Andrew Lerner

January 7, 2013

To: Pat Hanauer
A huge hello to my rabid Twins fan Pat from Farmington MN, from Paul, the lonliest Dodger fan in the Bay Area!!!
—Paul Haut

To: Nick and Pam Curtin
So glad I decided to tag along for your Christmas present Mom and Pop! Thank you for introducing Mary and I to the show!
—Christa Curtin

To: Martin
Happy just-another-day to the love of my life.
—Ana Cruz

January 6, 2013

To: Bridget
Wishing her a Happy B'day on Jan 12th; a Minnesotan now living in Berkeley, and currently in attendance at the Live Show in the Opera House
—Gaurav Vashist

To: Dick and Marie Chaisson
Happy January Birthdays from your son and daughter-in-law in San Francisco! Hope we can have you visit soon!
—Jon & Amanda Chaisson

To: Kristy
Keep your head up! If you can withstand winters in Minnesota, then you can overcome this, too. Tap into your Midwestern pioneer fortitude!
—Andrew Smale

January 5, 2013

To: Joanne Bosky
Greetings to my wonderful sister. I would love you even if you didn't make the best egg lemon soup in the world!
—Anita Bosky

To: David Freburg

To: Barbara
From the Prairie to the Pacific My companion is terrific I love you Pookie Your M
—Mark Schlichting

To: sam & cindy wolff
congratulations on the new grandbaby.stay warm and dry in Saint Paul. From Marty and wendy in San Francisco. when are you coming to the West Coast?
—Martin Wolff

To: Lucinda -mom
Celebrating Lucinda Whitrock's 98th birthday -born 1915, Frazee, Minnesota Kevin, Carole, Matthew, Pat Tristan. We know you're listening on the radio now.
—Kevin Whitrock

To: Meg Cupman
Is 63 tomorrow and retired yesterday after many years as a children's librarian. Not because she was sick, just sick of working! Time to make some quilts.
—Ed Cupman

To: Dominic
We fell in love driving a mail truck on the Feather River Canyon, listening to the show, 18 years ago.
—Rich Seeber

January 4, 2013

To: Jon
Dad and I always felt bad you and Jake spent your childhood in Berkeley, instead of St. Paul like me. Will more hot dish and jello make up for that? Love, Mom
—Ellie Goldstein-Erickson

To: Susan Reich
Happy Birthday, Mom! You only asked for Garrison to wish you a happy birthday on the air. So if he reads this I'm returning your gift.
—Carrie Reich

To: Robin and Nancy Crawford
Happy 40th anniversary to Robin and Nancy Crawford! Celebrating 40 years of love, friendship, good times, and Sunday dinners serving both Idaho and Tulelake potatoes.
—Raina Crawford

To: Jens Emil Nielsen (pronounced Yens)
To the only 24 year old man I know who would cry when receiving tickets to see this show. Enjoy!
—Lynette Nielsen

To: the Prieto family
Eunice, Esteban, Mark, Paco and all the family we send you our love and are grateful for all the times with Peter. Renu, Isa and Roshan - in India.
—Renu (Ray-noo) Neogy

January 3, 2013

To: June
Feb 11, McCallum Theater, Palm Desert, CA Happy Birthday! St. Cloud, MN native, 1953 Minnetonka H.S. Graduate, now southern California resident.
—Dawn Hibbard

To: Bob Newman
Hope you are enjoying being at the live show in San Francisco on your birthday. Seems wonderful and strange after growing up watching movies in the World Theatre in St. Paul. Remembering "Save the World" Theatre.
—Dan Wilkowsky

To: Lea
Thank you for the ticket to Prairie Home Companion in San Francisco, I’m sorry you can’t be there. Get well soon!
—Jeanette Arpagaus

December 26, 2012

To: Betty-Jeanne and Donald Korson
Should you care to cogitate,you both will agree. From the very first date,you have been great. Happy 60th anniversary. Love, Andi
—Andi Korsoon

December 25, 2012

To: Dave
To Dave, my sexagenarian sweetie, I am so thrilled to be your bride this spring. The best is yet to come! From your septuagenarian finance, Betsy
—Betsy Bliss

December 23, 2012

To: Arvid and Eleanore Gullerud
Merry Christmas my two full fledged Norwegian Lutheran parents on your 92nd and 90th birthdays this year! Hope you get some Lutefisk for the holidays! love Peter your son, also still Norwegian even in California
—Peter Gullerud

December 22, 2012

To: Miriam Hof
Happy New Year! I hope you have clear days, no blizzards and no car trouble this winter.
—Alice Mairs

To: John
Wishing ,y husband a Happy Anniversary on New Year's Eve. Twelve blissful years & counting! -Love Rain
—Rain Kemperman

To: The Svedlund Family
A very Merry Christmas to the Svedlunds in the audience tonight. Much love from the West coast, Matt and Clara
—Clara Svedlund

To: Leonard Kienzynski
Happy birthday, Dad! Congratulations on surviving the Mayan Apocalypse!
—Misty Kienzynski

To: Jane Davis
Happy sweet 16 Janie pear. Hope you're enjoying your trip to see the show live from Town Hall. Love mom, dad, Cait, and Annie.
—Lisa Davis

To: "Snuffy"
Happy 53rd Birthday to my dear friend "Snuffy". Don't worry, you'll never grow old because you, my love, ARE special.
—Raychel Wengenroth

To: Milo Cowles
Greetings to Milo and his host family in Yea, Australia! Hope you make it to the beach in Melbourne for Christmas. Wish you were here! Love, Mom, Dad,Hattie, Omi, Opa, Eric, Courtney, Elyse, Sophie, and Artur
—Erin Cowles

To: Kevin and Maureen
Christmas greetings to Kevin and Maureen who are listening from their home in America's's "Little Apple"-Manhattan, Kansas. From Pete, Karen, Family and Friends.
—Karen Ripkey

To: Joseph McMenamin
My Dad is an old man named Joe who turned 60 a few weeks ago no longer a youth, now long in the tooth, cheer up Dad we're here at Lake Woe! Love, Cara
—Cara McMenamin

December 21, 2012

To: Sabrina
Two deployments to Iraq, seven lost years, but we always had a couple books of Good Poems to bridge the time and distance.
—Thomas Morley

December 19, 2012

To: Sam (Dad) Slabaugh
Happy 60th birthday from your daughters who grew to be various degrees of good-looking, strong and above-average.
—Laura, Joy and Sarah Slabaugh

To: Sam (Dad) Slabaugh
Happy 60th birthday to a good-looking father, who tried to raise an above average son--there's still time left to get there!
—Fred Slabaugh

December 18, 2012

To: Violet
Happy 20th Birthday to Violet in Jerusalem listening on live streaming from Pops and Grandma in Hatboro,Pennsylvania. Keep up the good work at Hebrew U and come back to Bryn Mawr in the spring. Love, Grandma and Pops
—B.J. korson

To: Donald
Happy wedding anniversary to Don from B.J,his bride of 60 years! Thinking of you at home as we celebrate in the audience here in New York. Keep up the good fight! You're a Starker!
—B.J. korson

To: Courtney Cowles
Happy Birthday, Courtney. We're delighted to have you and yours back in the States, and we know this year will be better than the last. Much love from all of your in-laws.
—Gregory Cowles

December 17, 2012

To: Betty-Jeanne and Donald Korson
Mom and Dad. Should you care to cogitate, you will both agree. Your 60 years have been great from the very first date. Happy 60th Anniversary! Love, Andi
—Andrea Korson

December 15, 2012

To: The Mazets s
Delighted you're there in New York, the whole family together. Warmest wishes from your Peach Place pals, & a howlin' woof from Duke
—The Gilardis

To: Beatrice Prior
The children, grand children, great-grand children, and great-great-grand children of a fine Norwegian woman, Beatrice Prior, wish her a happy 100th birthday - but please don't make a fuss. :-)
—Randa Schollmeyer

To: Steve Strickland
Happy 50th Birthday old man! Much love from your family and see you soon.
—Suni Strickland

December 13, 2012

To: Jeffrey Howe
Happy Birthday from your Irish lass of Turtlepoint,PA. Want to stack firewood together forever. Love you more every day.
—Kelly-Jo Mullin

December 12, 2012

To: Betty-Jeanne and Donald Korson
Mom and Dad. Should you care to cogitate, You will both agree. Your 60 years have been great from the very first date. Happy 60th anniversary! Love, Andi
—Andrea Korson

To: Katie & Saul
Kate and Saul. Looking forward to seeing you guys back in Minnesota where we just got 14 inches of snow. More coming this saturday. P. s. bring your snow shoes.
—Steve Sopoci

December 11, 2012

To: Jody Sackett
Sis, So glad we are together at the show in NYC. Thank you for being my Best Friend and Sister all these years. Love, Sis
—Susan Zekas

December 10, 2012

To: Ethel Clawson
Dear Grandma Ethel: Wishing you the happiest 100th birthday celebration from your loving family, see you at the church on the 16th! Dave & Gerald
—David Clawson

December 8, 2012

To: Dad
Thank you for supporting me through design school in Denmark. I've sold my soul and work in advertising so I can pay you back. I love you and I'll see you in Iowa for Christmas.
—Angela burr

To: Mom
Happy birthday, Mom! It took six years, but you finally made it! Love, T. Rick
—T. Rick Jones

December 7, 2012

To: Pete, my LOML (Love Of My Life)
Hello LOML (or "Hulloml", as I say to you every day). I know it's your first time, and mine too, although we do it every week by the radio. Yes, I'm thrilled to be sharing APHC with you live, and I'm so happy that I was able to keep this a surprise! It's much better than the Nutcracker, right? Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!
—Cara Kohl

To: Dad
Suprise Dad - this WRVO bus trip to NY is more than a fun day with with your daughter - it's your Christmas present! Merry Christmas. I love you!
—Adrienne Allen

To: Granny Apple and Doodad
Wish you were here in the big Apple with us. Keep the radio on for Lefty when you are all driving in the Crown Vic.
—David and Cathy Pedersen

To: Clara and Shane Sanders-Marcus
Hope y'all are having a great time! Please bring back the answers to life's persistent the nature of the Trinity. Could really use it on the Church History exam! Love from Duke Divinity School.
—Andrew Phillips

To: Mom
To everyone helping to decorate Mom's tree in Pittsfield: Don't forget to hang my bells!
—Nancy Bailey

December 6, 2012

To: Grandma Parrish
Happy 101st birthday Grandma! You were one year old when the Oreo Cookie was invented and 19 when Twinkies first hit the shelves. You’ve outlasted the Twinkie. Watch out, Oreo!
—Warren Pettey

December 4, 2012

To: Columbia Law School Midwest Society
Good luck with finals, members of the Columbia Law School Midwest Society! Life on the other side is sweet--one can bake Christmas cookies on Saturday afternoon and then enjoy PHC live instead of studying!
—Joy Ziegeweid

To: Columbia Law School Midwest Society
Good luck with finals members of the Columbia Law School Midwest Society! Now that we've graduated, we are enjoying tatter-tot hot dish while you study!
—Andrea, Libby, and Joy Johnson, Moulton, and Ziegeweid

To: Kurtis Walton
Happy birthday. Love you
—Misty Walton

To: Sheryl and Bruce Johnson
Mom, Dad: We'll be home to Minnesota for Christmas--please make it snow. Hugs and French kisses (not those kind...), your daughter and French son-in-law.
—Andrea Johnson

To: Jim McCarty
What is a true friend? Someone who remembers your birthday but forgets your age. Happy Birthday!
—Ashley Heeney

December 3, 2012

To: Ann
All my love and thanks for 20 happy years of marriage. Please ma'am may I have 20 more?
—Michael Starr

December 2, 2012

To: David
To the ten pound one ounce baby boy born Jan 19, 1963… It’s high time you started lying about your age, Love, Mom.
—Mary-Ann Gilbreth

To: Richard
TO: Richard The Correct Husband Happy 65th Birthday, December 7. Wishing you miles of love from the west coast to the east So proud of your FEMA team in New Jersey helping those in need Would love to have you home January 5 to partake of your birthday gift seating for “Prairie Home Companion” at the War Memorial Opera House! The correct Susan
—Susan Wilpitz

December 1, 2012

To: Patrick, in North Dakota
Congratulations on your new career at the FDIC! Now, you just need a nice Catholic girl who will live up to your mother's expectations.
—Brent Haase

To: Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad - we've run away to New York and are going to Lake Wobegon next, with Garrison and crew. Love you!
—Sue and Rick Schleh

To: Kinga
Thanks for coming and welcome to an American institution.
—Abby Coplin

To: Bub and Emma
Thanks for continuing the birthday tradition despite absorbing Sandy's best punch! With love, Kyle and Abby.
—Kyle Kovacs

To: Eleanor and Diane
Sorry you are missing the show tonight in person - but we hope you are listening right now. We (and now Mr Keillor) are thinking of you.
—Susan and Jeff D

To: Gwen Daniels
Happy 78th birthday, Mom! You've been such a great mother to Kim, Marc and me. So sorry one of us turned out to be a Republican...
—Misty Daniels

To: Mara
Happy Birthday, Mommy! We promise to listen to the babysitter.
—Milo & Ruben Goldman

November 26, 2012

To: Mary
Happy (sweet 16) birthday to Mary. Celebrating here at Town Hall tonight. You'll be sweet 16 forever to me. Love Dad "we will be at the 12/1/12 show"
—Paul Santos

To: Ben Fuller
It all started in Bryant Park in NYC. What a glorious five years it has been. Thanks for always cleaning out the cat box. I look forward to the next 50 years – of being with you, not cleaning out the cat box.
—Cricket Fuller

November 25, 2012

To: Norah Jayne
Happy 1st birthday to Norah Jayne in Northern Minnesota and congratulations to her parents, Nathan and Sara.
—Martha Dahlin

November 24, 2012

To: Sarah Buck
A very happy birthday to cousins Sarah Buck and Sarah Bailey from Southwest Florida. Our birthday wish is to see APHC live in SW Florida 2013.
—Sarah Bailey

To: Patricia
Came all the way from Caracas, Venezuela to see Mr Keillor (whom I listen to almost every week thanks to the Internet) in person in his red shoes, Here I am in the last row of the Town Hall and WOW!
—Nicolas Jove

To: travis
Thanks to son Travis for tickets to this show. You made parenting a piece of cake. We're so proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad
—dan & susan bleen

To: 50% of Abbott In-laws (Jack, Clairie, Elizabeth)
Happy November 29 birthday, I'll meet you at Slippery's for a bump!!
—Cia Abbott-Bullemer

November 23, 2012

To: Sandy
My dear wife, Just a couple of days and we will be together! Can’t wait to come home to Dresden for Christmas. I love you!
—Nick Pruditsch

To: michael
I don't think it was a cat who ate a part of the turkey when it was left in the car to stay cool but I am glad you ate my portion anyway. Love you Monica
—Monica Ogrinz

To: Amy and Ashley Ostdiek
Amy and Ashley from Colorado: Congrats and love from mom dad and Tim on your marriage. Enjoy Saturday's show. Yay for New York and marriage equality. See you back on the prairie soon.
—Dave Ostdiek

To: Tom and Diane Turck
Sending warm Antarctic Summer birthday wishes to Mom and Dad in Bismarck. I used all the common sense you gave me and took a job where the months between November and March are milder than ND.
—Daniel Turck

To: Derek Schraner
Happy Birthdaymas to my favourite Ottawa neighbour and co-conspirator. This night with Mr. Keillor in New York is to make up for the cosmic cruelty of your birthday falling on Christmas Day. Aren't you glad, this year, I splurged on a hotel room that doesn't have bunkbeds? May your next 41 years be full of skyscraping pastrami and corned beef sandwiches from Katz's, and teetering stacks of comic books from Midtown. I lurve you, I loave you, I luff you.
—Tanya Pobuda

To: Blanche & Ian
Greetings to my 92 year old mother, Blanche, in Springville PA & to my son, Ian, proudly serving on the front lines of Phila NewsRadio.
—alan bush

November 22, 2012

To: Cristin
There is no place else in this world where I would rather be right now then here in this iconic theatre, sitting, listening, and smiling next to you. I want you to know that I was grateful when you accompanied me to the movie theate in Burlington, VT to see our first Prairie Home Show . I was also appreciative when you left the radio on in the car even though it was tuning out with static! I hope you don't get embarrassed if our friend with the red shoes reads your name on the air. Or if he let's the whole world know how much Love I hold in my heart for you. Another year, another Town Hall NYC show. We made it to the front row!!!
—Kenneth Kehoe

November 20, 2012

To: Tricia Guthrie
Happy birthday Tricia Guthrie ,the blue bird days of Colorado are not so far away
—andrew mcintosh

