May 20, 2012 - May 26, 2012
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May 26, 2012

To: Richard Franck and Anne-Marie Streeter
Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!!!
—Katie Franck

To: John & Kathy
Thanks for the tickets to celebrate the new post at the wash post! Thinking of grandpa know he'd be proud. Love Ben and Erin, Erin and Ben
—Ben & Erin Connors

To: Ann
To my mother on her birthday. If mothers were flowers, I'd pick you!
—Alex Covington

To: Clara Richter
Just so you know, we are okay with you being an English Major! Love, Mom and Dad
—Paul Richter

To: Mitchell
Congrats on graduating... We're all glad you found an apartment! Only you would move six states away without anywhere to live but your truck.
—Melissa Jones

To: Dr. Jim Brady
Happy 76th birthday! Couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate this milestone! I am so excited to share this night with you!
—Jim Brady

To: Linda
Happy 38th birthday from your favorite sister.
—Barbara Eaton

To: Our children, Caroline & Andrew
We're glad you're able to join us tonight at Wolf Trap! (Saturday) After 10 years of coming to PHC it's great to not have to find a babysitter! Love Mom & Dad
—Peter Lauria

To: Alex Ratelle
Warm wishes from DC! Looking forward to seeing you next month in Grand Marais! Don't eat all the donuts before I get there! Love, Your Favorite Daughter.
—Suzanne Ratelle

To: Michael
I met you in 1987, that was a long time ago, what's your name again? love you lots Bucko
—Amy Mason

To: Norma Jean Barratt
Happy Birthday to Norma Jean Travelute Barratt who turns a spry 85 years young. Mom, your not in Kansas anymore. Love from Jim, Venus and the grandkids.
—Jim Barratt

To: Tallulah
Grampie & Aunt Susie say keep those Vermont chicks warm and let us know when the first eggs arrive!
—Suzanne Richard

To: Will, Tucker, & Maddie
I am excited to howl like a wolf this evening. Happy 9th Prairie Home Companion, family!
—brandi cummings

To: Janet LeCouteur
Mom. Sorry you were too ill for our annual trip to the show. Hope you are feeling better and can hear the broadcast today. Love, your son.
—Brian LeCouteur

To: Mary Baechle
Greetings to my aunt Mary in Cary, Illinois, who listens to the show every Saturday. With lots of love from Amy, Jude, and Coury Cat.
—Amy Langrehr

To: Jim Relyea (Rel-yay)
Happy 60th Birthday Dad!! I'm glad we can spend it together. I hope it doesn't rain on the the lawn tonight!
—Danie Relyea (Rel-yay)

To: Sergey K
To Sergey sorry I didn't want to marry you. Now 10 years later we're living the dream with our darling girl! Now move over you're sitting too close. 
—Liza Dolmatova

May 25, 2012

To: Lew Ketcham
Happy 64th! Time sure flies when we're having so much fun!
—Barbara Ketcham

To: Fred Bortz
Happy Birthday Fred! I'm glad you could finally spend it with Garrison Keillor. Love, Bob
—Bob Thomas

To: Greg
Happy Anniversary of our first date to my husband Greg. We came to Wolf Trap to see a Prairie Home Companion 8 years ago and have been every year since. After 8 years, we’re now married and we’ve finally matured enough to bring our wine in a glass bottle, rather than a box. Love you!
—Kristin Campbell

To: Chance Teague
Hey new hubby! Can you believe we got married yesterday? Here's to a ton of happy years to come. I love you so much! Always, Shannon.
—Shannon Thompson

To: Dardy
Happy retirement mom! Your high school and its students will miss you dearly. Especially all the intimate details of my life you used as examples for your 'skills for living' class. The school will never be the same without you. Love Kelly
—Kelly Neiles

To: Peter Liebert
Happy 2nd anniversary to my loving husband. Two years ago I introduced you to Prairie Home Companion; this week you suprised me with tickets to the show! How quickly you have learned - I love you.
—Lynn von Koch-Liebert

To: Mike
To my fiance Mike. Thanks for loving and laughing with me no matter what I throw your way. Even when you don't get the jokes about Lutherans. Love, Your South Dakota Girl
—Kelly Neiles

