June 10, 2012 - June 16, 2012
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June 16, 2012

To: Ariel
Welcome to Eugene Lambster...enjoy your time there, next summer it wll be a paying job.
—Dana Vieweg

To: John Nix
Chevy Nix, Happy Birthday today! So much love Deddy and Tebby
—teddy and debby nix

To: Mary Ellen Moore
Mere and Tom say to the campfire gang back in Albany, NY that they are very parched!
—Meredith Mercer

To: Bob Davis
Dad, What a long strange trip it's been from Ohio to Oregon, but you've finally made it to Lake Wobegon! Happy Father's Day! We love you!
—Jen, Stajah, Leaf, and Wiley Blue

To: Michael Dress
Thank you Big Brother, Mouse, for this wonderful gift of bringing me to the live PHC show. It's good to have you back from the walruses. Thank you, too Sherry, if you're actually here and not delivering baby 567. Love, Toad
—MarkliAnn Johnston

To: Harold and Joanne
Greetings to grandma and grandpa in Regent, North Dakota. We're still working on the flax seed - only 93 pounds to go!
—Chuck and Jane Pahlmeyer

June 15, 2012

To: Mark, Brian and Ben Sanderlin
Love to the Sanderlin Boys from Mom and Dad. Good luck to Brian on your cello audition; Ben for job search; and Mark for your band gigs.
—Shelly Sanderlin

To: Rick & Marcy Marsh
Hope you are enjoying your vacation from Indianapolis. Your siblings are jealous that you are watching the awesome Prairie Home Companion!
—Amy Myers

To: Jacob Garrison Kanzler
Special Hello to my favorite 12 year old, named after Garrison Keillor, from your mom. I hope you enjoy the great music and stories in the show that inspired your name! I love you!
—Jamaica Jo

To: Dennis Wiancko
Hope you and Cynthia are listening when I yell out your name during the Eugene show. Pay attention. Aloha to the Home Place family.
—Bill Macdonald

To: Stephanie Way
To: my little sister Stephanie, happy 49th Birthday. Wish you were here to celebrate it with us.
—alisa mclaughlin

To: Megan Christopher
Congratulations on your double Masters' degrees. Especially since you skipped your graduation to come to this show. Now here's hoping for a great job! Mom and Dad
—Charles Christopher

To: Bruce
Happy 60th Birthday to the Bruce, the King of the Northwest!
—Kate Rowles

To: Big Dan and Kramer
I know you are out on the road somewhere between Cordova, Alaska and Davis, California. Come visit the next time you are passing thru Eugene.
—Palmer Utterback

June 14, 2012

To: Mr. Mrs. Richard Marsh
Mr and Mrs. Richard Marsh from Indianapolis,IN.Are in the audience tonite. 6/16/12 Eugene Ore. show
—andy marsh

To: Ethan Hampton
Birthday greetings to our 5th grade graduate who turns 11 today - looking forward to tonight's spaghetti dinner! Love, Dad, Mom, Sophia, Grandma & Theo the dog
—Michael & Laura Hampton

June 13, 2012

To: Allison
Happy Birthday! The Doctor regrets he cannot make it to your party, but he left the e-brake on the TARDIS again.
—Stephanie Hedges

June 11, 2012

To: Cheryl Lohrmann
You've been listening for many years, since it reminds you of your father, and we'll be in attendance in Eugene, What a perfect place to ask, MARRY ME?!
—Dustin Riggs

To: Bernice Anderson
Happy 95th birthday, grandma! Glad all of your children (and then some) will be able to celebrate with you. Wish we were there to represent the Alaskan contingency, but we'll have a party here in your honor.
—Melissa Cloud

To: Greg Flint
Retired this week as Senior Pastor of 1st Congrgational Church (UCC) in Eugene, OR, after 27 years. He began his ministry 40 years ago in Duluth MN. Greg and his wife Susan will be receive a well-deserved send off from the congrgation this Sunday after the service.
—Tom Wurtz

June 10, 2012

To: Steve Patterson
Weekly we listened with the children. In your memory I came tonite. You'd have loved the show. You are gone, but always in my heart.
—Suzanne Patterson

To: Steve Margerum
Happy Father's Day! I'm missing you on my choir tour and wish you were here. You're the best dad anyone could ever want! Love you!
—Casey Margerum
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