November 18, 2012

To: Casey
Congratulations to Casey and Kayla on their engagement!
—Andy DeGregorio

November 17, 2012

To: Jack Farrell
Happy 70th birthday to the man who makes me laugh nearly everyday along with our weekly Garrison Keillor. His nickname is Sasquatch because he has big feet.
—Catherine Farrell

To: David Schwab
Wishing my husband happy retirement after 37 years with the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. Thanks for all you've done for our Great Lakes!
—Diane McCarthy

To: Heather and Eric
Congratulations Heather and Eric on your engagement! If you need a flower girl and ring bearer, I have two that you can rent! Love, Marc and Kelly
—Marc Cohen

November 16, 2012

To: Ted Miller
Thank you for the best date night ever! You're the best!
—Ann Rice

To: Stephanie Taylor
Happy Thanksgiving Mom! I am starting to wonder if we are the only family that has more pies than guests?
—Sarah Taylor

To: Dan the Man Holt
67 years ago a dark, curly headed boy was oklahoma born, only to have the wind sweep him to the mighty state of Texas and there, firmly planted his roots. Happy Birthday to a man who deserves so much, Hope you enjoy this crazy radio show! Love from me and the kids!
—Linda Holt

November 15, 2012

To: Bob and Kathleen Leingang
Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary you are an inspiration to your whole family. We all love you to pieces.
—Melinda Shabro

November 14, 2012

To: Evelyn Vecera
Dear Mom - I know you understand Blake's words that "We can't bind ourselves to joy. We have to kiss it as it flies by." I hope you have a pain-free 85th birthday. Much love...
—Nancy Clark

November 13, 2012

To: JASD Jewish Association of South Dayton
Greetings to JASD who is having a Prairie Home Companion party tonight while listening to the show. Our home is now Lake Wobegon.
—Judy Chesen

To: Tricia Guthrie
Happy birthday, The blue bird days of Colarado are not so far away ,I love you more and more with each passing day.
—andrew mcintosh

November 11, 2012

To: Kathy Gould
Dear Sister, I'll still need you. I'll still feed you now that you're 64. Love, Your Big Brother
—Terry Gould

To: alfred
Happy birthday we love you!
—mary salva

November 10, 2012

To: Steve and Melaine (<--rhymes with Elaine)
Mom & Dad! We hope you're having a beautiful time and your happiest anniversary! We love you so much! Stay out all night and sleep in tomorrow, you deserve it! Your loving kids.
—Paul Herbert

To: charles and julie
Thank you Garrison for kicking off our first adventure together. Hopefully you bring us good luck. If not we will be forced to move to St Cloud.
—julie long

To: Franklin and eliot
Glad you could make the show. Hope lefty can too. You're both handsome and above average in my book. Love mom
—Jane Moore

To: Ron
Happy 9 month anniversary tomorrow, Ron. Thanks for getting tickets to this show in Chicago!
—Sarah Bunger

To: Mom
Happy 92nd birthday to my Mom. Mom, please don't worry about the money. We could never repay you for what you've done for us. Carol
—Carol Levenson

To: Paul Danko
Hello to Paul & Mel from Mom & Dad in Minnesota. Hope you're enjoying the show.
—Jean Danko

To: barbara
Happy Birthday!
—mary luchsinger

November 9, 2012

To: Madeline
Happy 16th Birthday. Hope you are enjoying the show with all the old people. From you Aunt and Uncle.

To: Will, Jackie & Karina
We hope Karina enjoyed her first time hearing "The Prarie Home Companion". We will remember this night for years to come.
—Tom & Florence Pinn

To: Steve and Melaine (<--rhymes with Elaine)
Mom & Dad! We hope you're having a beautiful time and your happiest anniversary! We love you so much! Stay out all night and sleep in tomorrow, you deserve it! Your loving kids.
—Paul Herbert

To: Kasia Pater
Dear Mom, Happy 49th plus one! Me and sis can't wait to come home, P.S. don't tell dad we voted for Obama, we don't want to be cut out of the will. Love Bogdan and Ola
—Bogdan Pater

To: Mel Zellman
Dad: "How sharper than a serpent's tooth..." Happy birthday, love, your very thankful children.
—Shaila Newman

To: Barbara Luchsinger
—Travis j. Halsey

To: Mary Perkins
Thank you mom, for fulfilling a childhood dream by taking me to see Prairie Home Companion. A son could not ask for a better 30th birthday gift. Love always.
—Andrew Jenkins

To: Paul Hopson
Happy 82nd birthday Dad. Being here with you on the same continent is easier than being in New Zealand confused about when it is actually your birthday due to the international dateline.
—Jane Pelz

To: Jane Pelz
Happy Birthday to my wife Jane celebrating a significant birthday that ends in zero
—Jeff Pelz

November 8, 2012

To: Colleen Stephens (in the audience)
Congratulations (and Viel Glück!) on your upcoming internship at the Max Planck Institute for the Advancement of Science in Leipsiz, Germany.
—Tom Burns

To: Robert
Good luck on your Coast Guard exam. Sorry you couldn’t be here to enjoy the show in person. Your mother-in-law appreciates the free ticket.
—Barbara C

To: Alumni of St. Raphael Catholic School in Naperville, IL
Mrs. Robinson sends greetings to all her phenomenal, former students who attended St. Raphael Catholic School in Naperville, IL. She always knew you were like the Lake Wobegon children, only you all were well above average!
—Margaret Robinson

To: Becca Silvas
Hello from Chicago Becca! Hope all things are well in your life. Wish you could be here - I miss you! -Alex
—Alex Fries

November 4, 2012

To: Laura Pruss
I love you Laura. You are the best girlfriend IN THE WORLD!! :)
—Schnitzel a/k/a Lambshanks

To: Shannon Skelton
Happy 5 year anniversary to my English major wife! Love, Mark
—Mark Skelton

November 3, 2012

To: Aaron Bussey
My dear adventurer! The last two years and some months have been great!
—Katie Bussey

November 2, 2012

To: Sasha Rosenfels
Happy Birthday Mom - doing just fine here with Papa. Though I can't believe you left him with a one year old. Enjoy the show!
—Finley Gillon

October 27, 2012

I was a board op at WBAA from '80 to '87, in the basement of Elliot Hall! It's where I first heard PHC. I don't know if anyone's still there, but hi to Maurie and everyone else roaming the basement halls!
—Carl Letsche

To: Mike
You’re right. Sue Scott is even prettier in person than she is on the radio!
—Pieter van Doorn

To: Chief Master Sergeant Sandra Dye
Sorry you were called to duty on short notice. Thank you and all the folks at Grissom Air Reserve Base for your service. Love - Curt PS. Mom says thanks for letting her use your ticket.
—Curt Ashendel

To: Amy Memmer
Thank you Amy for allowing me to abandon you and our three children to drive from Kansas to my alma mater on my Birthday to see this wonderful show. I am sure your parents will forgive me someday. I will be back in time for Chruch tomorrow.
—Matthew Memmer

To: My Carolina Viking
Ninjas are safe at home. Having a great time. All that's missing here is BBQ and you.
—Cresta Fiesta

To: Joe Wilkerson
Happy birthday, Dad! After 74 years, your middle name is still "Go"!
—Annette Benson

To: Charlie and Kim Taylor (mom and dad)
Happiest anniversary to my favorite parents! Oh, wait... Happy anniversary. Love you always!
—Mary Taylor

To: Gary Mueller
Happy Birthday to our brother Gary who turns 60 today!! Good luck at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC tomorrow and to the whole family joining you! Hopefully a big celebration to follow!
—Nancy Mueller

To: Ella and Jakob
Mark this one off the bucket list, kiddos ....Mommy made it!
—Natalie Kanaby

To: Angie (Freshman Boilermaker in the audience)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for coming to the "old folks show" with Mom and Dad today.
—Jack Rogers

To: Brett
Brett, you are the love of my life. Get better soon. Wishing you were well enough to have made it out here to the Midwest.
—Michelle Custead

To: Pawel Majkowski
What a way to end such a great summer. I look forward to many more summers of fishing northern pike, and motorcycle trips. And tell Kasia - don't forget that she's winning roommate tryouts. Thanks for all the great times together you're the best.
—Ashley Agler

To: Andy and Marie
Hello from your parents in Granite Falls, Minnesota. We are still wating for you to bring home some grandchildren.
—Brad Larson

To: Betsy Caputo
To the best mom we three weirdos could ask for- wish you were here. Love you
—Erica, Kerry and Liz Caputo

To: Mom and Dad and Granny and Grandad
I'm sorry I'm missing the turnip picking, but I hope you're having a good time listening in Oklahoma. I miss you very much.
—Jenna Ling

To: Granny and Grandad & Mom and Daddy
Thank you for making me listen to NPR and helping me find A Prairie Home Companion and scheduling a listening party for the Purdue show.
—Jenna Ling

October 26, 2012

To: Anna Westfall
Peggy mama & papa want to say "hi" from Purdue University & sent Lots of love to our Grand-daughter 'ANNA' We are going to have a blast Camping-out with YOU! Pack your Long-Johns!
—Peggy Mama & Papa Terry Crose

To: Sophie
Happy 12th Birthday to our wonderful niece in Massachusetts, from your aunt and uncle at Purdue!
—Ann Clark

October 25, 2012

To: Greta
Thank you for being the marviest mom ever!
—Lee Ann Jaeger

October 23, 2012

To: Frank and Barbara
Hope Florida is fine. Trying my best to keep up with leaves at your home in Lafayette but may need a larger rake.

October 22, 2012

To: Victoria Supernaugh
Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife and best friend!
—Bruce Supernaugh

To: Zippy Larson
Please announce on the October 27, 2012 show: Happy 80 years young to Baltimore's Best Historian and walking tourguide, Zippy Larson! Keep the zip in your step, you octogenarian. We love you!
—Gloria Bartas

To: Woody
Dear Jim, I just want to say thanks for listening to Prairie Home Companion with me for 27 years! And I was wondering, could you change jobs? Not just any job but a job in Minnesota? I know you know how homesick I am for Minnesota & how badly I want to move home so could you try really hard to get a graphic design job somewhere in MN, preferably near a good walleye lake and not too far from the bait shop? If you do I promise I'll cook your favorite hot dish every Friday, play footsie with you under the table and let you ice fish from your favorite couch anytime u want. I love you forever Woody. your wife Chris.
—Chris Woods

October 21, 2012

To: Eva Langton
Congratulations on the impending arrival of the next generation of PHC fans!! We can't wait to cuddle your baby!! Maybe Next year we can see the show live. Love Grammie and Grampa Risse
—Crystal Risse

To: Lena Risse
Happy 20th Birthday to our baby, Lena!! Happy to hear your public radio pledge as a birthday gift to yourself!! Welcome to adulthood, we love you!!! Mom & Papa
—Crystal Risse

To: Ehtibar Dzhafarov
Happy 60th birthday, papa! Hope you're having a great time. We loved having you visit San Francisco. Next time, we promise we'll only walk downhill.
—Damir & Veronica Dzhafarov

October 20, 2012

To: Kevin Dearborn Olson
If you were listening to Prarie Home tonight, you might have heard my old banjo teacher, Jack Tuttle & his daughter Molly, as they're competing as a Duo on tonight's show. When you were pnly one yr old, the hifh 5on3 or my banjo made you cry! ,,, I'm sorry
—Lyn Dearborn

To: Karisha & Sarah - MaMuse
Much love from two sisters to two "spirit sisters". Your poetry and music continue to inspire us and punctuate our lives. We love you!
—Kathleen & Rosemary Quinn

To: Martin White
I hope you enjoy your surprise tonight, coming to St. Paul just to see Prairie Home! Thanks for introducing me to P.H. I actually sort of enjoy it. ;)
—Lee Maassen

To: mom and dad in N.H.
We made it into town yesterday from colorado,to see the show.already had walleye twice! Hope everything is well up in "lake Winnipusaki"! And hope the tourists have all gone home!
—martin white

To: Cathy and Jim
Greetings from your Dutch dinner mates. You are now officially Prairie Home Companion groupies, and we envy you.
—Ruth and Luke

October 19, 2012

To: berit & gavin
wish you were here to help close the cabin! but we're jealous of auckland for the weather you're havin! love from minnesota kiwis
—kristi bolstad

To: Tom Londergan
Happy 50th Birthday to my best friend and husband Tom. A night out with Garrison was the best I could do... Love you lots! xoxo
—Jean Londergan

To: Marilyn and Susie
Greetings to both of you in "the other Rochester." Please sit Susie near the radio so she can hear this. Love from Connie and Kevin
—Connie and Kevin Bowen

October 18, 2012

To: Bruce
You're a Republican, I'm a Democrat, but what we have in common is a love of PHC and Lake Wobegone. Enjoy the show with me this Saturday, honey. We'll both be there in St Paul to enjoy it and for once, we won't talk politics!
—Betty Stewart

To: Eric
Happy 23rd anniversary! We don't agree on everything but we agree that GK and PHC are the bomb! Let's celebrate like our wedding but without the earthquake.
—Juli Freitas

To: the Rev. Danae Ashley
Happy birthday and happy second anniversary to the woman who changed my life forever. Next year in Scotland!
—Henry Lebedinsky

October 17, 2012

To: Marion & Orgean Storlien
Happy Anniversary Grandpa and Grandma! Fifty-nine years; you really know how to set the bar! Wish we could be there. Love always!
—Joe & Jessie Storlien

To: Christine and Art Melendez
Happy 20th anniversary! Love from you sons.
—Christopher & Curtis Walkons

October 16, 2012

To: Fred and Joy Fields
Happy 5th Anniversary! Enjoy the show
—Aaron Osgood

October 14, 2012

To: Jeff Baird
Happy 22nd Anniversary TODAY (10/20/12) to my wonderful husband Jeff. Thanks for coming to Prairie Home Companion with me, instead of buying me another shotgun.
—Millie Baird

October 13, 2012

To: Jim & Kathy Petrokubi
Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! 40 years together, and you still have the glow of two teenagers in love. Hope you got a little sunshine on your trip this week!
—Julie Petrokubi

To: Marion Storlien
Happy Birthday to Grandma Marion; a woman who's braved life on the prairie in Dawson, MN for 80 years now. Love, your grandchildren
—Joe Storlien

October 12, 2012

To: Neil Blomberg
Happy Birthday! After listening to PHC for 30+ years, we thought it would be a great gift to attend this performance for your(70th)birthday! With love from Joanna, Erik, Annika, Michael and Henry.
—Joanna Blomberg

To: Eddy & Susie
Happy 50th Anniversary! You took us on a cruise to celebrate and we're taking you to a Prairie Home Companion (Oct 13). Congratulations. We love you!
—jeff, jody & meredith king

October 11, 2012

To: Tim Langhorst
Happy 29th birthday Tim. We are proud to have you as a son and a partner of Langhorst Dairy. Dad's wish came true. Love, Mom and Dad
—Kurt and Constance Langorst

October 9, 2012

To: Florence Boyle
Happy Birthday to my mother who will 98 years young on october 26th. She lives in Windsor, MAss.
—James Boyle

To: Family & Friends in Louisville
We're so happy to be here on our second October visit to The Fitzgerald and front row center this time!
—Allen & Brigid Brown

To: Gladys
Happy 80th Birthday to Gladys, and congratulations on her marriage to Bud 60 years ago in Arkdale. They are attending the October 13 show.
—Pam Brunner

October 6, 2012

To: Liz Masterson
Liz we are all praying for your recovery. We can't wait to hear Colorado's Favorite Cowgirl singer again soon!
—Cheryl Brungardt

To: Jack Holmquest
To our family expecting us in Sioux Falls SD tonight for dinner....sorry. Got the LAST two tickets for tonight's show and "Dinner with Grandma" would have been great, but has been off the bucket list for a while now. Thanks for understanding. Love you all!
—John Holmquest

To: John, Kathryn, Eric, Karen and Joanne
Thanks for coming up to Minnesota to visit us on our birthdays! -The Corcorans
—The Corcorans

To: The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in LaCrosse, WI
Ready the holy water! My mother-in-law is en route after her visit to the land of Lutherans!
—The Corcorans

To: My Dad, John
Happy belated 60th birthday! If you can't hear this, you probably need hearing aides. Your loving daughter, Adria
—Adria Wittwer

October 5, 2012

To: Cristina Woodall
For Oct 6, 2012 Happy 40th birthday to our storm chasing girl from your Kansas family
—Randall & Betsy Kaufman

To: Diane
Have a very special 68th birthday! From your sweetie
—Dominic Daninger

To: Warren Gager
Happy 62nd Birthday Dad! I love you with all my heart!
—Erin Gager

