June 24, 2012 - June 30, 2012
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June 30, 2012

To: Jacob
Happy first birthday to Jacob Thanks for coming from Tucson to Washington to visit us and share your day. Bubbe G and Grandpa Mick
—stephen mickey

To: Carmela Peters
It's a beautiful summer evening on the Tanglewood lawn. Thinking of you and sending healing wishes. Join us here next year!
—Jenny Riggs

To: Casper
Almost 30 years since we were at Tanglewood, glad you are listening tonight! Love ya, Skider
—Laurie Lausen

To: bumpa and nana
Thanks for coming back to Massachusetts. And for Mom, come to think of it.
—jack, christian and george bracher

To: Tony
Happy five year anniversary Tony. Yes, I fed the fish. Proof of enduring love idly swims content.
—Shauna Faye

To: Alyse & Colin
Alyse & Colin, Mom and Dad miss you here at home on the lawn at Tanglewood. See you here on the 4th.
—John Mizia

To: Granny and Gramps in Stergis
Wishing you a happy wedding anniversary from Tanglewood. After 65 years some people need a charge, sounds like you got your refill when your chimney was blown off by lightning this week. Good to go for another 65, eh?
—Scott Ness

To: Jack
From toddler at our family hearth, listening to Prairie Home Companion, to making your way though life to attend tonightís show, all on your own, youíve warmed your parentsí hearts! Now, donít forget to use the GPS, get the girls home safe, and fill up the gas tank! - Your proud parents
—Dave Wrenn

To: Jill
In special honor of our Mom, Carol Lansing, who never missed the chance to wander back to the good old days while singing with Garrison at the end of the concert at Tanglewood. Thinking of her now and hoping she will gather up the angels and join us once again here tonight!
—Jill Lansing

To: George & Joan Puckett
Happy 57th Anniversary!
—Mark Puckett

To: Madeline & Dane
Congratulations on your wedding today! Your love is brave, strong, and true. PS. the boat is still floating. The Warf-rat crew.
—Mark Hiraiwa

To: Libby
Thanks for inviting me to come to see Prairie Home Companion along with your great group of folks. You and I have been companions since our kids were little. Just wish the chemo hadn't kept you at the cabin while we are here on the lawn.
—MaryAnne B

To: Aidan Connell
Mumma and Daddy can't wait to see you tomorrow. Hope all the smarty-pants at St. Paul's haven't lost their trust funds to you in poker!
—Vicki Connell

To: Adele Krones
Follow-up to original greeting: Since I have my mother and sister in my heart, they got to talking and are a little irritated with me that I don't have a date and wondered if GK could put in a good word to the single ladies in the audience for me.
—John Baltz

To: All our friends back in Minnesota
Who questioned our wisdom when we moved to Boston last year: we're at Tanglewood and you are not!
—Terry & Marylou Steeden

To: Ed Newman
Good luck running your 35th BoilerMaker race. May the wind always be at your back - and the competition too! The Raw Bits arrive next week.
—Juan and Terry Becerra

To: Adele Krones
Thank you Adele, my big sister, for getting me interested in PHC, I'm here at the broadcast in Tanglewood. It all started with Mom sharing the radio shows and 78's with us. You are both here with me in my heart, which is good, but attending with an empty seat since I could not get a date....
—John Baltz

To: Kimm Quinlan
Happy Birthday Kimm Quinlan! Glad to be sharing APHC with you at Tanglewood!
—Michael Quinlan

To: Ryan Menson
Babe, I'm glad we're finally here. We survived the trip up from Atlanta and the weekend in a cabin with two teenage girls, and Hannah and Charlotte have enjoyed their day on the lake. I'm sure we'll be just fine next weekend even after the arrival of five 18 year old boys. (Did i mention that Andrew is bringing four friends?)
—Bill Rockoff

To: Aaron DiMartino
Congratulations Aaron!. Although you are missed in Palora, Ecuador,they had you for 2 years in the Peace Corps, you're home safe. Next stop, Colorado!
—Mark DiMartino

To: Kristen
Greetings to Kristen in Manhattan, we wish you could have joined us here on the lawn. Happy nuptials to you and Mark next month!
—Lauren Desharnais

June 29, 2012

To: Katie E.
We know that you miss your local coffee and Mexican food but enjoy your time in the land down under, you are only young once. Luckily you can listen to radio via computer. Long distance love from Mom, Papa and Tom, we miss you! PS donít bring home your laundry.
—Jean E

To: Annie Kirvin
To my favorite sister-in-law. Thank you for liberating me from the nuke plant!! I was going stir crazy there with the giant rat an all. You are still my favorite. Looking forward to all those martinis with you and all the other Maden sisters!
—Mary Jo Gatslick

To: Matt & Chris Marcello
Hello to my sons who are home alone for the first time while their parents are at the show. And if there is any funny business it will be the last time they are home aloneÖ
—Sandy Marcello

To: Marty and Jean
Happy 32nd anniversary! Hope you're enjoying your first summer without kids. As much as I miss you, I can't leave Australia just yet. Kangaroo meat is so sweet.
—Katie Eichelman

To: Nancy Travis
Happy 40th anniversary to the gal who said "Yes" all those wonderful years ago
—William Travis

To: Darcy and Richard Lettieri
Mom and Dad: Congratulations on 41 years. It's 41, right? Love, Anne and Mike
—Anne and Mike Lettieri

To: Libby
Special thanks, we miss you, to Libby, who planned our trip here, but is listening from home because she is busy fighting the big C.
—Suzanne Scarcella

