July 1, 2012 - July 7, 2012
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July 7, 2012

To: Haydo
Hi Haydo, Hope you are enjoying Interlochen and learning all you can. Just wanted let you know that you passed the AP Calc exam with a 5. Love you, Mom
—Sue Holbrook

To: B'Ann Vance
Happy 80th birthday to B'Ann Vance. You're still a SOUTHERN BABE, a wonderful mother, grandmother, and so awesome that you're even great grandmother—not just a pretty good one. Love from your kids!
—Maurie Harris

To: Ann
Happy 50th Birthday Annie. Hope you enjoyed visiting your niece Michelle, who is a camper at Interlochen. Love Kathy and Josh
—Kathy Bakich

To: Hannah
Listening from the jungles of Peru. Wish we were at interlochen with you tonight! Sending our love from way south of the boarder.
—Rita Hough

To: Anne and Adam
Happy 43rd wedding anniversary! Enjoy the rest of the show, then drive home safe and call us on the iPad for Memphis news. Love, Paul and Gina
—Paul Gahn

To: Beth
We got to attend the show at Interlochen and you got to take care of the "finest dog in all the land"
—Lisa and Leo Wolk

To: Carol and Kenneth Moncayo
Made it to Interlochen safely. Life is good and work is great. Hope you're well in Newport News. P.S. please send a care package.
—Charles Moncayp

To: Art
Art, I'm so happy you left New York City and came to Michigan those many years ago as we celebrate 20 years of marriage. It's great to be here with you at the show tonight. Christine
—Christine Walkons

To: Catherine
Wish we were there with you but we're listening to the radio with grandma and grandpa. See you in a month. love, Mom, Dad and Nathan
—Doug Reilly

To: Ben Robinson
Only a chance to see Garrison Keillor could keep us away from your performance with the Cape Cod Opera this weekend. Toi, toi. Love, Mom, Dad, Sara, Bill and Melanie
—Linda Robinson

To: Dawn
Our first romantic weekend away together. Interlochen by the lakes on a summer evening, A Prairie Home Companion for entertainment... what could be better? I love you sweetie.
—Jeff Holth

To: Tom
In the audience tonight, "Wurdy", our very own English Major. Enjoy your vacation next week in the cool north woods, playing cards and telling stories in the little cabin next to the lake.
—Steve Wurdock

To: The Katz Family
Greetings from Grandma Judy in the Garden State to Interlochen campers, Lauren and Natalie, their parents and Angelina. Can't wait to see you next week.
—Judy Katz

July 6, 2012

To: Jocelyn
Best wishes on your birthday, Jocelyn! You are growing up so fast, please stop and rest for a while. Hoping this is your best birthday ever. Love, Mom and Dad
—Mike Tate

To: Pastor Bud & Patty
Heartfelt WELCOME to Grandville First Reformed's new Pastor Bud & wife Patty. You may notice we’re not in the congregation this week - WE ARE NOT next door at the Methodist church (though rumor has it they have better coffee) - we’re here in Interlochen enjoying Garrison Keillor & friends. Wayne & Laurel
—Wayne & Laurel Jordan

July 5, 2012

To: My friends at st. Matthews Lutheran in north hollywood
To my friends at saint matthews north Hollywood where the norwegian bachelors support marriage equality
—Arne Bergland

To: Wendy Thomas
Happy 28th anniversary! What better way to celebrate than to be companions at the good ole Prairie Home.
—Dan Thomas

To: Elizabeth Myers
To our favorite Front of House Supervisor at Interlochen, Mad Dog Lizzie. Happy 20th Birthday! Love Mom, Dad and Will
—Margaret Myers

To: Dan & Cindy Lee
Happy 22nd Anniversary Mom & Dan! If there is any question of how much we love you, camping in a pop up camper with 4 adults AND a 2 & 4 year old to make tonight happen should be answer enough. We love you, just not nature.
—Bree & Jeff Anderson

To: Tom and Judy Winkler
Mom, Hope you enjoy PHC at Interlochen...Happy Birthday! Dad, I got the nearest seats to the exit as I case you need to go for a walk! Cheers!
—Pat Winkler

July 4, 2012

To: Lauren and Marlin
We wish you would let us come back home. We miss you both terribly. Love always-
—Wes and Jake-Dog Trexler

To: Shelley and Tom
Celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary. And who - 36 years ago - spent their honeymoon right here at Interlochen.
—Tom Gallery

July 3, 2012

To: Heather Hamilton
Happy early Birthday to Heather Hamilton who is in the audience! Have fun at Interlochen! Love, mom, dad, sis and Daisy.
—Andrea Lawson

To: John Victor Platt from Kirkland, WA
Happy Birthday to my favorite longtime PHC fan! I'm so glad we get to share all their stories and ours together!
—Amy Platt

July 2, 2012

To: Isaac "Trombone" Johnson
Happy 17th Birthday! Glad you can celebrate it with your friends at Interlochen Arts Camp! We're on our way from Minnesota with cake and hotdish - see you at the show. Love, your family
—Dave Johnson

To: Albert
It really IS Friday the 13th this year for our anniversary. I'm glad to be celebrating our 44th anniversary at the Hollywood Bowl (July 13). Here's to many more happy years.
—Rosana Whittlesey

To: lori simonian
after 18 years of marriage and 6 garrison shows together my love for you is stronger than ever!!
—matthew simonian

To: Norm & Marge Tubbs
To Mom & Dad,(who will be in the audience with us at Interlochen): Congratulations on your 60th wedding anniversary! From your son and daughter-in-law, Rob & Laura, and granddaughters, Natalie & Olivia.
—Rob & Laura Tubbs

To: Barb and Ann
Come visit us in Norway, and do bring the hooligans!
—Jim Skurdall

July 1, 2012

To: Dr. Bruce Allen
Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Allen, in the audience tonight, on his retirement from 30 years of academia, most recently 20 years at Central Michigan University, from your loving family. We look forward to seeing you get out of the box in retirement, but please, no more interior decorating! Love, Chris, Marc, Brooke and Mike
—Chris Allen

To: Tim
Happy 70th birthday to one who is young at heart from all your family
—Anne Dols
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