September 30, 2012

To: Donnie
Thank you for ten beautiful, happy years of marriage. I love you more than ice cream!!!
—Jeannette Yusko

To: Austin Young I
Deployed in Japan and thinking of my wonderful grandparents. Love you and hope to see you soon.
—Austin Young II

September 29, 2012

To: Jon
In the audience tonight celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary! Glad to be partners in crime on this roller coaster ride through chaos!
—Piper Holasek

To: Beth Kaufholz
I hope you're enjoying our 36 hours in St. Paul. But if you're not, we'll be back home in Florida tomorrow!
—Ed Kaufholz

To: Carole /Mom
last saturday during PHC you went to heaven to dance with Jesus, but tonight I'm know you'll hear the merits of ketchup, and praise God I am not an English major, and if Garrison sings "Lord I TOLD THAT UNDERTAKER" together we can all scream! Love always, Jackie
—Jackie Johnson

September 28, 2012

To: Tommy
Happy 7th Birthday Tommy Boy! You just might be the youngest regular listener. Like it or not. Love, Auntie
—Kim Frakes

September 27, 2012

To: Carol Jean Aagard Tillitt
Happy 80th to the girl who is a Farmer's Daughter, Nurse, Wife, Mother, Cook, Seamstress, Rosemaler, Gardener, Grandmother and most of all, BELOVED. From your Air Force Grandkids in Germany
—Suzanne, Perry, Sadie & Bennet Peloquin

To: Madie, Lara, and Rachel
Happy 16th Birthday Madie, Lara, Rachel, May you remain fearful of exceeding 22 mph and continue making only right turns. Love, your parents and driving instructors
—Your Moms Koehn/Trimarco/Koehler

September 24, 2012

To: Ann and Larry in Mancos, CO
After 20 years with no paper to show They done got hitched just a year a go!
—jody temple

To: Greg
It is Greg Hoekstra's 65th birthday on Oct. 1st and we are attending your show on the 29th of Sept. Was wondering if you could surprise him with a Happy Birthday wish.
—gwen Hoekstra

September 23, 2012

To: Uncle Joel & Aunt Kirsten
Here live at PHC without the kids! Thinking of both of you and hope to see you soon. Hi Grandma. Thanks for watching your grand dog Addie. Love Keely & Bob
—Robert Hillison

To: Susan Marie DeLongis
So chaplain DeLongis. If your are still keeping score, spiritually and in the flesh, you lost. You lost BIG. Ya dig?! Dumb dumb!! LOL.
—Fred Fredricks

To: Bob Person
[FYI - Bob will be in your PHC audience at the Fitzgerald on Saturday, 10/6/12.] Happy 70th Birthday to Bob in the audience, with love from his kids and grandkids. We hope you enjoy A Prairie Home Companion!
—Julie Johnson

September 22, 2012

To: Carol
Hello to Carol. Glad you could come to visit and get to see Prairie Home Companion. Have fun!
—Meg Todd

To: David Cauffield
Happy 29th Birthday David! Lots of love from your family.
—Michele Cauffield

To: Jack n Jean
First time in st Paul and wanting to tell friends and family in Idaho and Vermont we'd come back.
—Stephanie Goodman

To: Lucinda and Matt
Congradulations to Lucinda and Matt on your wedding this afternoon in Rice Park, in downtown St. Paul, from Lee and your mother Peggy, up from Columbia South Carolina.
—Peggy Alderman

To: Grandma Julie
Our first PHC show live tonight on the heels of our 5th grandchilds announcment this week!!!
—monte young

September 20, 2012

To: Rod Tangren
Like to wish the CAVEMAN happy birthday out at the caveman ranch in moab ut.
—hunter tangren

To: theresa punyko
Theresa, Hello to the best mother in Minnesota on your 80th birthday. You gave up the gardens of New Jersey for the Minnesota winters. thanks
—frank paul

September 19, 2012

To: Jim Ottery
Hi Dad, things are going well and I'll be home to see you now that the fun of summer is over and I'm broke!
—Meredith Ottery

September 16, 2012

To: Hoyt
Happy Anniversary Honey , I live you so very much!
—Louise Baker

To: Ailie Phillips
Hello to Ailie (pronounced A Lee)from your folks in Maine. Study hard. Remember, today is both Grandma's and Frodo Baggins' birthday. We love you.
—John Phillips

September 15, 2012

To: Dad and Sandy
Hey, in case you still listen and aren't too busy I wanted you guys to know that you're going to be grandparents. Love you bunches, Litz Noodles
—Sarah Pratt

To: Joy and Greg
In today’s show from West Virginia. Hello from Dad and Mom. Enjoy.
—Dad Mom

To: LeAnn
Happy 22nd Anniversary to my loving wife today. She stands as a testament to women who can tolerate the absurdity of the male condition for these extended periods of time.
—Jesse Keenan

To: John
Dearest Moose. I wish you were here with me, and not in 103 degree San Diego, But I know that the kitties (Xora the warrior princess, captain naughty and the orange ninja) the yard and the farmers market peeps are glad you stayed. The wheel turns and will bring me home again Monday
—Sarah Joseph

To: Oliver Kokomoor
Happy 4 week birthday. Tell your mom and dad to keep you warm through the Madison, WI winter. Florida Gator boys weren't built for the cold. Can't wait to see you.
—Karl (Pop Pop) Kokomoor

September 14, 2012

To: South dade county family
I finally made it all the way from Miami. I closed my eyes had a dream about cheese curds and Lutherans and woke up in Lake Wobegon. Aka. St. Paul.
—Charis Yaniz-Martinez

September 13, 2012

To: Michelle Elliott
To my beautiful wife Michelle. So excited to celebrate our honeymoon on our one year anniversary! You Are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey, you'll never no dear how much I love you. Happy Anniversary!
—Chad Elliott

September 11, 2012

To: Nancy AuBuchon
Greetings to my brave wife, the rock lady of Sullivan MO. You have inspired us with your positive attitude while fighting parkinsons and enduring deep brain stimulation surgery. You have touched the lives of many people with your gifts of lucky rocks. This is for you! My Lucky Woman I said to a squirrel, "What is that you are carrying?" and he said, "It is my lucy rock; isn't it pretty?" I held it and said, "Indeed." I said to God, "What is this woman?" And He said, "It is my lucky rock; isn't she wondrous?" Yes Indeed!
—Bob AuBuchon

September 10, 2012

To: Laura
(laura will be audience on Saturday 9/15) Good Luck with your new job in St. Paul. We will send cheese and maple syrup as needed. Love, Mom and Dad in Vermont
—Leigh Chesnut

September 6, 2012

To: Elizabeth Middleton
Happy 33rd Birthday, Elizabeth! You've been listening to A Prairie Home Companion since you were a young girl and you like to say that whenever you hear it broadcast, it reminds you of being young and being at home. May this birthday wish make you feel all the more young and at home when you hear it in our kitchen where we listen in with our children every single week.
—Jarrett Dapier

September 2, 2012

To: Martha Jane Cordell
Best wishes on your engagement Martha and Ben! We're looking forward to the big day!
—Jackie Paguirigan

September 1, 2012

To: Cole Schneider
We're getting married today! Many waters can't quench our love but good thing it's an open bar at the reception.
—Maggie Doherty

August 28, 2012

To: Cousin Judy
Thinking of you and heard from the Indianapolis delegation that the wedding was wonderful and they all enjoyed themselves. Please thank the happy couple for the ornament they sent me. it is perfect. Sorry I was not there but you know how I am about weddings.. Always think of you when PHC comes on and hope that you are listening too.
—Kathy Robertson

August 25, 2012

To: Lily Morse
God bless you, canine soulmate. I’m glad you enjoyed your last evening rooted to the earth sailing on the chesapeake bay, eating saga cheese and lapping chilled water in a wine glass! You left us 5 hours ago and we miss you terribly.
—Boo Morse

August 24, 2012

To: Casey and Stacie Madson
Congratulations Casey Madson and Stacie Ausen on your very "prairie home" Norwegian wedding today at West Freeborn Lutheran Church near Hartland, MN. Love, your family.
—Kristi Koziolek

August 20, 2012

To: Craig
Please wish a happy 60th birthday to Craig from his kids, who know better than to call during this show!
—Gustafson Kids

To: Neill and Arnie Fingerhut
A great Big Happy 60th Anniversary to my favorite Minnesotans - my parents! You are an true inspriration! With Love from your family!
—Dianne Scott

August 18, 2012

To: Mom (Kathy)
Living over 4000 miles away in York has made it difficult for us to stay in contact as much as we would like. Hopefully you'll be listening to 'Holy Ole' with me. You'll be happy to know that we're already saving for a trip to Minnesota next summer. Can't wait! Looking forward to celebrating Eloise's 2nd birthday and a visit to the State Fair with you. Lots of love, Lisa :)
—Lisa Niven

August 17, 2012

To: To all the current Oles
Believe me, 20 years from now you will crave that cafeteria lutefisk.
—A 90's Alum in Sydney Australia

To: Richard Corrick
Happy anniversary, my darling Richard! Thanks for putting up with all that comes with marrying a St. Olaf graduate!
—Holly Corrick

To: Christene Fair
17 August 2012 - Happy Birthday to an amazing woman and friend - Can't believe it was a year ago that we went to see Garrison at Tanglewood! Hope your birthday is triple dream brie-like!
—nancy scott

August 14, 2012

To: Jennifer
Happy Birthday Jennifer! We are so proud of you! It has been a pleasure to share in your joyous and triumphant year. Hang in there, Autumn is coming. It wont be "hot as hell" much longer. Love Mom and your very "Norwegian" Dad
—Trilby Devine

August 7, 2012

To: Dot Smith
Happy Birthday Mom, after 30 or so years of you listening to APHC on the radio, and sharing the progam with us girls, we finally made it to a live show today. September 15, 2012. We love you Mom. Your girls Iris and Wanda.
—Wanda Comer

August 1, 2012

To: Laura
Good luck with your new job in St.Paul. Vermont misses you but we will send cheese and syrup as needed.
—Mom and dad Chesnut

July 31, 2012

To: Pleasant street block in excelsior
Thank you for your ongoing support to the excelsior pillow store. we greatly appreciate it and hope you enjoy the show. Don't forget the popcorn :) .
—Bob Miller

July 28, 2012

To: Lisa Bevalaqua
Well Hello There~ Lisa, from Manhattan~ Can you believe I live in this big city? Have a wonderful Birthday and a great year. Your ole friend ~LuAnne
—LuAnne Codella

July 24, 2012

To: Augusta Donaldson
I tried to come up with something clever to say, but best to leave that to Garrison. Happy 30th Birthday - here's to many many more!
—David Donaldson

July 22, 2012

To: Edward and Harriette Gibson
Thank you for all you do! You two are the best grandparents ever! Love, Allie and Dresden..
—Dresden Vogt

To: Tony
I love you & I'm happy that I have a day off to spend quality time with you today!!
—Melanie Inman

July 17, 2012

To: Melissa Bennett
To My Sister Melissa - Welcome to the new member of your family - Bela! We're so happy you have arrived! Michelle and Jeff
—Michelle Bennett

July 13, 2012

To: Aunt Bernice
Dan and I are really happy to be celebrating your 90th birthday here at Prairie Home Companion. I promise it will take a lot less time to get home...once we get out of the parking lot. Do it again at 100?
—Melissa Stoller

To: USCG BM2 Masri
Its been four years since I found the stack of Prarie Home Companion cd's at your home and knew you were the one. I wish you were here and now on that boat!
—Emily Masri

To: Appel Family
Welcome to LA, Willem, Elisabeth, Charlotte,emmeline, little willem and jurian! Let's not wait another 7 years to get together! Love, Tom, jean, Kaitlin and Nolan
—Tom Gentile

To: Aret
My dear, sweet, engineer husband. I spent a decade listening to Prairie Home Companion before I met you. Somehow it is even better listening with you by my side, even though you always need a translation and you rarely hear all the words...! Thanks for taking me to see it performed live this year. I hope you hear everything clearly at the Hollywood Bowl. Your wife, the communication specialist.
—Sona Krikorian

To: Naomi
Here's to starting a new life soon together! wah wah wah BOOM!
—Wesley Kim

To: Chanel Boutakidis
Many thanks to my wonderful wife who had to purchase tickets to 4 other shows in order to land good seats to this one. Mr. Keiller, this had better be worth it.
—Ioakim Boutakidis

To: Mary Zastrow
To my loving sister and her boyfriend. Thanks so much for inviting to come along to the Hollywood show. Love from the North Bay.
—Christa Curtin

To: Ginny
Happy four year anniversary...and you thought falling in love in our mid 50's would never happen. Sorry about the broken hip while mountain biking.
—Tim Murphy

To: Nora
Congratulations on graduating from UC Davis Vet School. Carpe Diem. Mom & Dad
—Robert Badal

To: Shane
Welcome to California Shane. We wish you good times, good grades and a Great Future!! Love, Uncle Damon & Aunt Anne
—Mel Spelde

To: Penny & Ed DeRocker
Happy celebration of 41 years of marriage and congratulations on the sale of your home. Hope your stay at the lake cottage this summer is like a second honeymoon. If not, one of you is always welcome to come babysit here in LA. Love to you both!
—Abbey DeRocker

To: Jefferson
"I choose you as my best friend, lover and partner for LIFE". I spoke those vows from my heart, and they hold true even stronger today. Its not over yet. You loving wife,
—Pamela Remai

To: Damon
Happy 51st b'day and 20th anniversary from Mel, mom, Shane, anne, and all those who love you and think you are the best despite your humble opinion of yourself.
—Mel Spelde

To: Alicia & Ranga Bhaumik (Baamik)
To a young Japanese woman, born and raised in Colombia who decided to study abroad in the 70’s and got stuck because of a young Bengali man swept her off her feet in the great melting pot that is LA – Thank you Mom ‘n Pop
—Jay Bhaumik

To: Chester
Dad, I know it's been a tough journey but you're still my hero.
—Carla Kucinski

To: Russell
Happy 40th birthday and 5 year anniversary to my someday husband Russell.
—Shane Crowell

To: Liz
To my bride, I passed my dissertation defense in the big city. Mississippi bound in two weeks. Uncork the wine and put the babies down early, we've got some catching up to do!
—Rod Wilson

To: Lori
Ten years ago, ten years seemed a much longer time. I love you, Wench, I love being married to you, and I love our funny life together. Dooot.
—Shawn Fidler

To: Bernice Burton
Happy 90th birthday to Bernice, from your kids, Tom and Elizabeth! Congratulations, and enjoy Prairie Home Companion at the Hollywood Bowl!
—Elizabeth Burton

To: Larry Cistrelli
Hi Dad, just wanted to say Happy Birthday. I finally got to see a Live show at the Hollywood Bowl.
—Aaron Cistrelli

To: Papa Pat Eller and all of Clover Valley, Minnesota
I'm off the family pay role! Happy to announce I got a job offer and a boyfriend in LA, sad I won't be coming home to you and the humid forests of Northern Minnesota. May the varmints stay out of your gardens!
—Katy Cashman

To: Jeff
To my one and only bratty bro, After you've finished swimming in this 90 degree weather there's only one thing I want to know: is it hot enough for you now? From your Wonderful Big Sister (WBS)
—Andrea Alterman

To: Mike and Mary Morrison
Mom and Dad everybody at tonight's Hollywood Bowl show wishes you a very happy 49th Wedding Anniversary. XXXOOO your son and daughter-in-law.
—Michael Morrison

To: Enzo
Congratulations to Enzo on being accepted into the Los Angeles Children's Chorus! We are so proud of you and looking forward to every performance, where we promise to cry only a little bit. Love, Mom & Dad
—Jennifer Grappone

To: The Sauders
Safe travels to the Sauder van, rolling across the miles from LA to Roanoke, IL after two weeks of fun family times.
—Heidi Luginbuhl

To: Ricardo
Hey Babe, our move to SoCal is not to shabby- I got into USC and your underpaid at your job! I love you and here's to living the dream! -Jenn
—Jennifer Maldonado

To: Dick
Dick, thanks for feeding our Betta fish, Mr. Roland Bond while we here at praire home companion.
—Marvin Slay

To: Esther
To the loveliest gal that ever strolled down the avenue of love. And to the baby in your stomach, please be a good boy. -David
—David Mylar

To: Frances Sanfilippo
7-13-2012 Happy First Birthday in Heaven MOM !!! Hope the gardens are up to your standards. Please give Dad all our love as well. God Bless, Your Family
—Anthony Sanfilippo

To: Amie
Hello to Amie, a California girl who only eats Asian food, spending the summer in Midland, Michigan. Don't despair -- Zachary's bringing 12 pork buns in his suitcase just for you.
—Karen and Milt Policzer

