May 27, 2012 - June 2, 2012
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June 2, 2012

To: Steve Patterson
Weekly we listened with the children. In your memory I came tonite. You'd have loved the show. You are gone, but always in my heart.
—Suzanne Patterson

To: my husband Sheldon
I'm grateful to have you as my partner for this second act of our lives!
—Mary Beth Clark

To: Beth
Thank you for a wonderful 36 years. Nice of PHC to have this great show on our anniversary
—Terry Sawyers

To: The West Coast Shapiro Family
To keeping the 30 year family tradition of cooking diner and listening to the show. Just don't forget to top it off with Catchup!
—Liz Shapiro

To: Anna
To a swan lost "down under": I got your named read out by GK. Will you call me back now? Miss you.
—Daniel Dittrick

To: Anna and William and Mrs Howe
A big hello from Texas to my little sister and brother,there in the audience tonight (Cary, NC) and,to my beloved home state of NC! Happy Happy Happy from your jealous big sister! Wish I was there with you! And an enormous thank you to Mrs Howe in Charlotte NC for turning me on to "The Prairie Home Companion" and great kindness some 20 plus years ago. Love to all!
—Susan Blair

To: Lindsey
You make it possible to sail through stormy weather. Thank you for sharing this special evening with me.
—Duke Meloling

To: Margaret Brooks
Happy Birthday Mom!
—Abbe Brooks

To: Ralf
To Ralf: Thanks for coming to Cary with me tonight to hear Prairie Home Companion. I am not going to tell you how much these last minute lawn seats cost us, but it is worth it.
—Deborah Cousins

To: All Eagle Scouts
Congratulations on 100 years of the Eagle Scout award. Carson got his despite brain injury. We hope his brother, Victor, will earn his this year.
—Doug and Heather Thomas

To: Davis
Congratulations for swimming in the NC state Special Olympics this weekend.
—Johanna Anderson

To: Jenny & David
Welcome to your first Prairie Home Companion show! How exciting! Wish WE were there! Mom & Dad Green
—Betsy & Dan Green

To: Tim & Chris Murray
Wish you were here with us this beautiful night, this wonderful theater, and this fabulous show . . . oh, and don't forget the Bix Beiderbecke Jazz Festival weekend. You'll be having some guests!
—David & Katrin Schwerbrock

To: Julia
Congratulations to my thoroughly beautiful daughter on her graduation from high school and her new beginnings as a fourth generation Guilford College student. You make my life complete everyday.
—Karrie Manson

To: Ed Holub
Happy 51st birthday to Ed "The Hatchet" Holub. Only 49 to go!
—Christine Moorman

To: Michael Paul Hansen
Congratulations from Grandma as you graduate from California Polytechnic State University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. I am so proud of you.
—Greta Hansen

To: Marschelle in Cincinnati
Happy Birthday Month Mom. The air filters you wanted will be on their way shortly. This has been your daily dose of daughter. Love,
—Jessica Silverman

To: Melissa and Alexia
Thanks you for visiting us this week in honor of Aunt Carol Pugh. The Boys had a fantastic time getting to know you. We hate to see you go back to California. Love, Andrea, Matt, Glenn, and Murphy
—Andrea Thomson

To: Carter
Thanks,Son, for buying us tickets for tonight's show. Great memories of listening to Prairie Home for the last 30 years! Love,Dad and Mom
—Estes Thompson

June 1, 2012

To: Marvin Johns
Hello to Marvelous Marvin celebrating his Double Golden Birthday (finally! with Garrison at Koka Booth).
—Sally Johns

To: ruth mcmains
Dear mom, Happy 83rd birthday. Please drive the beemer slower than your age. Love kay
—kay groski

To: Bruce
Sorry I broke my leg, honey. It wasn't to get out of the midnight feedings. Thanks for being an everpatient husband and father!
—Sara Aycock

To: Sheilah & Ned Egan (aka Mom & Dad or Nana & Papa)
Happy 41st wedding anniversary--this is better than a card, right?! Love from your family in NC.
—Sarah Warren

To: Emily
Happy Birthday this coming Wednesday.
—Susan, Duane, and Lydia Osgood

To: Brina (Pronounced "Bree-nuh")
Dear Cuppy Cake - I don't usually allow people to throw a grape into my eye, but for you, I'll make an exception. Happy Birthday!
—Luke Montoya

To: David and Carole Seitz (Pronounced, "Sights")
Dear Mom and Dad, Wishing you a happy 45th wedding anniversary. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Love, John and Laura
—John Seitz (Pronounced, "Sights")

To: Jack Martin
Happy 70th Birthday Dad with love from Martha, Jennifer, Beth, and Andy. Hope you enjoy your new knee. (Note: Dad will be attending the Cary show!!)
—Jennifer Fuller

To: Joe Gaughran
We are finally here, honey! Attending a live broadcast of Prairie Home Companion...our marriage is complete. Happy Birthday!
—Lindsay Gaughran

May 31, 2012

To: Geoff
Thank you for 8 years of wedded bliss! Who knew that this Minnesota girl needed to come to North Carolina to find her Norwegian bachelor?
—Beth Harris

To: Susann
Thank you for a beautiful new year in this lovely city where you taught me how to live again, as opposed to being miserable, in Minnesota. And it's pronounced "Ruf," not "Roof."
—Ben Schmit

May 30, 2012

To: Sean
Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean it's not still Caturday, but we can share.
—Maude and Darla Cat

To: Jim Sellers
Happy 29th Birthday to brother, Adam; and Congratulations to father, Jim on his retirement after 33 years in the criminal justice field. Sit back and relax finally, you've earned it.
—Dan Sellers

May 27, 2012

To: Amanda Northrup
I am so glad to be sharing this special night with you. Hope the show is all you dreamed of and more!
—Ashley Pompey

To: Curt & Elaine and Larry & Irene
Happy 62nd wedding anniversary to both sets of parents, you are our inspiration
—Rich & Sharon Hallberg

To: Sharon
I have listened for several years in the closet for my wife disliks PHC as much as I love it.Happy 41st Sharon, Love you!
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