March 25, 2012 - March 31, 2012
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March 31, 2012

To: Lynda Miller
Happy Easter. To you and family.In Tulsa,Ok. Love, Your Fiance.
—Wayne Rumley Ii

To: Clark Reed
You wooed me through banjo tunes, eating tacos on Tuesdays and driving around in the Earthmobile. You make my heart twang. Happy 12th Anniversary, Clark!
—Colleen Reed

To: Krause Family
Love getting to listen to you guys all the way in California!
—Cami Streets

To: Tip and Vi Reed
Hello to my 93 year old aunt Vi and my cousin Tip who stay 9300 feet in the Sangre De Cristo mountains above Westcliffe, Co! Love you guys!
—Madeleine Philpot

To: Bill Adams
Belated birthday wishes to both Rachael & Bill! Good thing we celebrate birthdays Hanakkah style with a Beatles theme because I love you guys eight days a week. Lets chase squirrels in the yard forever! Love from the Momma Kristy-Moo
—Kristyn Adams

To: John and Lena
Happy Anniversary and welcome to the newest member of the family, Kitty.
—John and Lisa Calderone

To: Ian Kidd
To Ian at Case Western: we know it is tough work studying Materials Engineering but do not study to hard, you are liable to fall out of the tree! Keep up the hard work--we are thinking of you! Your big sis Abby, Jackie and Tim
—Abby Kidd

To: Stephi
To Stephi in Chicago: Happy Birthday! Wish you were here with us tonight, but we understand that someone has to be out saving the world, because we all know it won't save itself. Meanwhile we'll just sit here and wait patiently. Lots of love! Mom, Dad, Jay, Abby, and Tim!!
—Jackie Dernek

To: Merry
My sweet Merry...Missing you at the Prairie...wish you could be here...loving you Mommy and PaPa and Molly and Tommy.
—Kim Frakes

To: Pop-Pop
Happy Birthday Pop Pop... having a great time at the Prairie...wish you were here! We love you Kimmie, Debbie, Tony, Tom, Molly, Tommy and Merry.
—Kim Frakes

To: California Auntie Bobbie
Can you believe that we're at the Prairie in Milwaukee? Thanxs for introducing us to Lake Wobegon. Wish you were here! Go Mercer Tigers!
—Debbie Biddick

To: Marsha Bateman
Happy 60th Birthday to Marsha Bateman from Bill & Dave!
—Bill Bateman

To: Jodi & Steve Emily
Jodi & Steve in Colorado! Great job on your latest production. He is beautiful! Enjoy your new baby boy Cormac. Much love to you all. Aunt Linda and Uncle Lynn
—Linda Kavelaris

March 30, 2012

To: Scott Dizack
Happy birthday, Scott. Wow, 62 years of love, devotion, and being a premium stud. For 62 years you have smelt like pine and "Old Spice" which gives you your the distinguished aroma. We love you and have a "select cut" birthday!
—Maya Dizack

To: Count this Penny
We love you and are so proud of you. Glad the people at Lake Wobegon get to hear you now, too! We are the ones happy crying in the balcony tonight!
—Suzanne &Rachel Zulauf-Zuraw

To: Amy
Happy Birthday Enjoy the final year of your 30's. Next year at this time we both will have made it into our 40's. Love Mark and Will
—Mark Gehl

To: Scott Harris
Happy 60th Birthday Dad, from your ever growing family. Aaron, Maureen, Sarah, Abby, Max, JP, and Niki. We love you. Enjoy the show.
—Jon-Paul Harris

To: Dennis Uhlig
My friend Dennis will be celebrating his birthday by attending the Milwaukee show tomorrow night. I won't comment on his age, but he kind of looks and sounds like Garrison--in a good way!
—Sue Burwell

March 29, 2012

To: mara fornicoia; lars olson
Greg and Jackie from Green Bay say hello to their Minnesota progeny, Mara and Lars. Wish you could join us for dinner at the King & I after the show.
—Jackie Olson

To: Xavier
It's Saturday, It's Milwaukee, HPC is here.....and not a pig in the sky. Yeehaw!
—Michael Rein

To: dillon
To our Dilly Bear, away for the first time overnight. Have a great time. Tell Aunt Laura if you need hugs. We love and miss you! -- love, Mom and Dad.
—mark vanhierden

To: Dave and Joyce Laiosa
Have a great trip to Italy, Since moving to Milwaukee we've lost our collective barganing, and now Robert Thomas Scalito want to take away our care, but, at least we have our Health! Love, Michael and Angie
—Michael Laiosa

To: Molly and Tommy
Dear Gerrisson, Please say hello to Molly(9) and Tommy (6). They are listening on the radio, because we make them.
—Debbie Hohner

March 28, 2012

To: Garrison Carter Hess
Welcome to the world baby boy! You are already quite above average. Love- Dad, Mom, and your big brother Thomson
—Chris Hess

To: Kathleen Corcoran
Happy 74th Birthday Mom! You're doing great in your recovery from neck surgery. The neck brace is very becoming and hardly noticeable at all! Soon you'll be back to your spry self! We love you. Maureen, Josh, Will and Riley.
—Maureen Plunkett

March 27, 2012

To: My wonerful wife,Debra
Glad to finally see the show in person.this is a small,sincere thank you gift to my wonderful wife,Debra,of 34 years.Don't blow it for us!
—Rick Marks

To: Matthew
Happy Birthday to my best friend and love of my life. To my good-looking man from your strong woman and above-average children.
—Meredith Sauer

To: cliff and alice miller
Congratulations Cliff & Alice! After 50 passionate years your kisses still linger like camping up north. We're inspired! Love, the girls, grand kids and great grand kids. (50th anniversary wish for the Milwaukee show. Will be visiting from Cottage Grove, WI)
—leslie vanhierden

To: Barb
Yo Barb, We hope that you and Brian are having great fun on your birthday while on vacation! Perhaps you guys might still find an excuse to come visit New Jersey again! Much love, The Jersey Ehrmans (Catherine, Ken, Spencer, & Abigail)
—Jersey Ehrmans

March 26, 2012

To: Paul Pyfferoen
I just want to say that it is pretty awesome to be here at the show! Thanks to my brother Paul Pyfferoen for getting me in! I remember listening to this show when I was a kid! Also, here is a greeting to my Mom, Mary!
—Mark Pyfferoen

To: Justin
Thank you for caring for me the past 12 months as I had severe spinal surgery, my son died, and my Mother died. I would not have made it through without you.
—Jeanie Perrine

March 25, 2012

To: Janice and Ethel
177 years is far too long a wait to see the man with the red shoes. Hope your having a good time. --Kyle (my grandma's are in row 9 on the left if you want to wave!)
—Kyle Willkomm
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