To: Christina, Angela, Chann
Thank you for the birthday gift of these tickets, we're having a wonderful time!
—Irene (mom & dad) Loera

To: Jess and little Alexander
I thought Mr. Keillor's dulcet tones would be easier to bear if singing your praises. You're a wonderful mom! Even 3000 miles away, a night in Lake Wobegon and I'm home again.
—Eben Cottrelle

To: Carrie Salisbury
Happy birthday to my sweetheart, turning 30 for the first time here with Garrison. Maybe he'll go home to the babysitter so we can go out for dessert?
—Ben Salisbury

To: F. Garret Cloran
Thanks, my dear pal, for being my special date tonight! If anyone should live in a place named Lake Woebegone, it's you and I, ha ha! Hi,Garrison! Welcome to El Lay!
—Saule' Kliore

To: John Kumpe
I am happy to celebrate the anniversary of your 39th birthday with you this evening at the Hollywood Bowl! Happy Birthday, Honey!
—Claudia Kumpe

To: Daniel Linscott
Happy 10th Anniversary my dear. You've still got it!
—Alexandra Linscott

To: Zachary Scheetz
Thank you for accompanying me to tonight's show Zachary. This is the best anniversary present that I ever thought of! I will miss you when you deploy next week. God Bless our troops! Love Maurin (Garrison, it is pronounced Maurin, as in Marin County, CA...)
—Maurin Scheetz

July 12, 2012

To: Armando Lagunas
Happy Anniversary, the past 5 years have been great and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.
—Elizabeth Gaitan

To: Shawn
It seems at once fresh and new, and like it's always been this way. Happy 10th anniversary, my hubby-dubby. Love, your wifey-knifey.
—Lori Fidler

To: Family
Happy birthday dad. Love you fam. Sorry I couldn't be there.
—John Freutel

To: Mom and Katy
Double Happy Birthday to newly introduced birthday buddies Mom and Katy (celebrating live with PH at the Hollywood Bowl). A shout out to GK and the Royal Academy of Radio Actors!Performing with you back-in-the-day was a Minnesota childhood highlight. Mom may your next 60 be as spectacular as the first. Jeff Goodell Glendale,CA
—Jeff Goodell

To: Paula
Honoring your 25 years as a music teacher on behalf of all the schools and churches you've selflessly shared your gifts with, but especially your own kids here with you tonight at the Hollywood Bowl! We love you, Mom!
—Rachel Van Houten

July 11, 2012

To: Bruce and Susan Orton
In 29 years of marriage you've yet to agree which side of the sink to wash dishes in, but they always manage to get clean. Thanks for teaching us that the labor of love is never a chore. Happy Anniversary.
—Your daughters Allie and Kimmie Orton

To: Pastor Phil at Bethany Church Sierra Madre
The church ladies from Monrovia and Sierra Madre say "hello" to Pastor Phil Carlson at Bethany Church. We know we shouldn't get drunk on the wine, but dear friends, if we do, we must stick to our pact: what happens at the Hollywood Bowl stays at the Hollywood Bowl.
—Diane Ferraro

To: Mr. Shovel
A happy day to Mr. Shovel, who is in the audience, celebrating his 49th birthday at The Hollywood Bowl, watching his favorite show.
—Victoria Cecilia

To: Michael
Happy 2nd anniversary honey! Sorry I was out of the country for it last year, but now that we're expecting it looks like I won't be going anywhere for a while. Love you!
—Natilee Harren

July 10, 2012

To: Danny and Michael
We are proud of the success you both achieved at school and in your community service efforts. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Love,
—Mom and Pop Hirsch

To: Margaret T. Butler
Happy Birthday to a Fantastic Mother, Teacher, And human Being Margaret
—Christopher Ladowicz

To: Bonnie Lurie and Larry Cistrelli
Hi Mom and Dad, after so many years of listening to PHC, it's great to finally be here in person, at the Hollywood Bowl. I promise no more life threatening illnesses.
—Aaron Cistrelli

To: Mike Crow
Happy Birthday PaPa-san! Have a great year, we love you. Give those fish a break now and then! Love, your rose between two thorns
—Desiree Lasiewski

To: Brent Roske
Congratulations to Brent Roske for finishing the pilot episode of his show “Chasing the Hill”. It will be enjoyed by many!
—Corinne Becker

To: Jim Burkhardt
Dad, we hope you’re enjoying your father’s day gift. Congratulations on having three magnificent, superb, breathtaking and yet despite all that humble children. Good luck, and may the good lord take a liking to ya. From Eric, Chrissie and Jimmy
—Eric, Chrissie, and Jimmy Burkhardt

July 9, 2012

To: Liam Mooney
Now do you forgive me for decapitating your Guy Noir bobble head?
—Adriana Yugovich

To: Mom & Dad
Glad you're enjoying your cabin in the woods. Sorry we won't make it up from California to help rebuild the chicken coop, clean out the barn, chop firewood, tear out cupboards and move Mom's 67 cubic feet of canned food. Sounds relaxing!
—Justin, Hap & Colleen Disney

To: Nate
I remember when you asked me out. I didn't take you up on that at first, but I am so glad we got together later. Happy anniversary! I love you!
—Hillary Dudenhoeffer

To: Mia Xitlali Tenorio
Her dad thinks the world of her and he wishes her an absurdly wonderful 13th birthday while she visits Japan to play Taiko drums this July.

To: Heather Chambers
"She is celebrating her birthday tonight, Friday July 13th. She is part of a group from FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF LONG BEACH. She convinced her husband to treat her to our show by saying, 'You can't say no to a Prairie Home Companion because TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY.' "
—Aaron Palmer

July 8, 2012

To: Ryan
To my husband, Happy 4th Anniversary. I love you and glad that we get to spend this special occasion at our favorite place, the Hollywood Bowl. I look forward to many more years together with you.
—Gina Quesenberry

To: Andy, Eliot, Tim, Meghan
Thank you for sharing a momentous year: a 40th anniversary, a retirement, a doctorate. We love you very much.
—jane and lee freutel

To: Pookatella
From Hollywood lights to the Bill of Rights - what a great second act! Good luck on the bar exam. Love, Mom,Steve,Daddy,Mary,Annie
—Pat Fenton

July 7, 2012

To: Haydo
Hi Haydo, Hope you are enjoying Interlochen and learning all you can. Just wanted let you know that you passed the AP Calc exam with a 5. Love you, Mom
—Sue Holbrook

To: B'Ann Vance
Happy 80th birthday to B'Ann Vance. You're still a SOUTHERN BABE, a wonderful mother, grandmother, and so awesome that you're even great grandmother—not just a pretty good one. Love from your kids!
—Maurie Harris

To: Ann
Happy 50th Birthday Annie. Hope you enjoyed visiting your niece Michelle, who is a camper at Interlochen. Love Kathy and Josh
—Kathy Bakich

To: Hannah
Listening from the jungles of Peru. Wish we were at interlochen with you tonight! Sending our love from way south of the boarder.
—Rita Hough

To: Anne and Adam
Happy 43rd wedding anniversary! Enjoy the rest of the show, then drive home safe and call us on the iPad for Memphis news. Love, Paul and Gina
—Paul Gahn

To: Beth
We got to attend the show at Interlochen and you got to take care of the "finest dog in all the land"
—Lisa and Leo Wolk

To: Carol and Kenneth Moncayo
Made it to Interlochen safely. Life is good and work is great. Hope you're well in Newport News. P.S. please send a care package.
—Charles Moncayp

To: Art
Art, I'm so happy you left New York City and came to Michigan those many years ago as we celebrate 20 years of marriage. It's great to be here with you at the show tonight. Christine
—Christine Walkons

To: Catherine
Wish we were there with you but we're listening to the radio with grandma and grandpa. See you in a month. love, Mom, Dad and Nathan
—Doug Reilly

To: Ben Robinson
Only a chance to see Garrison Keillor could keep us away from your performance with the Cape Cod Opera this weekend. Toi, toi. Love, Mom, Dad, Sara, Bill and Melanie
—Linda Robinson

To: Dawn
Our first romantic weekend away together. Interlochen by the lakes on a summer evening, A Prairie Home Companion for entertainment... what could be better? I love you sweetie.
—Jeff Holth

To: Tom
In the audience tonight, "Wurdy", our very own English Major. Enjoy your vacation next week in the cool north woods, playing cards and telling stories in the little cabin next to the lake.
—Steve Wurdock

To: The Katz Family
Greetings from Grandma Judy in the Garden State to Interlochen campers, Lauren and Natalie, their parents and Angelina. Can't wait to see you next week.
—Judy Katz

July 6, 2012

To: Jocelyn
Best wishes on your birthday, Jocelyn! You are growing up so fast, please stop and rest for a while. Hoping this is your best birthday ever. Love, Mom and Dad
—Mike Tate

To: Pastor Bud & Patty
Heartfelt WELCOME to Grandville First Reformed's new Pastor Bud & wife Patty. You may notice we’re not in the congregation this week - WE ARE NOT next door at the Methodist church (though rumor has it they have better coffee) - we’re here in Interlochen enjoying Garrison Keillor & friends. Wayne & Laurel
—Wayne & Laurel Jordan

July 5, 2012

To: My friends at st. Matthews Lutheran in north hollywood
To my friends at saint matthews north Hollywood where the norwegian bachelors support marriage equality
—Arne Bergland

To: Wendy Thomas
Happy 28th anniversary! What better way to celebrate than to be companions at the good ole Prairie Home.
—Dan Thomas

To: Elizabeth Myers
To our favorite Front of House Supervisor at Interlochen, Mad Dog Lizzie. Happy 20th Birthday! Love Mom, Dad and Will
—Margaret Myers

To: Dan & Cindy Lee
Happy 22nd Anniversary Mom & Dan! If there is any question of how much we love you, camping in a pop up camper with 4 adults AND a 2 & 4 year old to make tonight happen should be answer enough. We love you, just not nature.
—Bree & Jeff Anderson

To: Tom and Judy Winkler
Mom, Hope you enjoy PHC at Interlochen...Happy Birthday! Dad, I got the nearest seats to the exit as I case you need to go for a walk! Cheers!
—Pat Winkler

July 4, 2012

To: Lauren and Marlin
We wish you would let us come back home. We miss you both terribly. Love always-
—Wes and Jake-Dog Trexler

To: Shelley and Tom
Celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary. And who - 36 years ago - spent their honeymoon right here at Interlochen.
—Tom Gallery

July 3, 2012

To: Heather Hamilton
Happy early Birthday to Heather Hamilton who is in the audience! Have fun at Interlochen! Love, mom, dad, sis and Daisy.
—Andrea Lawson

To: John Victor Platt from Kirkland, WA
Happy Birthday to my favorite longtime PHC fan! I'm so glad we get to share all their stories and ours together!
—Amy Platt

July 2, 2012

To: Isaac "Trombone" Johnson
Happy 17th Birthday! Glad you can celebrate it with your friends at Interlochen Arts Camp! We're on our way from Minnesota with cake and hotdish - see you at the show. Love, your family
—Dave Johnson

To: Albert
It really IS Friday the 13th this year for our anniversary. I'm glad to be celebrating our 44th anniversary at the Hollywood Bowl (July 13). Here's to many more happy years.
—Rosana Whittlesey

To: lori simonian
after 18 years of marriage and 6 garrison shows together my love for you is stronger than ever!!
—matthew simonian

To: Norm & Marge Tubbs
To Mom & Dad,(who will be in the audience with us at Interlochen): Congratulations on your 60th wedding anniversary! From your son and daughter-in-law, Rob & Laura, and granddaughters, Natalie & Olivia.
—Rob & Laura Tubbs

To: Barb and Ann
Come visit us in Norway, and do bring the hooligans!
—Jim Skurdall

July 1, 2012

To: Dr. Bruce Allen
Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Allen, in the audience tonight, on his retirement from 30 years of academia, most recently 20 years at Central Michigan University, from your loving family. We look forward to seeing you get out of the box in retirement, but please, no more interior decorating! Love, Chris, Marc, Brooke and Mike
—Chris Allen

To: Tim
Happy 70th birthday to one who is young at heart from all your family
—Anne Dols

June 30, 2012

To: Jacob
Happy first birthday to Jacob Thanks for coming from Tucson to Washington to visit us and share your day. Bubbe G and Grandpa Mick
—stephen mickey

To: Carmela Peters
It's a beautiful summer evening on the Tanglewood lawn. Thinking of you and sending healing wishes. Join us here next year!
—Jenny Riggs

To: Casper
Almost 30 years since we were at Tanglewood, glad you are listening tonight! Love ya, Skider
—Laurie Lausen

To: bumpa and nana
Thanks for coming back to Massachusetts. And for Mom, come to think of it.
—jack, christian and george bracher

To: Tony
Happy five year anniversary Tony. Yes, I fed the fish. Proof of enduring love idly swims content.
—Shauna Faye

To: Alyse & Colin
Alyse & Colin, Mom and Dad miss you here at home on the lawn at Tanglewood. See you here on the 4th.
—John Mizia

To: Granny and Gramps in Stergis
Wishing you a happy wedding anniversary from Tanglewood. After 65 years some people need a charge, sounds like you got your refill when your chimney was blown off by lightning this week. Good to go for another 65, eh?
—Scott Ness

To: Jack
From toddler at our family hearth, listening to Prairie Home Companion, to making your way though life to attend tonight’s show, all on your own, you’ve warmed your parents’ hearts! Now, don’t forget to use the GPS, get the girls home safe, and fill up the gas tank! - Your proud parents
—Dave Wrenn

To: Jill
In special honor of our Mom, Carol Lansing, who never missed the chance to wander back to the good old days while singing with Garrison at the end of the concert at Tanglewood. Thinking of her now and hoping she will gather up the angels and join us once again here tonight!
—Jill Lansing

To: George & Joan Puckett
Happy 57th Anniversary!
—Mark Puckett

To: Madeline & Dane
Congratulations on your wedding today! Your love is brave, strong, and true. PS. the boat is still floating. The Warf-rat crew.
—Mark Hiraiwa

To: Libby
Thanks for inviting me to come to see Prairie Home Companion along with your great group of folks. You and I have been companions since our kids were little. Just wish the chemo hadn't kept you at the cabin while we are here on the lawn.
—MaryAnne B

To: Aidan Connell
Mumma and Daddy can't wait to see you tomorrow. Hope all the smarty-pants at St. Paul's haven't lost their trust funds to you in poker!
—Vicki Connell

To: Adele Krones
Follow-up to original greeting: Since I have my mother and sister in my heart, they got to talking and are a little irritated with me that I don't have a date and wondered if GK could put in a good word to the single ladies in the audience for me.
—John Baltz

To: All our friends back in Minnesota
Who questioned our wisdom when we moved to Boston last year: we're at Tanglewood and you are not!
—Terry & Marylou Steeden

To: Ed Newman
Good luck running your 35th BoilerMaker race. May the wind always be at your back - and the competition too! The Raw Bits arrive next week.
—Juan and Terry Becerra

To: Adele Krones
Thank you Adele, my big sister, for getting me interested in PHC, I'm here at the broadcast in Tanglewood. It all started with Mom sharing the radio shows and 78's with us. You are both here with me in my heart, which is good, but attending with an empty seat since I could not get a date....
—John Baltz

To: Kimm Quinlan
Happy Birthday Kimm Quinlan! Glad to be sharing APHC with you at Tanglewood!
—Michael Quinlan

To: Ryan Menson
Babe, I'm glad we're finally here. We survived the trip up from Atlanta and the weekend in a cabin with two teenage girls, and Hannah and Charlotte have enjoyed their day on the lake. I'm sure we'll be just fine next weekend even after the arrival of five 18 year old boys. (Did i mention that Andrew is bringing four friends?)
—Bill Rockoff

To: Aaron DiMartino
Congratulations Aaron!. Although you are missed in Palora, Ecuador,they had you for 2 years in the Peace Corps, you're home safe. Next stop, Colorado!
—Mark DiMartino

To: Kristen
Greetings to Kristen in Manhattan, we wish you could have joined us here on the lawn. Happy nuptials to you and Mark next month!
—Lauren Desharnais

June 29, 2012

To: Katie E.
We know that you miss your local coffee and Mexican food but enjoy your time in the land down under, you are only young once. Luckily you can listen to radio via computer. Long distance love from Mom, Papa and Tom, we miss you! PS don’t bring home your laundry.
—Jean E

To: Annie Kirvin
To my favorite sister-in-law. Thank you for liberating me from the nuke plant!! I was going stir crazy there with the giant rat an all. You are still my favorite. Looking forward to all those martinis with you and all the other Maden sisters!
—Mary Jo Gatslick