To: John McNamee
Happy 60th Birthday Dad! We hope your trip to the Berkshires makes up for the time we locked you out of your hotel room and they needed to bring in the jaws of life. Love your children! -Caroline and Cameron
—Cameron McNamee

To: Family, friends, and colleagues
To everyone back home in Iowa, we look forward to returning soon. The sabbatical here in Massachusetts has been quite productive ... the baby is due in January!
—Jerod & Jennifer W

To: Richard and Virginia Leverson
A special Hi to a pair of old Norwegians from Vermont, We hope you have a great time at the show, canít wait to hear all about it. Love Mark, Tamra and the Kids from California.
—Mark Leverson

To: Grampy George and Grammy Mari
Hi Grampy George and Grammy Mari, I can't wait to see you, and probably spit up on you, in Maine this summer. With love, your adorable, 103-day-old grandson, Caden
—Celeste Tilton

To: John and Pam Morneau
Happy 29th anniversary Mom and Dad! Congratulations, you're another year closer to those renegotiations! Enjoy the show twice as much for the both of us. Love you both!
—Aaron and Jared Morneau

To: Peter Melewski
Peter, we said "I do" 26 years ago! It's been an exciting ride with thrills -teenage daughters!- and "spills" - three weeks with the bathroom contractor? So glad to share all this fun with you. Happy Anniversary! Carol
—Carol Melewski

To: Immigration adjudicators
Greetings to the immigration adjudicators in Division 3 at the USCIS Vermont Service Center. Changing people's lives, one family at a time!
—David Kurtz

June 28, 2012

To: Katie E.
Since a round trip flight from the Land Down-Under to New England is 5 Grand, and you inherited your fatherís cheap skate genes, it looks likes SKYPEs will have to do for a very long time. Long distance love from, Mom, Papa, and your brother Tom, we miss you!
—Marty E.

To: Kathy
A very happy anniversary to Kathy Anderson my lovely bride of 28 years today! (6/30)
—Bill Anderson

June 27, 2012

To: Nick Koufogazos
Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world. After all these years I still don't believe that the cats ate my ice cream.
—Maddie Koufogazos

To: Sean Callanan
To Sean, whoís recovering from a serious accident, thanks for letting your better half Audra join her girlfriends for our annual Prairie Home weekend in Lenox. Weíll bring you back some rhubarb pie!
—Sara Crocker

To: Isabella
Darling Isabella, Mama has missed you this week but also enjoyed being out on the town with the theater folk. Hope that Tanglewood camp was magical and has opened you even more to the miracles of art. I love you. and I love kerry and susan. What a fun time. How blessed we are to share a life together!!!! Mom
—Cheryl Fisher

To: Dave
Grandma Carolyn we miss you and wish you were here for another show. Love you, The Bergerons
—Kate Bergeron

June 26, 2012

To: Mel and Marilyn Buchanan
Mel and Marilyn Buchanan of Bristol, CT are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Pinecones, angelfish, and apple blossoms have decorated their life. May a shower of golden roses fall on them from heaven. (Note to PHC the entire family will be at Tanglewood.)
—Rayette Byrnes

To: Judith Landers
Congratulations on your retirement... such a long successful career in nursing and medical equipment sales ... you deserve the very best of happiness and blessings from above.
—Rayette Byrnes

To: Churck Clayton
Happy Birthday, Chuck! May your day be filled with happiness and your life be filled with God's blessings.
—Ellen Eubank

To: Peter Bealo from Plaistow, NH
Enjoy your well deserved weekend in the Berkshires with your lovely Rachel. Mom and Dad must rest easy knowing that you've turned into a successful adult despite your teenage fascination with blowing ship models and rockets up on the barbecue grill. They were proud of you then and I'm sure they are still. I am too - despite you telling me for 50 years that I was adopted.
—Pam Bealo

To: Meghan
Congratulations on graduating from college! I'm so proud and I love you so much!
—Nicholas Rice

June 25, 2012

To: Bernie
To my Bernie, I hope you are enjoying your birthday gift, being here in the audience tonight (July 7, 2012). I love you, I love you, I love you. From your Heidi
—Heidi Vogel

To: Naomi and Todd
Who knew when you took your Rhine River Cruise last October that it would lead to four new friends and Garrison at Tanglewood? See you in Fort Lauderdale next year!
—Bob and Bonnie and Chuck and Cathy Sudell and LaBarge

To: Rolan Sosa
Happy Birthday! Looking forward to those Guatemalan sunsets from our lil mud house - Love, your man
—Nick Pawlowski

To: Jim Trowbridge
Happy 30th Birthday. . . for the 40th year in a row!
—Nick Pawlowski

To: Andrea
Starting a new life in Wisconsin was a big leap. Now I'm asking for a bigger one: please, spend the rest of your life with me.
—Gordon Levine

To: Karl Burkert
happy 45th birthday to my husband and best friend. Here's to many more, now get a haircut
—Amy Weinar

To: Charlie Anderson
Happy 85th birthday to the greatest dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather from his daughter!
—Sharon Benard

June 24, 2012

To: Sue Schuerman, Santa Monica, CA
What a great way to spend your 75th birthday, enjoying Garrison Keillor here at the Hollywood Bowl, on your birthday, Friday, July 13th, 2012.
—Ramona Lombard

To: Chelley
To: Chelley in Nebraska From: Bernie in New Hampshire Hoping we'll both make it to the next PHC at Tanglewood.
—Bernie D

To: Susan Molina
After 7 years of marriage I still want more. I love you. No better way to celebrate than with Prairie Home Companion.
—Steve Molina

To: Rex
Happy to be sharing an evening with you and the Bakers in the Berkshires as our 25th wedding anniversary tour continues!
—Mary Lou Basham
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