To: Noelle + Tom Mehlhorn
Happy 38th Wedding Anniversary to my parents Noelle and Tom Mehlhorn, Love Erica
—Erica Boland

To: Jenny Johnstone
All my love is yours!
—Phillip Hamrick

To: Matthew Sickle
Congratulations on completing your Masters of Landscape Architecture degree. You're my favorite straight-A, tree-hugging graduate ever. So proud of you. Love from Alyssa Mae.
—Alyssa Sickle

To: Marcel Truman
Karen and I brought our boys, Will and Pete (10 and 8) for their first live Prairie Home Companion. They asked me to share this from them: "Mr. Keiller. Welcome to the Capital of the Free World. This is our first show of yours to attend. We're kinda excited. We have a new puppy, a Wheaton Terrier, who barks with a cockney acent, btw. His name is Marcel Truman and we really want to get back home to him. So, please keep it moving tonight and send our love to Marcel Truman who is listening, for real, from his cozy bed. Thanks, Will and Pete."
—Burns Strider

To: Kathi Whalen
Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary. I love you and thanks for the great ride.
—Peter Piccirilli

To: Laura & Erin
Happy early wedding (June 16th) to Laura and Congratulations on your graduation to Erin. Wishing you all the best. Mom & Dad
—Lucia & David Bacon

To: Don & Lois
Happy early 66th anniversary (June 6th) to Don & Lois. You have set the bar very high.
—David Bacon

May 24, 2012

To: Finley and Packy
Finley and Packy, We're so proud of you for being you. Keep up the aaarrgghh (spoken like a pirate). Love Mom and Dad
—Anne and Dan Ferro

To: Maureen
Hello to my wife in the front row from her rocketman in Kwajalein (7500 miles and 8 time zones in the future) launching another rocketship into outer space baby ! Love you sweetie, wear your Pegasus pin on launch day ! (And wouldn't you know we'd get the best seats ever at Wolf Trap - ow woooooow!)
—Michael Lang

To: Ma, Pa, and Faith
Get the fire going and put the coffee on--I'll be heading north soon. Can't wait to see you. I love you all. Until then,
—Charity Rushford

To: Douglas
Happy 64th birthday, Dad! We thought about getting you lutefisk, but settled on tickets to Prairie Home Companion, instead. Hopefully it's not as smelly!
—Stacey Caulk

To: Buddy
Happy Anniversary! I love you always!
—Kelly Hood

To: Richard
To our son Richard: We love having you at home. Now go. Case Western Law School awaits. Love, Mom and Dad
—Robert Wanerman

May 23, 2012

To: Art
Hi to my Dad, a Norwegian born in North Dakota (although NOT a bachelor farmer). He's been listening to you for decades -- although you might not want to mention that decades part. (I'll be at Wolftrap on Saturday for the live performance.)
—Karen Lykke

To: Laurie
Happy birthday to my wonderful wife! Another fun Saturday night at Wolf Trap on the hill with my girl. Owooooooooo!!!
—Matthew Kaufman

To: Jennifer
Since we first met on the Wolftrap lawn, my life just hasn't been the same.
—Neil Boertlein

May 22, 2012

To: Jaki Ellis
Happy Belated Birthday to my mom Jaki Ellis who's the best mom in the world
—Dylan Cook

To: Dan
Happy Birthday to my loving Army husband.With our third boy due in two weeks,hoping not to go into labor until after we attend the 26 May broadcast.Fingers crossed! Love,
—Katie Zeytoonian

May 21, 2012

To: Mike Spadaccini
Great 2 years. Who says square dancing is for squares!
—Kathy Carroll

To: Hartley LaDuke
Happy 80th Birthday to our wonderful dad. Your son is strong, your daughter is good-looking and all of your grandchildren are above average. We love you! Matt and Susie
—Sue Williams

To: Mark Mayfield
May 24, 1980, was the happiest day of my life. After 32 years of marriage, you're still and always my heart's delight. I love you.
—Kay Mayfield

May 20, 2012

To: Debbie
Happy significant birthday to Debbie from Traci and Joe in San Francisco. We love you.
—Traci McCollister

To: John
Thank you so much for sharing your love and life with me! Let’s drink to our first year of marriage and your very Happy Birthday!(*We will be in the audience at Wolftrap 5/26/12*)
—Catherine Godwin
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