To: Matt & Chris Marcello
Hello to my sons who are home alone for the first time while their parents are at the show. And if there is any funny business it will be the last time they are home alone…
—Sandy Marcello

To: Marty and Jean
Happy 32nd anniversary! Hope you're enjoying your first summer without kids. As much as I miss you, I can't leave Australia just yet. Kangaroo meat is so sweet.
—Katie Eichelman

To: Nancy Travis
Happy 40th anniversary to the gal who said "Yes" all those wonderful years ago
—William Travis

To: Darcy and Richard Lettieri
Mom and Dad: Congratulations on 41 years. It's 41, right? Love, Anne and Mike
—Anne and Mike Lettieri

To: Libby
Special thanks, we miss you, to Libby, who planned our trip here, but is listening from home because she is busy fighting the big C.
—Suzanne Scarcella

To: John McNamee
Happy 60th Birthday Dad! We hope your trip to the Berkshires makes up for the time we locked you out of your hotel room and they needed to bring in the jaws of life. Love your children! -Caroline and Cameron
—Cameron McNamee

To: Family, friends, and colleagues
To everyone back home in Iowa, we look forward to returning soon. The sabbatical here in Massachusetts has been quite productive ... the baby is due in January!
—Jerod & Jennifer W

To: Richard and Virginia Leverson
A special Hi to a pair of old Norwegians from Vermont, We hope you have a great time at the show, can’t wait to hear all about it. Love Mark, Tamra and the Kids from California.
—Mark Leverson

To: Grampy George and Grammy Mari
Hi Grampy George and Grammy Mari, I can't wait to see you, and probably spit up on you, in Maine this summer. With love, your adorable, 103-day-old grandson, Caden
—Celeste Tilton

To: John and Pam Morneau
Happy 29th anniversary Mom and Dad! Congratulations, you're another year closer to those renegotiations! Enjoy the show twice as much for the both of us. Love you both!
—Aaron and Jared Morneau

To: Peter Melewski
Peter, we said "I do" 26 years ago! It's been an exciting ride with thrills -teenage daughters!- and "spills" - three weeks with the bathroom contractor? So glad to share all this fun with you. Happy Anniversary! Carol
—Carol Melewski

To: Immigration adjudicators
Greetings to the immigration adjudicators in Division 3 at the USCIS Vermont Service Center. Changing people's lives, one family at a time!
—David Kurtz

June 28, 2012

To: Katie E.
Since a round trip flight from the Land Down-Under to New England is 5 Grand, and you inherited your father’s cheap skate genes, it looks likes SKYPEs will have to do for a very long time. Long distance love from, Mom, Papa, and your brother Tom, we miss you!
—Marty E.

To: Kathy
A very happy anniversary to Kathy Anderson my lovely bride of 28 years today! (6/30)
—Bill Anderson

June 27, 2012

To: Nick Koufogazos
Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world. After all these years I still don't believe that the cats ate my ice cream.
—Maddie Koufogazos

To: Sean Callanan
To Sean, who’s recovering from a serious accident, thanks for letting your better half Audra join her girlfriends for our annual Prairie Home weekend in Lenox. We’ll bring you back some rhubarb pie!
—Sara Crocker

To: Isabella
Darling Isabella, Mama has missed you this week but also enjoyed being out on the town with the theater folk. Hope that Tanglewood camp was magical and has opened you even more to the miracles of art. I love you. and I love kerry and susan. What a fun time. How blessed we are to share a life together!!!! Mom
—Cheryl Fisher

To: Dave
Grandma Carolyn we miss you and wish you were here for another show. Love you, The Bergerons
—Kate Bergeron

June 26, 2012

To: Mel and Marilyn Buchanan
Mel and Marilyn Buchanan of Bristol, CT are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Pinecones, angelfish, and apple blossoms have decorated their life. May a shower of golden roses fall on them from heaven. (Note to PHC the entire family will be at Tanglewood.)
—Rayette Byrnes

To: Judith Landers
Congratulations on your retirement... such a long successful career in nursing and medical equipment sales ... you deserve the very best of happiness and blessings from above.
—Rayette Byrnes

To: Churck Clayton
Happy Birthday, Chuck! May your day be filled with happiness and your life be filled with God's blessings.
—Ellen Eubank

To: Peter Bealo from Plaistow, NH
Enjoy your well deserved weekend in the Berkshires with your lovely Rachel. Mom and Dad must rest easy knowing that you've turned into a successful adult despite your teenage fascination with blowing ship models and rockets up on the barbecue grill. They were proud of you then and I'm sure they are still. I am too - despite you telling me for 50 years that I was adopted.
—Pam Bealo

To: Meghan
Congratulations on graduating from college! I'm so proud and I love you so much!
—Nicholas Rice

June 25, 2012

To: Bernie
To my Bernie, I hope you are enjoying your birthday gift, being here in the audience tonight (July 7, 2012). I love you, I love you, I love you. From your Heidi
—Heidi Vogel

To: Naomi and Todd
Who knew when you took your Rhine River Cruise last October that it would lead to four new friends and Garrison at Tanglewood? See you in Fort Lauderdale next year!
—Bob and Bonnie and Chuck and Cathy Sudell and LaBarge

To: Rolan Sosa
Happy Birthday! Looking forward to those Guatemalan sunsets from our lil mud house - Love, your man
—Nick Pawlowski

To: Jim Trowbridge
Happy 30th Birthday. . . for the 40th year in a row!
—Nick Pawlowski

To: Andrea
Starting a new life in Wisconsin was a big leap. Now I'm asking for a bigger one: please, spend the rest of your life with me.
—Gordon Levine

To: Karl Burkert
happy 45th birthday to my husband and best friend. Here's to many more, now get a haircut
—Amy Weinar

To: Charlie Anderson
Happy 85th birthday to the greatest dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather from his daughter!
—Sharon Benard

June 24, 2012

To: Sue Schuerman, Santa Monica, CA
What a great way to spend your 75th birthday, enjoying Garrison Keillor here at the Hollywood Bowl, on your birthday, Friday, July 13th, 2012.
—Ramona Lombard

To: Chelley
To: Chelley in Nebraska From: Bernie in New Hampshire Hoping we'll both make it to the next PHC at Tanglewood.
—Bernie D

To: Susan Molina
After 7 years of marriage I still want more. I love you. No better way to celebrate than with Prairie Home Companion.
—Steve Molina

To: Rex
Happy to be sharing an evening with you and the Bakers in the Berkshires as our 25th wedding anniversary tour continues!
—Mary Lou Basham

June 23, 2012

To: Sr. Maggie Butler, Holy Rosary Parish, Toak Alaska
Thinking of you from Chicago as you're cooking dinner. Say hi to Fr. John for me, and enjoy the moose.
—Fr. Arthur Olsen

To: Matthew
Hey Uncle Matt, Hope you enjoy the show tonight From your one and only niece Radha
—Radha Szepanski

To: Claire Bear
Hello to our darling daughter, studying architecture this summer in Copenhagen! We miss you ... see you there in August! (Remember, Sue says speaking Danish is just Swedish with a mouth full of mashed potatoes ... you'll figure it out!!)
—Debra Walsdorf

To: Our dog, Rylee
Want to say hi to our doggie, Rylee who's listening to the show right now at home. Please stop barking, the neighbors want to kill us. Love, Devin & Justin
—Justin Stone

To: Linda
Your name means “beautiful,” Your voice is beautiful, and you are as beautiful as the day we were married almost 30 wonderful years ago. From Andy, your loving husband
—Andy Muller

To: Alex Grillo
Alex and Jean, stay in California if you want but we midwesterners do not worry about getting seasick.
—Hal Hothan

To: Kim McArthur
To Kim, my darling wife of 25 years whom together nary a cross word has past our lips. Love, Patman
—Patrick McArthur

June 22, 2012

To: Cmdr Mike "Beaker" Miller
Happy Birthday, Mike and greetings to everyone in VAQ 141 aboard the USS George Washington. FLY NAVY! Mom & Dad
—Jean Miller

To: John
Happy 40th anniversary to my wonderful husband! Thanks for getting me back to Ravinia to enjoy Garrison again. All my love
—Diane Hughes

To: shannon kopacz
happy birthday to my wife of 14 years. i love you so much, your husband
—justin kopacz

To: Kevin
Happy 30th birthday to Kevin, who got hooked on Prairie Home Companion in his 20’s and flew half way across the country to see a PHC live show!
—Ruth Lunde

To: Ky Dickens
Belinda and Jake Dickens say congratulations to our daughter, Ky Dickens, and her partner, Kaisa Dill (a former Minnesota bachelorette farmer), on their upcoming nuptials.
—Jake Dickens

To: Maureen McArdle & Puddin'
Congrats on your upcoming wedding, may you have eternal bliss.
—Alejandro Bacon

To: Debra OBrien
Thanks for an amazing 25 years of marriage: two wonderful kids and our good health. What could be better? How how another 25?
—Tom OBrien

June 21, 2012

To: Robbie
Happy Birthday Rob! We are so glad to be celebrating your 26th with you today. Love, Mom, Dad, and Annie
—Andrea Person

June 20, 2012

To: Mom Mom and Pop Pop
Happy 50th Anniversary Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop... We all love you.
—Kim Frakes

June 19, 2012

To: Paul VerEllen
You're the reason I started listing to A Prarie Home Companion. I love you!!!
—Lakota Oxendine

To: Renee and Howard
Mom and Dad (Renee and Howard) Bet you thought I was going to forget your 40th Anniversary. Did that last year. Happy 41st and enjoy the show. Laura
—Laura Schickler

To: John and Rita
Happy 42nd anniversary to John and Rita Meier from your kids in Boulder CO, San Diego CA and Glen Ellyn IL. They all want you to move closer!
—Beth Meier

To: Mel and Marilyn Buchanan
Mel and Marilyn Buchanan of Bristol, CT are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Pinecones, angelfish and apple blossoms have decorated their life. May a shower of golden roses fall upon them from heaven. +++Note to PHC... the family will be at Tanglewood
—Rayette Byrnes

June 18, 2012

To: Dawn
We finally made it to Chicago after 12 years to see phc. I'm happy, hope you are.
—Jeff Mueller

To: Chuck Clayton
Happy Birthday, Chuck!!! Wishing you a year of better health and wonderful memories in the making.
—Ellen Eubank

To: Ammon
Happy birthday!!! After two years of being apart, it is so wonderful to have you home. And not just because you make amazing strawberry rhubarb pie. :)
—Sunnie Stanton

June 16, 2012

To: Ariel
Welcome to Eugene Lambster...enjoy your time there, next summer it wll be a paying job.
—Dana Vieweg

To: John Nix
Chevy Nix, Happy Birthday today! So much love Deddy and Tebby
—teddy and debby nix

To: Mary Ellen Moore
Mere and Tom say to the campfire gang back in Albany, NY that they are very parched!
—Meredith Mercer

To: Bob Davis
Dad, What a long strange trip it's been from Ohio to Oregon, but you've finally made it to Lake Wobegon! Happy Father's Day! We love you!
—Jen, Stajah, Leaf, and Wiley Blue

To: Michael Dress
Thank you Big Brother, Mouse, for this wonderful gift of bringing me to the live PHC show. It's good to have you back from the walruses. Thank you, too Sherry, if you're actually here and not delivering baby 567. Love, Toad
—MarkliAnn Johnston

To: Harold and Joanne
Greetings to grandma and grandpa in Regent, North Dakota. We're still working on the flax seed - only 93 pounds to go!
—Chuck and Jane Pahlmeyer

June 15, 2012

To: Mark, Brian and Ben Sanderlin
Love to the Sanderlin Boys from Mom and Dad. Good luck to Brian on your cello audition; Ben for job search; and Mark for your band gigs.
—Shelly Sanderlin

To: Rick & Marcy Marsh
Hope you are enjoying your vacation from Indianapolis. Your siblings are jealous that you are watching the awesome Prairie Home Companion!
—Amy Myers

To: Jacob Garrison Kanzler
Special Hello to my favorite 12 year old, named after Garrison Keillor, from your mom. I hope you enjoy the great music and stories in the show that inspired your name! I love you!
—Jamaica Jo

To: Dennis Wiancko
Hope you and Cynthia are listening when I yell out your name during the Eugene show. Pay attention. Aloha to the Home Place family.
—Bill Macdonald

To: Stephanie Way
To: my little sister Stephanie, happy 49th Birthday. Wish you were here to celebrate it with us.
—alisa mclaughlin

To: Megan Christopher
Congratulations on your double Masters' degrees. Especially since you skipped your graduation to come to this show. Now here's hoping for a great job! Mom and Dad
—Charles Christopher

To: Bruce
Happy 60th Birthday to the Bruce, the King of the Northwest!
—Kate Rowles

To: Big Dan and Kramer
I know you are out on the road somewhere between Cordova, Alaska and Davis, California. Come visit the next time you are passing thru Eugene.
—Palmer Utterback

June 14, 2012

To: Mr. Mrs. Richard Marsh
Mr and Mrs. Richard Marsh from Indianapolis,IN.Are in the audience tonite. 6/16/12 Eugene Ore. show
—andy marsh

To: Ethan Hampton
Birthday greetings to our 5th grade graduate who turns 11 today - looking forward to tonight's spaghetti dinner! Love, Dad, Mom, Sophia, Grandma & Theo the dog
—Michael & Laura Hampton

June 13, 2012

To: Allison
Happy Birthday! The Doctor regrets he cannot make it to your party, but he left the e-brake on the TARDIS again.
—Stephanie Hedges

June 11, 2012

To: Cheryl Lohrmann
You've been listening for many years, since it reminds you of your father, and we'll be in attendance in Eugene, What a perfect place to ask, MARRY ME?!
—Dustin Riggs

To: Bernice Anderson
Happy 95th birthday, grandma! Glad all of your children (and then some) will be able to celebrate with you. Wish we were there to represent the Alaskan contingency, but we'll have a party here in your honor.
—Melissa Cloud

To: Greg Flint
Retired this week as Senior Pastor of 1st Congrgational Church (UCC) in Eugene, OR, after 27 years. He began his ministry 40 years ago in Duluth MN. Greg and his wife Susan will be receive a well-deserved send off from the congrgation this Sunday after the service.
—Tom Wurtz

June 10, 2012

To: Steve Patterson
Weekly we listened with the children. In your memory I came tonite. You'd have loved the show. You are gone, but always in my heart.
—Suzanne Patterson

To: Steve Margerum
Happy Father's Day! I'm missing you on my choir tour and wish you were here. You're the best dad anyone could ever want! Love you!
—Casey Margerum

June 9, 2012

To: Stacia, Michelle & Sarah
Wish you were here having a great time. Good luck at the Angus heifer show.
—James Prince

To: Taco and Pastor Hosch
hope y'all are having a blast
—dustin wiley

To: Mary Ellen Jayroe
Mary Ellen, Enjoy the show! "Plan B" will be listening in Santa Fe!
—Shelby Smith

To: baba,dawn,dave and the moo crew at the farm
greetings from louisiana we'll be seeing y'all soon on july 4th
—bob kehoe

To: April Flowers
Happy 25th Birthday to my best friend. I am so glad that I get to be your friend for the next 25 birthdays!
—Amanda Lindsay

To: Tamra
I know we should be in Nebraska at the family reunion, but isn't this a better way to celebrate 36 years together? John
—John Rutten

To: Paul and Debby Bison
Happy 29th Anniversary! Hope you got the hay cut and fluffed before the show.
—Debbie and David Hall

To: Sherwood Bailey
We love you Bakki! Congratulations on becoming a Grandfather. Start digging out the tools - we've got a lot of questionably safe tree houses to build. Love, Meg & Bub Fournier
—Meg Fournier

June 8, 2012

To: Len and Sandy Jacobs
Happy 44th Anniversary Mom and Dad. If you hear this on the radio it should make up for the card I forgot to send.
—Nicholas Jacobs

To: Dick and Julie Hall
Happy 71st Anniversary (on June 28th) to my parents, here with me tonight from Texarkana, Arkansas. The renewal of marriage vows last year is still working! Love you!
—Sue Ellen Hall

To: Lauren & Kunal Shah
Congratulations on your fabulous Louisiana/Episcopalian/Indian/Hindu wedding! We loved weariing a sari and sherwani, getting henna tattoos and learning to do Bollywood dancing!
—Lindsey & Melanie Torbett

To: Schuyler
To my loving husband. I hope you're enjoying your birthday present! Did I remember to turn the oven off?
—Alicia Boulware

To: Dylan B
Saluti da sole Louisiana Dylan and all 6th Fleet! You all can float the Med, we will sail the Red River. Uh, how's the weather Son?
—David B

