May 6, 2012 - May 12, 2012
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May 12, 2012

To: Jim
Good luck on the new job, Chief!
—Brandi Cash

To: Tony Reidler
Happy Birthday Tony (May 8). Sorry about the bike accident, hope your collar bone heals quickly. Anthony
—Anthony Reidler (ride-ler)

To: tom lynah
Thank you for 20 wonderful years. Happy anniversary and happy 40th birthday!
—michele rollf

To: Mariannei
An early "Happy Mothers Day!" to the matchless woman who helped us fall in love with lifelong learning, and quality public radio!
—Michael Manasterski

To: Cameron and Malik, our above-average sons
To Cameron and Malik (muh-leek), our above-average sons. From your loving parents. You'd probably rather be at home playing video games than here at the Fox watching PHC, but rewards are plentiful... for compliant teenagers.
—Daniel Gregg

To: The Gambles
Congrats to you Brent & Gail on graduating the last of three. Clearing the room out just in time for the Grandson - may be the next Chipper Jones! Thanks Mandy for the trip to this beautiful Fox theatre. Birthday tickets to PHC doesn't get much better than this!
—John Hill

To: Glennon and Anthony
Happy belated birthday Tony.You guys dont forget to call your mom tommorow. Hope your having fun!
—Cynthia Reidler

To: Linda Acevedo
Thanks for being there for me this week, and always. Through my mom's illness, death and funeral, you anticipated my needs and followed through. You're a great friend.
—Marianne Bogan

To: Johanna
Do I love you? Signs point to yes!
—Dante Martinez

To: us
Happy anniversary! We can cross garrison and the shoe off the bucket list now!!
—Eric & Beth bowman

To: Mitchell
Happy 20th anniversary! Thanks for bringing me to Atlanta and to see the show!
—Kiersten Collins

To: Janet
Happy Motherís Day from your good-looking husband and above-average children: we love you to smithereens!
—Dave, Beth, Jeff, and John Sweet

To: Stephen Welch
Congratulations Stephen on your graduation from UC Berkeley! We are very proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad
—Susan Welch

To: Doreen
Happy 21st wedding anniversary. I look forward to another 21 more years of giving you foot rubs and putting down the toilet seat.
—Rich Pettit

To: John Haddock , Susan Irons, & Katie Harrell
Greetings to Johnny-Jump-Up and Suzie Q! Get the guest room ready 'cause we're heading north. Katie, wish you were here. The view's certainly better this time.
—Linda Bramhall

To: Aiden Bray
To our Grandson Aiden in Austin, TX turning 10 monts old today (May 12). Come visit Grandma and Grandpa in GA and we'll teach you to be a refined, distinguished Southern Gentleman!
—Bob and Anne Bray

May 11, 2012

To: Shanny
Thanks for the gift of bringing me to see A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor at Fox Theater! I love you more!
—Barbara Ballard

To: Barbara Ballard
Marking off an item on the bucket list with the most amazing mom in the world! Happy Mothers Day to my mom, Barbara Ann!
—Shannon Ballard

To: Terry Scott
—Lorrie, Don and Emily Backer

To: Children and Grandkids Margaret. Garret. Claire Kate and Anna in Winston Salem; James and Stacey in Baltimore and Matt at GATech and Al in the mother county
I'm at Prairie Home Companion LIVE! Love you all. Al, thanks for taking care of Sallie, our dog. You are great! I'll be home Monday.
—Kathy Lacer

To: Mom and Dad
Hello from Atlanta, GA. We sure miss you both.
—Jean and Zack Braun

To: Alison
Thanks for coming to the show with me. It is truly a pleasure and a joy to be with you!
—Mike Powell

May 10, 2012

To: Mariangela [Mary Angela]
You made national news in two countries this week. When you leave Emory for Cornell this fall, will you please stop thinking you're going to fail? Hope you enjoy the show in Atlanta.
—Nathan Coward

To: Sara Morales
Have a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy mother's day, mom! Much love from downstairs, -Rio.
—Rio Morales

To: John and Keli
So excited to be at the Foxx with my sisters, crossing of a bucket list item! Thanks to John Shaw for making it happen! You are the best! I love you all.
—Carrie Baker

To: Michelle
I was going to wax poetic...but the candle dripped all over my poem!! Love you more!
—Marty Steed

May 9, 2012

To: Linda Bashinsky "Mom"
Happy early Mother's Day Mom! Thank you for living the example of a strong, independent woman! We think you rock! Love, Emily, Amy, and Allison
—Emily Littrell

To: Sally McSpadden
Here we are, celebrating our first anniversary with our parents at a recording of Prairie Home Companion. This year has been the best of my life. So let's just ignore the fact that you think I'm a little old-fashioned for loving this show.
—Jim Hanna

To: Mark Horton
Brother, are you listening? April in the Azores wasn't the same without you and yours. Sending much love from Atlanta, your sister Jane
—Jane Horton

To: Mark Sofge and Roger Sofge
Hey Dad and Grandfather, see you soon 'way down upon the Swannee River!' love you Marcie
—Marcie Sofge

May 8, 2012

To: Lulu Lee
You are the best 16-year-old a mother could ask for in Sarasota FL, but you must still feed the dog, Wrigley the Terrible, while I am in Atlanta. Lets hope he doesnt break your collarbone too
—amy lee

To: Jenny Johnstone
Tonight we celebrate the completion of your PhD and 4 brilliant years of marriage. I suppose timing those just right makes you the doctor of love.
—Phillip Hamrick

To: Joe and Jane Walsh
Hi Mom and Dad Happy Mothers Day from the 12th floor of the ACME buildings in Kandahar, London, DC and Atlanta. Love Eamon, Amelda, Kevin and Kathleen.
—Kathleen Walsh

May 7, 2012

To: Greg and Virginia Jennings
Happy 25th anniversary Mom and Dad! Weddings may seem like happy events now, but wait until you have to pay for 3! From your loving daughters, Emily, Clara, and Maggie.
—Clara Jennings

To: Patty
Now I have my own English degree. You can't stop me from using lazy grammar, or correcting your spelling. Don't you love being my mom?
—Rebecca Johnstone

To: Mark
Brother Mark,sister Jane missed you this year in the Azores. The house in Vila Franca is beautiful - complete with a pool and Azorean bed sores.
—Jane Horton

To: Felicity
Darling Felicity Happy 4th Anniversary! Thanks for not killing me ! Ainít this show a hoot? Its not the BBC but your in America now!

May 6, 2012

To: Kevin Moses
Happy 50th Birthday (5-14) to my best friend, the love of my life, my husband, who is a devoted fan of PHC. His love for NPR has brought such joy to our home.
—Cynthia Moses
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