June 17, 2012 - June 23, 2012
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June 23, 2012

To: Sr. Maggie Butler, Holy Rosary Parish, Toak Alaska
Thinking of you from Chicago as you're cooking dinner. Say hi to Fr. John for me, and enjoy the moose.
—Fr. Arthur Olsen

To: Matthew
Hey Uncle Matt, Hope you enjoy the show tonight From your one and only niece Radha
—Radha Szepanski

To: Claire Bear
Hello to our darling daughter, studying architecture this summer in Copenhagen! We miss you ... see you there in August! (Remember, Sue says speaking Danish is just Swedish with a mouth full of mashed potatoes ... you'll figure it out!!)
—Debra Walsdorf

To: Our dog, Rylee
Want to say hi to our doggie, Rylee who's listening to the show right now at home. Please stop barking, the neighbors want to kill us. Love, Devin & Justin
—Justin Stone

To: Linda
Your name means “beautiful,” Your voice is beautiful, and you are as beautiful as the day we were married almost 30 wonderful years ago. From Andy, your loving husband
—Andy Muller

To: Alex Grillo
Alex and Jean, stay in California if you want but we midwesterners do not worry about getting seasick.
—Hal Hothan

To: Kim McArthur
To Kim, my darling wife of 25 years whom together nary a cross word has past our lips. Love, Patman
—Patrick McArthur

June 22, 2012

To: Cmdr Mike "Beaker" Miller
Happy Birthday, Mike and greetings to everyone in VAQ 141 aboard the USS George Washington. FLY NAVY! Mom & Dad
—Jean Miller

To: John
Happy 40th anniversary to my wonderful husband! Thanks for getting me back to Ravinia to enjoy Garrison again. All my love
—Diane Hughes

To: shannon kopacz
happy birthday to my wife of 14 years. i love you so much, your husband
—justin kopacz

To: Kevin
Happy 30th birthday to Kevin, who got hooked on Prairie Home Companion in his 20’s and flew half way across the country to see a PHC live show!
—Ruth Lunde

To: Ky Dickens
Belinda and Jake Dickens say congratulations to our daughter, Ky Dickens, and her partner, Kaisa Dill (a former Minnesota bachelorette farmer), on their upcoming nuptials.
—Jake Dickens

To: Maureen McArdle & Puddin'
Congrats on your upcoming wedding, may you have eternal bliss.
—Alejandro Bacon

To: Debra OBrien
Thanks for an amazing 25 years of marriage: two wonderful kids and our good health. What could be better? How how another 25?
—Tom OBrien

June 21, 2012

To: Robbie
Happy Birthday Rob! We are so glad to be celebrating your 26th with you today. Love, Mom, Dad, and Annie
—Andrea Person

June 20, 2012

To: Mom Mom and Pop Pop
Happy 50th Anniversary Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop... We all love you.
—Kim Frakes

June 19, 2012

To: Paul VerEllen
You're the reason I started listing to A Prarie Home Companion. I love you!!!
—Lakota Oxendine

To: Renee and Howard
Mom and Dad (Renee and Howard) Bet you thought I was going to forget your 40th Anniversary. Did that last year. Happy 41st and enjoy the show. Laura
—Laura Schickler

To: John and Rita
Happy 42nd anniversary to John and Rita Meier from your kids in Boulder CO, San Diego CA and Glen Ellyn IL. They all want you to move closer!
—Beth Meier

To: Mel and Marilyn Buchanan
Mel and Marilyn Buchanan of Bristol, CT are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Pinecones, angelfish and apple blossoms have decorated their life. May a shower of golden roses fall upon them from heaven. +++Note to PHC... the family will be at Tanglewood
—Rayette Byrnes

June 18, 2012

To: Dawn
We finally made it to Chicago after 12 years to see phc. I'm happy, hope you are.
—Jeff Mueller

To: Chuck Clayton
Happy Birthday, Chuck!!! Wishing you a year of better health and wonderful memories in the making.
—Ellen Eubank

To: Ammon
Happy birthday!!! After two years of being apart, it is so wonderful to have you home. And not just because you make amazing strawberry rhubarb pie. :)
—Sunnie Stanton
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