To: Dan
Here we go again--another PHC, this time in North Louisiana. Mais, cher,I'm a Cajun, me,from South Louisiana and I am looking forward to hearing Beau Soleil, but, Garrison,what's with "Louisiana's rich Arcadian past" in the description of this week's show? It's ACADIAN!
—Marlene Toups

June 7, 2012

To: Lisa
I can't think of a better way to celebrate 33 years of wedded bliss than listening to A Prairie Home Companion. Ready to go around again?
—Mel Climer

To: Chuck Clayton
Happy Birthday, Chuck! We wish you a year of health and happy occassions.
—Ellen Eubank

June 6, 2012

To: Marybeth
Thank you for indulging me in this trip to Shreveport. Sorry you had to miss the LSU baseball super regional.
—Shawn Pinsonneault

To: Marybeth
To my beloved wife, my best friend, and favorite blueberry picking partner. Sorry I didn't notice you standing in the ant pile sooner.
—Shawn Pinsonneault

To: Ms. Pam
We hope you were happy with the choir at 4 o'clock mass. Thank you for reminding Dad where we are tonight.
—Shawn & Marybeth Pinsonneault

To: Aubri Smith
After missing both shows in Hawaii, many thanks to my wife for letting me travel from Hawaii to see the show.
—Decker Smith

To: Fellow Cary audience members
My deepest apologies to those who overheard my joking but ill-timed comment (about "little old ladies") which was directed to my boyfriend as we left the Cary show. I was teasing him as we tried to hold hands while carrying our chairs, and realized after speaking that I had offended our neighbors sharing the path to the parking lot. I am so very sorry for that sour note at the end of a lovely evening!
—Sally Moseley

June 5, 2012

To: John and Pam
Happy 29th anniversary! Congratulations on being another year closer to those renegotiations! Enjoy the show and have a powdered milk biscuit with ketchup for us.
—Aaron and Jared Morneau

To: Airheart
Well, we didn't make the show, but I got Garrison to read our name aloud. Best I could do. Sorry. Signed - your band mate, Paula
—Paula O'Neal

June 3, 2012

To: Mom and Dad in Highland Park, IL
*For your performance at Ravinia Festival* in Highland Park, Illinois: Dear Mr. Keillor, Sir, Well Bless Your Heart, you're doing a show in my hometown! I am a graduate of Highland Park High School. Hello to Mom and Dad! Hope you are enjoying the show! No, I wasn't planning on coming home. Much Love from the Front, Sarabeth (Oakland, California)
—Sarabeth Emet

June 2, 2012

To: Steve Patterson
Weekly we listened with the children. In your memory I came tonite. You'd have loved the show. You are gone, but always in my heart.
—Suzanne Patterson

To: my husband Sheldon
I'm grateful to have you as my partner for this second act of our lives!
—Mary Beth Clark

To: Beth
Thank you for a wonderful 36 years. Nice of PHC to have this great show on our anniversary
—Terry Sawyers

To: The West Coast Shapiro Family
To keeping the 30 year family tradition of cooking diner and listening to the show. Just don't forget to top it off with Catchup!
—Liz Shapiro

To: Anna
To a swan lost "down under": I got your named read out by GK. Will you call me back now? Miss you.
—Daniel Dittrick

To: Anna and William and Mrs Howe
A big hello from Texas to my little sister and brother,there in the audience tonight (Cary, NC) and,to my beloved home state of NC! Happy Happy Happy from your jealous big sister! Wish I was there with you! And an enormous thank you to Mrs Howe in Charlotte NC for turning me on to "The Prairie Home Companion" and great kindness some 20 plus years ago. Love to all!
—Susan Blair

To: Lindsey
You make it possible to sail through stormy weather. Thank you for sharing this special evening with me.
—Duke Meloling

To: Margaret Brooks
Happy Birthday Mom!
—Abbe Brooks

To: Ralf
To Ralf: Thanks for coming to Cary with me tonight to hear Prairie Home Companion. I am not going to tell you how much these last minute lawn seats cost us, but it is worth it.
—Deborah Cousins

To: All Eagle Scouts
Congratulations on 100 years of the Eagle Scout award. Carson got his despite brain injury. We hope his brother, Victor, will earn his this year.
—Doug and Heather Thomas

To: Davis
Congratulations for swimming in the NC state Special Olympics this weekend.
—Johanna Anderson

To: Jenny & David
Welcome to your first Prairie Home Companion show! How exciting! Wish WE were there! Mom & Dad Green
—Betsy & Dan Green

To: Tim & Chris Murray
Wish you were here with us this beautiful night, this wonderful theater, and this fabulous show . . . oh, and don't forget the Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival weekend. You'll be having some guests!
—David & Katrin Schwerbrock

To: Julia
Congratulations to my thoroughly beautiful daughter on her graduation from high school and her new beginnings as a fourth generation Guilford College student. You make my life complete everyday.
—Karrie Manson

To: Ed Holub
Happy 51st birthday to Ed "The Hatchet" Holub. Only 49 to go!
—Christine Moorman

To: Michael Paul Hansen
Congratulations from Grandma as you graduate from California Polytechnic State University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I am so proud of you.
—Greta Hansen

To: Marschelle in Cincinnati
Happy Birthday Month Mom. The air filters you wanted will be on their way shortly. This has been your daily dose of daughter. Love,
—Jessica Silverman

To: Melissa and Alexia
Thanks you for visiting us this week in honor of Aunt Carol Pugh. The Boys had a fantastic time getting to know you. We hate to see you go back to California. Love, Andrea, Matt, Glenn, and Murphy
—Andrea Thomson

To: Carter
Thanks,Son, for buying us tickets for tonight's show. Great memories of listening to Prairie Home for the last 30 years! Love,Dad and Mom
—Estes Thompson

June 1, 2012

To: Marvin Johns
Hello to Marvelous Marvin celebrating his Double Golden Birthday (finally! with Garrison at Koka Booth).
—Sally Johns

To: ruth mcmains
Dear mom, Happy 83rd birthday. Please drive the beemer slower than your age. Love kay
—kay groski

To: Bruce
Sorry I broke my leg, honey. It wasn't to get out of the midnight feedings. Thanks for being an everpatient husband and father!
—Sara Aycock

To: Sheilah & Ned Egan (aka Mom & Dad or Nana & Papa)
Happy 41st wedding anniversary--this is better than a card, right?! Love from your family in NC.
—Sarah Warren

To: Emily
Happy Birthday this coming Wednesday.
—Susan, Duane, and Lydia Osgood

To: Brina (Pronounced "Bree-nuh")
Dear Cuppy Cake - I don't usually allow people to throw a grape into my eye, but for you, I'll make an exception. Happy Birthday!
—Luke Montoya

To: David and Carole Seitz (Pronounced, "Sights")
Dear Mom and Dad, Wishing you a happy 45th wedding anniversary. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Love, John and Laura
—John Seitz (Pronounced, "Sights")

To: Jack Martin
Happy 70th Birthday Dad with love from Martha, Jennifer, Beth, and Andy. Hope you enjoy your new knee. (Note: Dad will be attending the Cary show!!)
—Jennifer Fuller

To: Joe Gaughran
We are finally here, honey! Attending a live broadcast of Prairie Home Companion...our marriage is complete. Happy Birthday!
—Lindsay Gaughran

May 31, 2012

To: Geoff
Thank you for 8 years of wedded bliss! Who knew that this Minnesota girl needed to come to North Carolina to find her Norwegian bachelor?
—Beth Harris

To: Susann
Thank you for a beautiful new year in this lovely city where you taught me how to live again, as opposed to being miserable, in Minnesota. And it's pronounced "Ruf," not "Roof."
—Ben Schmit

May 30, 2012

To: Sean
Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean it's not still Caturday, but we can share.
—Maude and Darla Cat

To: Jim Sellers
Happy 29th Birthday to brother, Adam; and Congratulations to father, Jim on his retirement after 33 years in the criminal justice field. Sit back and relax finally, you've earned it.
—Dan Sellers

May 27, 2012

To: Amanda Northrup
I am so glad to be sharing this special night with you. Hope the show is all you dreamed of and more!
—Ashley Pompey

To: Curt & Elaine and Larry & Irene
Happy 62nd wedding anniversary to both sets of parents, you are our inspiration
—Rich & Sharon Hallberg

To: Sharon
I have listened for several years in the closet for my wife disliks PHC as much as I love it.Happy 41st Sharon, Love you!

May 26, 2012

To: Richard Franck and Anne-Marie Streeter
Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!!!
—Katie Franck

To: John & Kathy
Thanks for the tickets to celebrate the new post at the wash post! Thinking of grandpa know he'd be proud. Love Ben and Erin, Erin and Ben
—Ben & Erin Connors

To: Ann
To my mother on her birthday. If mothers were flowers, I'd pick you!
—Alex Covington

To: Clara Richter
Just so you know, we are okay with you being an English Major! Love, Mom and Dad
—Paul Richter

To: Mitchell
Congrats on graduating... We're all glad you found an apartment! Only you would move six states away without anywhere to live but your truck.
—Melissa Jones

To: Dr. Jim Brady
Happy 76th birthday! Couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate this milestone! I am so excited to share this night with you!
—Jim Brady

To: Linda
Happy 38th birthday from your favorite sister.
—Barbara Eaton

To: Our children, Caroline & Andrew
We're glad you're able to join us tonight at Wolf Trap! (Saturday) After 10 years of coming to PHC it's great to not have to find a babysitter! Love Mom & Dad
—Peter Lauria

To: Alex Ratelle
Warm wishes from DC! Looking forward to seeing you next month in Grand Marais! Don't eat all the donuts before I get there! Love, Your Favorite Daughter.
—Suzanne Ratelle

To: Michael
I met you in 1987, that was a long time ago, what's your name again? love you lots Bucko
—Amy Mason

To: Norma Jean Barratt
Happy Birthday to Norma Jean Travelute Barratt who turns a spry 85 years young. Mom, your not in Kansas anymore. Love from Jim, Venus and the grandkids.
—Jim Barratt

To: Tallulah
Grampie & Aunt Susie say keep those Vermont chicks warm and let us know when the first eggs arrive!
—Suzanne Richard

To: Will, Tucker, & Maddie
I am excited to howl like a wolf this evening. Happy 9th Prairie Home Companion, family!
—brandi cummings

To: Janet LeCouteur
Mom. Sorry you were too ill for our annual trip to the show. Hope you are feeling better and can hear the broadcast today. Love, your son.
—Brian LeCouteur

To: Mary Baechle
Greetings to my aunt Mary in Cary, Illinois, who listens to the show every Saturday. With lots of love from Amy, Jude, and Coury Cat.
—Amy Langrehr

To: Jim Relyea (Rel-yay)
Happy 60th Birthday Dad!! I'm glad we can spend it together. I hope it doesn't rain on the the lawn tonight!
—Danie Relyea (Rel-yay)

To: Sergey K
To Sergey sorry I didn't want to marry you. Now 10 years later we're living the dream with our darling girl! Now move over you're sitting too close. 
—Liza Dolmatova

May 25, 2012

To: Lew Ketcham
Happy 64th! Time sure flies when we're having so much fun!
—Barbara Ketcham

To: Fred Bortz
Happy Birthday Fred! I'm glad you could finally spend it with Garrison Keillor. Love, Bob
—Bob Thomas

To: Greg
Happy Anniversary of our first date to my husband Greg. We came to Wolf Trap to see a Prairie Home Companion 8 years ago and have been every year since. After 8 years, we’re now married and we’ve finally matured enough to bring our wine in a glass bottle, rather than a box. Love you!
—Kristin Campbell

To: Chance Teague
Hey new hubby! Can you believe we got married yesterday? Here's to a ton of happy years to come. I love you so much! Always, Shannon.
—Shannon Thompson

To: Dardy
Happy retirement mom! Your high school and its students will miss you dearly. Especially all the intimate details of my life you used as examples for your 'skills for living' class. The school will never be the same without you. Love Kelly
—Kelly Neiles

To: Peter Liebert
Happy 2nd anniversary to my loving husband. Two years ago I introduced you to Prairie Home Companion; this week you suprised me with tickets to the show! How quickly you have learned - I love you.
—Lynn von Koch-Liebert

To: Mike
To my fiance Mike. Thanks for loving and laughing with me no matter what I throw your way. Even when you don't get the jokes about Lutherans. Love, Your South Dakota Girl
—Kelly Neiles

To: Noelle + Tom Mehlhorn
Happy 38th Wedding Anniversary to my parents Noelle and Tom Mehlhorn, Love Erica
—Erica Boland

To: Jenny Johnstone
All my love is yours!
—Phillip Hamrick

To: Matthew Sickle
Congratulations on completing your Masters of Landscape Architecture degree. You're my favorite straight-A, tree-hugging graduate ever. So proud of you. Love from Alyssa Mae.
—Alyssa Sickle

To: Marcel Truman
Karen and I brought our boys, Will and Pete (10 and 8) for their first live Prairie Home Companion. They asked me to share this from them: "Mr. Keiller. Welcome to the Capital of the Free World. This is our first show of yours to attend. We're kinda excited. We have a new puppy, a Wheaton Terrier, who barks with a cockney acent, btw. His name is Marcel Truman and we really want to get back home to him. So, please keep it moving tonight and send our love to Marcel Truman who is listening, for real, from his cozy bed. Thanks, Will and Pete."
—Burns Strider

To: Kathi Whalen
Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary. I love you and thanks for the great ride.
—Peter Piccirilli

To: Laura & Erin
Happy early wedding (June 16th) to Laura and Congratulations on your graduation to Erin. Wishing you all the best. Mom & Dad
—Lucia & David Bacon

To: Don & Lois
Happy early 66th anniversary (June 6th) to Don & Lois. You have set the bar very high.
—David Bacon

May 24, 2012

To: Finley and Packy
Finley and Packy, We're so proud of you for being you. Keep up the aaarrgghh (spoken like a pirate). Love Mom and Dad
—Anne and Dan Ferro

To: Maureen
Hello to my wife in the front row from her rocketman in Kwajalein (7500 miles and 8 time zones in the future) launching another rocketship into outer space baby ! Love you sweetie, wear your Pegasus pin on launch day ! (And wouldn't you know we'd get the best seats ever at Wolf Trap - ow woooooow!)
—Michael Lang

To: Ma, Pa, and Faith
Get the fire going and put the coffee on--I'll be heading north soon. Can't wait to see you. I love you all. Until then,
—Charity Rushford

To: Douglas
Happy 64th birthday, Dad! We thought about getting you lutefisk, but settled on tickets to Prairie Home Companion, instead. Hopefully it's not as smelly!
—Stacey Caulk

To: Buddy
Happy Anniversary! I love you always!
—Kelly Hood

To: Richard
To our son Richard: We love having you at home. Now go. Case Western Law School awaits. Love, Mom and Dad
—Robert Wanerman

May 23, 2012

To: Art
Hi to my Dad, a Norwegian born in North Dakota (although NOT a bachelor farmer). He's been listening to you for decades -- although you might not want to mention that decades part. (I'll be at Wolftrap on Saturday for the live performance.)
—Karen Lykke

To: Laurie
Happy birthday to my wonderful wife! Another fun Saturday night at Wolf Trap on the hill with my girl. Owooooooooo!!!
—Matthew Kaufman

To: Jennifer
Since we first met on the Wolftrap lawn, my life just hasn't been the same.
—Neil Boertlein

May 22, 2012

To: Jaki Ellis
Happy Belated Birthday to my mom Jaki Ellis who's the best mom in the world
—Dylan Cook

To: Dan
Happy Birthday to my loving Army husband.With our third boy due in two weeks,hoping not to go into labor until after we attend the 26 May broadcast.Fingers crossed! Love,
—Katie Zeytoonian

May 21, 2012

To: Mike Spadaccini
Great 2 years. Who says square dancing is for squares!
—Kathy Carroll

To: Hartley LaDuke
Happy 80th Birthday to our wonderful dad. Your son is strong, your daughter is good-looking and all of your grandchildren are above average. We love you! Matt and Susie
—Sue Williams

To: Mark Mayfield
May 24, 1980, was the happiest day of my life. After 32 years of marriage, you're still and always my heart's delight. I love you.
—Kay Mayfield

May 20, 2012

To: Debbie
Happy significant birthday to Debbie from Traci and Joe in San Francisco. We love you.
—Traci McCollister

To: John
Thank you so much for sharing your love and life with me! Let’s drink to our first year of marriage and your very Happy Birthday!(*We will be in the audience at Wolftrap 5/26/12*)
—Catherine Godwin

May 18, 2012

To: Chance
Hey new husband! We did it! I am so excited to start our life together. I love you always, Shannon.
—Shannon Thompson

To: Jenny Johnstone
I love you! One more week till we are at the show!
—Phillip Hamrick

May 16, 2012

To: Bill Harris
Wow! It's the big eight-oh... Who thought it would come this soon!! I'm so glad to have shared 50 of these years as your wife and best friend! Happy, Happy Birthday!
—Susan Harris

May 14, 2012

To: Jess & Travis
I want to wish the two of you a long, happy, and never boring life together. May the two of you always sail on smooth waters!
—Manuel Oliva

To: Pastor Ward Jones
Your friends and church members wish you a very happy 50th birthday on Sunday May 20th.
—Jolinda Cooper

May 12, 2012

To: Jim
Good luck on the new job, Chief!
—Brandi Cash

To: Tony Reidler
Happy Birthday Tony (May 8). Sorry about the bike accident, hope your collar bone heals quickly. Anthony
—Anthony Reidler (ride-ler)

To: tom lynah
Thank you for 20 wonderful years. Happy anniversary and happy 40th birthday!
—michele rollf

To: Mariannei
An early "Happy Mothers Day!" to the matchless woman who helped us fall in love with lifelong learning, and quality public radio!
—Michael Manasterski

To: Cameron and Malik, our above-average sons
To Cameron and Malik (muh-leek), our above-average sons. From your loving parents. You'd probably rather be at home playing video games than here at the Fox watching PHC, but rewards are plentiful... for compliant teenagers.
—Daniel Gregg

To: The Gambles
Congrats to you Brent & Gail on graduating the last of three. Clearing the room out just in time for the Grandson - may be the next Chipper Jones! Thanks Mandy for the trip to this beautiful Fox theatre. Birthday tickets to PHC doesn't get much better than this!
—John Hill

To: Glennon and Anthony
Happy belated birthday Tony.You guys dont forget to call your mom tommorow. Hope your having fun!
—Cynthia Reidler

To: Linda Acevedo
Thanks for being there for me this week, and always. Through my mom's illness, death and funeral, you anticipated my needs and followed through. You're a great friend.
—Marianne Bogan

To: Johanna
Do I love you? Signs point to yes!
—Dante Martinez

To: us
Happy anniversary! We can cross garrison and the shoe off the bucket list now!!
—Eric & Beth bowman

To: Mitchell
Happy 20th anniversary! Thanks for bringing me to Atlanta and to see the show!
—Kiersten Collins

To: Janet
Happy Mother’s Day from your good-looking husband and above-average children: we love you to smithereens!
—Dave, Beth, Jeff, and John Sweet

To: Stephen Welch
Congratulations Stephen on your graduation from UC Berkeley! We are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad
—Susan Welch

To: Doreen
Happy 21st wedding anniversary. I look forward to another 21 more years of giving you foot rubs and putting down the toilet seat.
—Rich Pettit

To: John Haddock , Susan Irons, & Katie Harrell
Greetings to Johnny-Jump-Up and Suzie Q! Get the guest room ready 'cause we're heading north. Katie, wish you were here. The view's certainly better this time.
—Linda Bramhall

To: Aiden Bray
To our Grandson Aiden in Austin, TX turning 10 monts old today (May 12). Come visit Grandma and Grandpa in GA and we'll teach you to be a refined, distinguished Southern Gentleman!
—Bob and Anne Bray

May 11, 2012

To: Shanny
Thanks for the gift of bringing me to see A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor at Fox Theater! I love you more!
—Barbara Ballard

To: Barbara Ballard
Marking off an item on the bucket list with the most amazing mom in the world! Happy Mothers Day to my mom, Barbara Ann!
—Shannon Ballard

To: Terry Scott
—Lorrie, Don and Emily Backer

To: Children and Grandkids Margaret. Garret. Claire Kate and Anna in Winston Salem; James and Stacey in Baltimore and Matt at GATech and Al in the mother county
I'm at Prairie Home Companion LIVE! Love you all. Al, thanks for taking care of Sallie, our dog. You are great! I'll be home Monday.
—Kathy Lacer

To: Mom and Dad
Hello from Atlanta, GA. We sure miss you both.
—Jean and Zack Braun

To: Alison
Thanks for coming to the show with me. It is truly a pleasure and a joy to be with you!
—Mike Powell

May 10, 2012

To: Mariangela [Mary Angela]
You made national news in two countries this week. When you leave Emory for Cornell this fall, will you please stop thinking you're going to fail? Hope you enjoy the show in Atlanta.
—Nathan Coward

To: Sara Morales
Have a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy mother's day, mom! Much love from downstairs, -Rio.
—Rio Morales

To: John and Keli
So excited to be at the Foxx with my sisters, crossing of a bucket list item! Thanks to John Shaw for making it happen! You are the best! I love you all.
—Carrie Baker

To: Michelle
I was going to wax poetic...but the candle dripped all over my poem!! Love you more!
—Marty Steed

May 9, 2012

To: Linda Bashinsky "Mom"
Happy early Mother's Day Mom! Thank you for living the example of a strong, independent woman! We think you rock! Love, Emily, Amy, and Allison
—Emily Littrell

To: Sally McSpadden
Here we are, celebrating our first anniversary with our parents at a recording of Prairie Home Companion. This year has been the best of my life. So let's just ignore the fact that you think I'm a little old-fashioned for loving this show.
—Jim Hanna

To: Mark Horton
Brother, are you listening? April in the Azores wasn't the same without you and yours. Sending much love from Atlanta, your sister Jane
—Jane Horton

To: Mark Sofge and Roger Sofge
Hey Dad and Grandfather, see you soon 'way down upon the Swannee River!' love you Marcie
—Marcie Sofge

May 8, 2012

To: Lulu Lee
You are the best 16-year-old a mother could ask for in Sarasota FL, but you must still feed the dog, Wrigley the Terrible, while I am in Atlanta. Lets hope he doesnt break your collarbone too
—amy lee

To: Jenny Johnstone
Tonight we celebrate the completion of your PhD and 4 brilliant years of marriage. I suppose timing those just right makes you the doctor of love.
—Phillip Hamrick

To: Joe and Jane Walsh
Hi Mom and Dad Happy Mothers Day from the 12th floor of the ACME buildings in Kandahar, London, DC and Atlanta. Love Eamon, Amelda, Kevin and Kathleen.
—Kathleen Walsh

May 7, 2012

To: Greg and Virginia Jennings
Happy 25th anniversary Mom and Dad! Weddings may seem like happy events now, but wait until you have to pay for 3! From your loving daughters, Emily, Clara, and Maggie.
—Clara Jennings

To: Patty
Now I have my own English degree. You can't stop me from using lazy grammar, or correcting your spelling. Don't you love being my mom?
—Rebecca Johnstone

To: Mark
Brother Mark,sister Jane missed you this year in the Azores. The house in Vila Franca is beautiful - complete with a pool and Azorean bed sores.
—Jane Horton

To: Felicity
Darling Felicity Happy 4th Anniversary! Thanks for not killing me ! Ain’t this show a hoot? Its not the BBC but your in America now!

May 6, 2012

To: Kevin Moses
Happy 50th Birthday (5-14) to my best friend, the love of my life, my husband, who is a devoted fan of PHC. His love for NPR has brought such joy to our home.
—Cynthia Moses

May 5, 2012

To: Larry
Happy early 6 year anniversary!! From the Emerald Isle to the city of Lakes and land of lake wobegan. I never knew living in Minnesota could be this much fun. Love your Irish lass, Lorraine
—Lorraine Mullen

To: Will
It's been a great 12 years in Minneapolis! Now let's take that baby you gave me for a 20th anniversary present and head home to Florida. PS - Perhaps the 5 and 8 year old kids should join us too.
—Tracie Setliff

To: Kim
Happy early Mothers day Momma!! Miss you so very much! Love love love you. Chris, Katie, Gizzie, Laila
—Katie Hanselman

May 4, 2012

To: Cindy Ballinghoff
Happy Birthday Mom. 53 is a good age. The dog doesn’t bark as loud and it’s always hot, even on cold days.
—Missy Ballinghoff

To: Christy
Thanks for the last 10 years on the Mississippi! Happy 29th anniversary just around the bend.
—Larry Brown

May 3, 2012

To: Sharon Rumley
I hope you have a nice Mother's Day. I am glad to have as my sister. Who raised me.
—Wayne Rumley II

To: Jim'r
Happy Birthday! There are no rules saying you can't celebrate your February birthday into May Party on dude!
—Bev'r Anderson

May 2, 2012

To: Dick and Leah Peterson from Stillwater, MN
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! Hope you enjoy your night out on the town! Love from your Family, Friends and the better part of Minnesota and Wisconsin!
—Anne Peterson

May 1, 2012

To: Pilar de Guzman
Happy 53rd birthday to Pilar de Guzman of Makati City, Philippines. Thank you for being my BFF (best friend forever), and the thousands of letters, emails, and text messages we have shared for these so many years. Someday I may turn on my webcam so you can finally see my face but I warn you right now: no monkey business!
—Philip Gonyo

To: Judy
Hope that your Mackie’s Dinner mug is making the San Francisco coffee taste even better.
—Gerry Lauer

April 30, 2012

To: Justin Hicks
Congratulations on your graduation from Appalachian State! I will always remember sitting in the car with you in Boone, with the sun shining on us, looking at the mountains, on our way to the Apple Barn to dance, you were holding my hand so gently and we were listening to Prairie Home Companion. It was as close to pure joy one might know.
—Shannon Hoffman

To: Sonya
For the Atlanta Live Show May 12: Happy 20th Anniversary my sweet Sonya.
—Bill Jacobs

To: Ken Shea
Happy 51st birthday sweetheart. Your a real swell guitar player. Birthday 5/20.
—Kathy Shea

April 28, 2012

To: Mayor Bob Gallagher
Hope all is well in Bettendorf, while I have been on vacation , don't forget to open the gate to the sewer plant.....your City Administrator......Decker
—Decker Ploehn

To: Tom and Jan
To Tom and Jan in the audience. Just in case something might happen. Would you take care of the dog? I'm giving Kris a Scooter riding lesson today. Kris and Mark
—Mark Hiraiwa

To: Grammy Thelma
Hello to Grammy Thelma in Chatham, Massachusetts (the elbow of Cape Cod) Nashville may not have the Atlantic Ocean, but we are LIVE at the Ryman Auditorium! We are coming in May. Love, Elisabeth, Bob and the Boys
—Elisabeth Dykens

To: Roger Taylor
Please will you surprise Roger Taylor with greetings. He is a great Suzy Bogguss fan and is already jumping up and down on his seat at the thought of seeing her live in Kendal, UK, next month.
—Bob Dyson

April 27, 2012

To: Julia Moore
We have been listening to PHC for years, every vacation, traveling on the weekends..trying desperately to tune in another pbs station when the signal was's our anniversary and we have finally been blessed to see the show in the mother church of our home town. Please give us a mention. Thanks, the Moores
—Charlie Moore

April 26, 2012

To: Larry and Lynda
Thanks for hosting Leta and me so we can all see The Grand Old Garrison at the Ryman.
—keith jones

To: Charles Moore
We will be at the Ryman Saturday night, 04/25/2012, which is our 5th wedding anniversary. It would be awesome to have Garrison send a shout out to Charlie and Julia Moore.. the show is my anniversary gift, on my bucket list of shows to see. We are so excited!
—Julia Moore

To: Ann Landers
Happy 60th birthday to my wonderful wife Ann! If I would have known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself!
—Ray Landers

To: Bob and Elizabeth Keenan
Happy 75th birthday year to both of my parents! I would like to carry on my dad's tradition of teasing my mom that she is older than he is. (Two months).
—Leslie Kramer

To: Don Nelson
Dad, I wasn't sure what to get you for your birthday. It was either this or cubs tickets. Guess which one cost less? Your loving Daughter,
—Carrie Nelson

April 25, 2012

To: Cindy Hannah
Happy 24th Anniversary to the love of my life! Thanks for this evening. I promise we'll make it to Grayson's prom on time.
—Buddy Hannah

April 24, 2012

To: Judy Zimola
Warm wishes for a well deserved weekend. Hope this catches you next to your radio with a good cup of coffee, yours from bygone years.
—Gerry Lauer

To: Eva
Happy first Birthday to Eva from Grandpa and Grandma Smith. Exactly 365 days ago you were causing your mother a great deal of pain.
—Ron Smith

April 23, 2012

To: MWLS Class of 2011
We miss you so much. Perhaps Lake Wobegon would be the perfect place for our next reunion. All the best from Ryan and Jennifer
—Jennifer Hundley Batts

April 21, 2012

To: Anna Nyseth
Hallo from across the pond! Thanks for the best Christmas gift EVER! Daddy loves ya!
—Dan Nyseth

To: Susan
Congratulations to Susan, graduating magna cum laude from Vanderbilt on May 11. We are so proud of you! Love Mom, Sharon, and Rob
—Mary Harbison

To: Alice, John, Jeremy and Katie
Happy Birthday to us all today- Love from your Grandson, nephew, sister and self.
—Jeremy Conant

To: Mom Sharon
We love you now and we'll love you forever. Next weekend's half marathon will be dedicated to you, 13.1 miles of happy memories.
—Alex and Emily Koval

To: Aunt Mary in Cambridge, MA
Best wishes on recovery from your recent accident. Cars can be dangerous. Suggest investing in unicycle. Your nephew
—Cavan Casey in Morgantown, KY

To: Bill & Lynn McClary
Mom & Dad - Thank you so much for giving us our beautiful wedding in May. We can't wait to be married as many years as you. So sorry we didn't elope. All our love, Molly & Jacob.
—Molly McClary

To: Bill and Nancy
I miss you, grandpa and grandma! Come back out to Montana soon! Love, Violet
—Violet Hurd

To: Mimi Carman
Happy belated birthday to Mimi Carman and happy early birthdays to Zac and Mary in Falmouth MA. Please tell the Red Sox pitchers to stop the shelling!!
—Jeff Carman

To: Chris Miller
Happy Birthday Gentle Ears! I'm so so happy that you're in my life!
—Sarah Szpak

To: Todd Shelton
Happy 12th anniversary to my wonderful husband Todd! I love you.
—Tanya Shelton

To: Terrie and Conrad
Wishing you fair weather, calm seas, and good sailing! Love
—Joey And Lori Long

April 20, 2012

To: Jeremy and Bonnie Ruth Farmer
You and your little tribe of six are listening to tonight's program in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Thank you for serving Jesus there. We and our little tribe of five in Nashville, TN adore you. Ryan and Chrissy Boomershine
—Ryan Boomershine

To: Sherry
Happy 31st Anniversay to my dear bride, Sherry...we finally made it to Prairie Home Companion after listening together for all these was worth the 9 hour drive from the Gulf Coast!!
—Glen Mutchnick

To: Jim and Marcia Twait
Happy to have my parents at the Ryman tonight to listen to GK & PHC LIVE! Despite the so-so seats, I know they'll have a great night and celebrate dad's retirement in 42 days!
—Rachel Dean

To: Mike Weber
Happy birthday Mike! You'll always be young to me!
—Jennifer Weber

To: Ton Strawman
Happy 60th! enjoy the show, wish we were there with you. How do you keep the rain from tipping tulips? From Sunny Seattle, Kris and Mark
—Mark Hiraiwa

April 19, 2012

To: Mom
Listening to A Prairie Home Companion this warm April evening takes me back in time about 30 years. Thanks to you and Dad for putting the speakers in the windows and forcing your four children into the yard to to listen, dance and sing along. We are all above average as a result.
—Mary Catherine Barganier

To: Anna, Emily, joseph and molly
thanks for the tickets to the nashville show for our 25th wedding anniversary. After 20 years of satuarday night fish frys and tales from lake Wobegone you finally get it!
—billy and marynell martin

To: Hadassa Lefkowitz
Happy Belated Birthday. Looking forward to your party tomorrow night. You are not only the Queen of Parody writing, but a dear friend. i'm glad you were born!
—Amy Henry

April 18, 2012

To: Elaine Brubaker
Happy Birthday to Elaine Brubaker of Minneapolis and Dundas, Minnesota as she enters her 60th year. Many more years of shaping landscapes and creating bird sanctuaries.
—Donald Sysyn

April 17, 2012

To: Janice Coventry
Happy Birthday, Mom. 74 years young and celebrating with a Prairie Home Companion at the beautiful Ryman Auditorium.
—Rosemarie Konrath

To: Sam & Ann Epting
Have a wonderful evening at the Mother Church of Country Music. Where the rhinestones are plenty, parking is scarce, and the acoustics are above average.
—Nathan Epting

To: Elaine Brubaker
Happy 60th to our card-playing, high-jinxing buddy, a PHC fan for 35 years!
—val mondor

April 16, 2012

To: Pam Horne
Wishing Pam Horne, who has attended PHC shows in Ann Arbor, East Lansing, Purdue, and NYC, a happy 60th birthday.
—Kenneth Troup

To: Charles Betts, Sr.
Happy 80th birthday, Dad! Love, Charles & Sylvia
—Charles Betts

April 14, 2012

To: Hoyt
There may be snow on the roof, but there's fire in the furnace. Happy 4th Anniversary, I Love You.
—Louise Baker

To: Maureen
Happy Birthday Nana Maureen Love, Chris, Nicole and Delia
—Chris and Nicole Cordaro

To: Thea, Darwin, and Cora Gundy
Hi girls, hope you enjoyed some spicy tacos, please be gentle with your grandparents and get to bed on time! Thanks deedee and bubba! Love, momma and Babbo.
—Babbo Gundy

To: Salma Bryan
Seven going on seventy in your sense of humor. Weekly, you listen loud and proud; today I won’t say “lower the volume”. Enjoy the show!
—Shane Bryan

To: Peter and Becca in Pittsburgh
Good luck on your medical licensing exams and don't party too hard Wednesday night. Love, Mom
—Denise LaRossa

To: Michele Johnson
Happy 22nd Anniversary to my little SNUGGLE BUNNY! It's been great. Spending our day with Garrison and the crew makes it even better! Love You!
—Bill Furman

To: Bill Furman
You actually took a break from pulling on those teats and spreading manure to go downstate and see "PHC!" Wow! The girls were sore anyway!
—Michele Johnson

April 13, 2012

To: David
Happy birthday to my husband David! 18 years ago you introduced me to Prairie Home on our honeymoon--I've been head over heels for you both ever since! All my love, Cynthia
—Cynthia Robinson

April 10, 2012

To: Joanna Lowry
Just to let you know you English majors are no longer restricted to stoking your anguish on POEM (Professional Organization of English Majors). I've started up a competing group of sad sacks, MUSEUM (Massively Unemployed Society of English University Majors) and will be sending you an application form.
—John Lowry

To: Catherine Kaufmann
Happy 80th Birthday Mom, We love you. From Michael,Kevin and Linda
—Michael Kaufmann

April 7, 2012

To: Sharon Rumley
Glad,you don't need surgery. Get Well.See you this summer.
—Wayne Rumley II

To: General
My dearest friend, I eagerly await your return to our crazy country. I'll get the graham crackers and the Prairie Home if you get here.
—B C

To: Nick
Nick, have a great trip to San Antonio and best wishes to you on the presentation of your paper. Of course Mom cannot remember the title of it. We are proud of you and your many accomplishments! Love Mom & Dad
—Ellen Randall

To: leo
Happy first time attendance to our nine year old son. So glad to have you join our annual tradition at town hall, today april 7th. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Love mom and dad.
—ivan arbitman

To: Tess McCune
Hi Mom! Hope you can tune in to the show! Wish you were here to see the sound effects guy at work. Happy Easter!
—Lynn McCune

To: Mikey Smallman
To my beloved husband, Happy great big birthday from Kiki and Poppy and Zoie. We love you!
—Kiki Moritsugu

April 5, 2012

To: James Schaffer
Congratulations on becoming the newest Eagle Scout! Mom, Dad and your sister Jordan are all proud of you
—Bryan Schaffer

To: Marcie
From Vermont's Green Mountains to the lakes in Madison, I'm glad you made it another year. Happy birthday to the strongest woman I know.
—Mariessa Dobrick

April 4, 2012

To: Eunice
Love from across the Atlantic may not be familiar or desired, but you remain its strongest recipient. Happy Easter!
—Mohamed Marrakshi

April 3, 2012

To: Mom and Dad
Autumn is beginning down here in Cape Town, South Africa, hopefully it's nice to see even warm winters fade in Minnesota. Love, Your Son.
—John Heydinger

April 2, 2012

To: Glen Michel & Family
His family in Sacramento sends him a fond farewell, as he passed at home on March 30. A huge fan of Garrison Keillor and of Rhubarb Pie, Glen's joy in listening to Prairie Home Companion brought a smile to us all. His warmth and wit will be greatly missed! Now pass the rhubarb!
—Glen's Family in Sacramento Michael

April 1, 2012

To: Adam and Claire
Congratulations on your engagement, you just heard that in Garrison Keillor's voice. From Tom in Idaho
—Thomas Morrow

March 31, 2012

To: Lynda Miller
Happy Easter. To you and family.In Tulsa,Ok. Love, Your Fiance.
—Wayne Rumley Ii

To: Clark Reed
You wooed me through banjo tunes, eating tacos on Tuesdays and driving around in the Earthmobile. You make my heart twang. Happy 12th Anniversary, Clark!
—Colleen Reed

To: Krause Family
Love getting to listen to you guys all the way in California!
—Cami Streets

To: Tip and Vi Reed
Hello to my 93 year old aunt Vi and my cousin Tip who stay 9300 feet in the Sangre De Cristo mountains above Westcliffe, Co! Love you guys!
—Madeleine Philpot

To: Bill Adams
Belated birthday wishes to both Rachael & Bill! Good thing we celebrate birthdays Hanakkah style with a Beatles theme because I love you guys eight days a week. Lets chase squirrels in the yard forever! Love from the Momma Kristy-Moo
—Kristyn Adams

To: John and Lena
Happy Anniversary and welcome to the newest member of the family, Kitty.
—John and Lisa Calderone

To: Ian Kidd
To Ian at Case Western: we know it is tough work studying Materials Engineering but do not study to hard, you are liable to fall out of the tree! Keep up the hard work--we are thinking of you! Your big sis Abby, Jackie and Tim
—Abby Kidd

To: Stephi
To Stephi in Chicago: Happy Birthday! Wish you were here with us tonight, but we understand that someone has to be out saving the world, because we all know it won't save itself. Meanwhile we'll just sit here and wait patiently. Lots of love! Mom, Dad, Jay, Abby, and Tim!!
—Jackie Dernek

To: Merry
My sweet Merry...Missing you at the Prairie...wish you could be here...loving you Mommy and PaPa and Molly and Tommy.
—Kim Frakes

To: Pop-Pop
Happy Birthday Pop Pop... having a great time at the Prairie...wish you were here! We love you Kimmie, Debbie, Tony, Tom, Molly, Tommy and Merry.
—Kim Frakes

To: California Auntie Bobbie
Can you believe that we're at the Prairie in Milwaukee? Thanxs for introducing us to Lake Wobegon. Wish you were here! Go Mercer Tigers!
—Debbie Biddick

To: Marsha Bateman
Happy 60th Birthday to Marsha Bateman from Bill & Dave!
—Bill Bateman

To: Jodi & Steve Emily
Jodi & Steve in Colorado! Great job on your latest production. He is beautiful! Enjoy your new baby boy Cormac. Much love to you all. Aunt Linda and Uncle Lynn
—Linda Kavelaris

March 30, 2012

To: Scott Dizack
Happy birthday, Scott. Wow, 62 years of love, devotion, and being a premium stud. For 62 years you have smelt like pine and "Old Spice" which gives you your the distinguished aroma. We love you and have a "select cut" birthday!
—Maya Dizack

To: Count this Penny
We love you and are so proud of you. Glad the people at Lake Wobegon get to hear you now, too! We are the ones happy crying in the balcony tonight!
—Suzanne &Rachel Zulauf-Zuraw

To: Amy
Happy Birthday Enjoy the final year of your 30's. Next year at this time we both will have made it into our 40's. Love Mark and Will
—Mark Gehl

To: Scott Harris
Happy 60th Birthday Dad, from your ever growing family. Aaron, Maureen, Sarah, Abby, Max, JP, and Niki. We love you. Enjoy the show.
—Jon-Paul Harris

To: Dennis Uhlig
My friend Dennis will be celebrating his birthday by attending the Milwaukee show tomorrow night. I won't comment on his age, but he kind of looks and sounds like Garrison--in a good way!
—Sue Burwell

March 29, 2012

To: mara fornicoia; lars olson
Greg and Jackie from Green Bay say hello to their Minnesota progeny, Mara and Lars. Wish you could join us for dinner at the King & I after the show.
—Jackie Olson

To: Xavier
It's Saturday, It's Milwaukee, HPC is here.....and not a pig in the sky. Yeehaw!
—Michael Rein

To: dillon
To our Dilly Bear, away for the first time overnight. Have a great time. Tell Aunt Laura if you need hugs. We love and miss you! -- love, Mom and Dad.
—mark vanhierden

To: Dave and Joyce Laiosa
Have a great trip to Italy, Since moving to Milwaukee we've lost our collective barganing, and now Robert Thomas Scalito want to take away our care, but, at least we have our Health! Love, Michael and Angie
—Michael Laiosa

To: Molly and Tommy
Dear Gerrisson, Please say hello to Molly(9) and Tommy (6). They are listening on the radio, because we make them.
—Debbie Hohner

March 28, 2012

To: Garrison Carter Hess
Welcome to the world baby boy! You are already quite above average. Love- Dad, Mom, and your big brother Thomson
—Chris Hess

To: Kathleen Corcoran
Happy 74th Birthday Mom! You're doing great in your recovery from neck surgery. The neck brace is very becoming and hardly noticeable at all! Soon you'll be back to your spry self! We love you. Maureen, Josh, Will and Riley.
—Maureen Plunkett

March 27, 2012

To: My wonerful wife,Debra
Glad to finally see the show in person.this is a small,sincere thank you gift to my wonderful wife,Debra,of 34 years.Don't blow it for us!
—Rick Marks

To: Matthew
Happy Birthday to my best friend and love of my life. To my good-looking man from your strong woman and above-average children.
—Meredith Sauer

To: cliff and alice miller
Congratulations Cliff & Alice! After 50 passionate years your kisses still linger like camping up north. We're inspired! Love, the girls, grand kids and great grand kids. (50th anniversary wish for the Milwaukee show. Will be visiting from Cottage Grove, WI)
—leslie vanhierden

To: Barb
Yo Barb, We hope that you and Brian are having great fun on your birthday while on vacation! Perhaps you guys might still find an excuse to come visit New Jersey again! Much love, The Jersey Ehrmans (Catherine, Ken, Spencer, & Abigail)
—Jersey Ehrmans

March 26, 2012

To: Paul Pyfferoen
I just want to say that it is pretty awesome to be here at the show! Thanks to my brother Paul Pyfferoen for getting me in! I remember listening to this show when I was a kid! Also, here is a greeting to my Mom, Mary!
—Mark Pyfferoen

To: Justin
Thank you for caring for me the past 12 months as I had severe spinal surgery, my son died, and my Mother died. I would not have made it through without you.
—Jeanie Perrine

March 25, 2012

To: Janice and Ethel
177 years is far too long a wait to see the man with the red shoes. Hope your having a good time. --Kyle (my grandma's are in row 9 on the left if you want to wave!)
—Kyle Willkomm

March 24, 2012

To: Sammie Bates
Happy 2nd Birthday, cousin! We'll miss you when we move overseas this summer. Those seven hours between Philadelphia & Columbus won't seem so long anymore.
—Addy & Teddy Bates

March 19, 2012

To: cliff & alice miller
(for Milwaukee Theater show 3/31/12)... Congratulations Cliff & Alice. After 50 passionate years, your kisses still linger like camping up north. We're inspired! Love, the girls, grandkids and great grandkids.
—leslie vanhierden

March 17, 2012

To: Hailey Anne
Happy birthday Hailey, i hope this is the the best 4 year old birthday you ever have ^.^ love you much !!
—Richard Levangie

March 11, 2012

To: Gordon Glover
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Graduation from Old Dominion University, Virginia. Philosophy and Religion, on the road to Law School---no mountain tops for you. Hard work and study pays off! We are so proud of you! Rest, relax, take the weekend off---and get a job by Monday!!!! Love, Mom and Dad, Graham, Padraic and David
—Jim Glover

March 6, 2012

To: The Butler family back in Claremont, Minnesota
Hi to Grandma, Grandpa, and everyone! Congrats to Joey and Emily; sorry I couldn't make it this weekend. Dad, make sure Mom eats some cake. Love from Kentucky!
—Marit Gookin

To: Tom, Kimmie and Tony
We've waited four years and we're finally here in Milwaukee with the Prairie gang!! It is well worth the wait. Hi to Molly and Tommy, the new generation of Prairie Fans!! Go Mercer Tigers!!
—Debbie Hohner

March 2, 2012

To: Charles Cummings
Papa! After growing up listening to this show with you, I found it again! It has brought back many memories driving in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas. I miss you and hope to see you at Minot State's graduation in May! Love, Your Grandson, Aaron
—Aaron Cummings

March 1, 2012

To: LB
Miss you out here in the wide blue ocean. Be home soon. I'd trade any tropical day for a snow-day with you.
—J R

February 29, 2012

To: Rich Rainer
Captain my Captain. You are going to sea for a year, serving your country. The kids and I will miss you SO much. And by the way, in a year, it WILL be my turn to sleep in. I love you!
—Bente Rainer

February 25, 2012

To: Elizabeth Ries
We love you and we miss you. Keep on conquering at UMD and remember you want the apartment near Burrito Union. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for Mom when she comes up!
—Amy Ries

To: Tim and Marianne Whitaker
Happy 20th anniversary, Mom and Dad! Just think, only two more and you're empty nesters! Love your children, Matt and Em.
—Emily Whitaker

To: Lori, Shauna and Kayla
I hope your spa visit and a glass of wine has my girls relaxed and enjoying the show! Love, Bob
—Bob Bennek

To: Tom Albright
Happy Birthday to our son Tom, in the audience tonight, remember dad's motto: "you are only young once but you can be immature forever"
—Cynthia Albright

To: Tom Albright
Wishing a very happy birthday to Tom, our favorite brother, and an all around swell person, love your sisters.
—Mary Albright

To: Keegan Hartley
Happy 33rd birthday to Keegan, a 4th generation Hartley family listener to PHC, here tonight with wife, Becky. Enjoy the show and Bulldog hockey afterwards! Love from Mama Kim
—Kim Herschler

To: Connie
Happy 54th birthday to the best wife on the Prairie. I pledge full support to your home improvement plans, by my wallet if not my back and my knees.
—steve kinney

To: Jaime
Happy Birthday to Jaime in Duluth, MN. May your gas mileage be as high as your age this year. Love Lisa & Jason
—Lisa Baumann

To: Saint Scholastica’s GTL students
Congratulations on completing half of your student teaching adventure! Who would have ever thought a 15-year-old could be so terrifying? Remember they can smell fear so stay strong.
—Jillian Godfrey

February 24, 2012

To: Andy and John
May the wind be at your back, on your hike up to campus....GO UMD Science Majors! your Twin Cities Families
—Debra Olufson

To: M&M Yang
All is well here in Duluth, that exam went well, I'll see you when the snow melts.
—John Earl

February 22, 2012

To: Dirk and Terry DeJong
Happy 40th anniversary! Enjoy your first night out since you went to a movie in 1989, you crazy kids. Love, your girls and boys.
—Laura DeJong

February 21, 2012

To: Jerry Szymaniak
Happy Birthday! Sorry that our daughter and I prefered to play in the jazz band tonight instead of sitting with you. We love you anyway!
—Ellen Bogardus-Szymaniak

To: LB
Dear LB, Keep the home fires burning, the snow shoveled and the dog fed. Wish you were my cruising buddy. I'll bring a grass-skirt home and show you how it's done. Love you lots, Jr.
—J R

February 18, 2012

To: Lorene Risse Cox
Dearest Grandson Titus Owen- Grandpa and Grammie are thrilled that you have arrived! We can't wait till you come home to Alaska!!
—Crystal Risse

To: Glen Risse
To my dearest husband on our 30th wedding Anniversary-I love you madly and would say "Yes" and marry you all over again!! We can celebrate when I get home to Alaska. I have loved holding our new Grandson, Titus Owen, in Ft. Worth-Lucy and I wish you were here, too!! Love from your wife, Crystal
—Crystal Risse

To: Diane
Diane, Many thanks for showing us the St.Paul sights including the Common Good Books & Curling Center! A great time for us easterners! ~D&C
—Debbi Zvanut

To: Julie, Robi & Jeff
Merry Christmas!
—Jeanne&Bo Behrens

To: Stacy
Dearest wife, thank you for a wonderful night out. The kids will be fine with my brother untill they are out of college. Only 17 years left to hide out here.
—Josh Paur

To: Colin Murray
We've made it 27 years and counting. Happy Anniversary, I love you.
—Kimberly Murray

February 17, 2012

To: Dad
Sending love and a warm welcome to you and Mom, visiting all the way from the family farm in Nebraska. Happy Belated Birthday! We loving having you around.
—Brooke Easton
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