July 8, 2012 - July 14, 2012
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July 13, 2012

To: Aunt Bernice
Dan and I are really happy to be celebrating your 90th birthday here at Prairie Home Companion. I promise it will take a lot less time to get home...once we get out of the parking lot. Do it again at 100?
—Melissa Stoller

To: USCG BM2 Masri
Its been four years since I found the stack of Prarie Home Companion cd's at your home and knew you were the one. I wish you were here and now on that boat!
—Emily Masri

To: Appel Family
Welcome to LA, Willem, Elisabeth, Charlotte,emmeline, little willem and jurian! Let's not wait another 7 years to get together! Love, Tom, jean, Kaitlin and Nolan
—Tom Gentile

To: Aret
My dear, sweet, engineer husband. I spent a decade listening to Prairie Home Companion before I met you. Somehow it is even better listening with you by my side, even though you always need a translation and you rarely hear all the words...! Thanks for taking me to see it performed live this year. I hope you hear everything clearly at the Hollywood Bowl. Your wife, the communication specialist.
—Sona Krikorian

To: Naomi
Here's to starting a new life soon together! wah wah wah BOOM!
—Wesley Kim

To: Chanel Boutakidis
Many thanks to my wonderful wife who had to purchase tickets to 4 other shows in order to land good seats to this one. Mr. Keiller, this had better be worth it.
—Ioakim Boutakidis

To: Mary Zastrow
To my loving sister and her boyfriend. Thanks so much for inviting to come along to the Hollywood show. Love from the North Bay.
—Christa Curtin

To: Ginny
Happy four year anniversary...and you thought falling in love in our mid 50's would never happen. Sorry about the broken hip while mountain biking.
—Tim Murphy

To: Nora
Congratulations on graduating from UC Davis Vet School. Carpe Diem. Mom & Dad
—Robert Badal

To: Shane
Welcome to California Shane. We wish you good times, good grades and a Great Future!! Love, Uncle Damon & Aunt Anne
—Mel Spelde

To: Penny & Ed DeRocker
Happy celebration of 41 years of marriage and congratulations on the sale of your home. Hope your stay at the lake cottage this summer is like a second honeymoon. If not, one of you is always welcome to come babysit here in LA. Love to you both!
—Abbey DeRocker

To: Jefferson
"I choose you as my best friend, lover and partner for LIFE". I spoke those vows from my heart, and they hold true even stronger today. Its not over yet. You loving wife,
—Pamela Remai

To: Damon
Happy 51st b'day and 20th anniversary from Mel, mom, Shane, anne, and all those who love you and think you are the best despite your humble opinion of yourself.
—Mel Spelde

To: Alicia & Ranga Bhaumik (Baamik)
To a young Japanese woman, born and raised in Colombia who decided to study abroad in the 70’s and got stuck because of a young Bengali man swept her off her feet in the great melting pot that is LA – Thank you Mom ‘n Pop
—Jay Bhaumik

To: Chester
Dad, I know it's been a tough journey but you're still my hero.
—Carla Kucinski

To: Russell
Happy 40th birthday and 5 year anniversary to my someday husband Russell.
—Shane Crowell

To: Liz
To my bride, I passed my dissertation defense in the big city. Mississippi bound in two weeks. Uncork the wine and put the babies down early, we've got some catching up to do!
—Rod Wilson

To: Lori
Ten years ago, ten years seemed a much longer time. I love you, Wench, I love being married to you, and I love our funny life together. Dooot.
—Shawn Fidler

To: Bernice Burton
Happy 90th birthday to Bernice, from your kids, Tom and Elizabeth! Congratulations, and enjoy Prairie Home Companion at the Hollywood Bowl!
—Elizabeth Burton

To: Larry Cistrelli
Hi Dad, just wanted to say Happy Birthday. I finally got to see a Live show at the Hollywood Bowl.
—Aaron Cistrelli

To: Papa Pat Eller and all of Clover Valley, Minnesota
I'm off the family pay role! Happy to announce I got a job offer and a boyfriend in LA, sad I won't be coming home to you and the humid forests of Northern Minnesota. May the varmints stay out of your gardens!
—Katy Cashman

To: Jeff
To my one and only bratty bro, After you've finished swimming in this 90 degree weather there's only one thing I want to know: is it hot enough for you now? From your Wonderful Big Sister (WBS)
—Andrea Alterman

To: Mike and Mary Morrison
Mom and Dad everybody at tonight's Hollywood Bowl show wishes you a very happy 49th Wedding Anniversary. XXXOOO your son and daughter-in-law.
—Michael Morrison

To: Enzo
Congratulations to Enzo on being accepted into the Los Angeles Children's Chorus! We are so proud of you and looking forward to every performance, where we promise to cry only a little bit. Love, Mom & Dad
—Jennifer Grappone

To: The Sauders
Safe travels to the Sauder van, rolling across the miles from LA to Roanoke, IL after two weeks of fun family times.
—Heidi Luginbuhl

To: Ricardo
Hey Babe, our move to SoCal is not to shabby- I got into USC and your underpaid at your job! I love you and here's to living the dream! -Jenn
—Jennifer Maldonado

To: Dick
Dick, thanks for feeding our Betta fish, Mr. Roland Bond while we here at praire home companion.
—Marvin Slay

To: Esther
To the loveliest gal that ever strolled down the avenue of love. And to the baby in your stomach, please be a good boy. -David
—David Mylar

To: Frances Sanfilippo
7-13-2012 Happy First Birthday in Heaven MOM !!! Hope the gardens are up to your standards. Please give Dad all our love as well. God Bless, Your Family
—Anthony Sanfilippo

To: Amie
Hello to Amie, a California girl who only eats Asian food, spending the summer in Midland, Michigan. Don't despair -- Zachary's bringing 12 pork buns in his suitcase just for you.
—Karen and Milt Policzer

To: Christina, Angela, Chann
Thank you for the birthday gift of these tickets, we're having a wonderful time!
—Irene (mom & dad) Loera

To: Jess and little Alexander
I thought Mr. Keillor's dulcet tones would be easier to bear if singing your praises. You're a wonderful mom! Even 3000 miles away, a night in Lake Wobegon and I'm home again.
—Eben Cottrelle

To: Carrie Salisbury
Happy birthday to my sweetheart, turning 30 for the first time here with Garrison. Maybe he'll go home to the babysitter so we can go out for dessert?
—Ben Salisbury

To: F. Garret Cloran
Thanks, my dear pal, for being my special date tonight! If anyone should live in a place named Lake Woebegone, it's you and I, ha ha! Hi,Garrison! Welcome to El Lay!
—Saule' Kliore

To: John Kumpe
I am happy to celebrate the anniversary of your 39th birthday with you this evening at the Hollywood Bowl! Happy Birthday, Honey!
—Claudia Kumpe

To: Daniel Linscott
Happy 10th Anniversary my dear. You've still got it!
—Alexandra Linscott

To: Zachary Scheetz
Thank you for accompanying me to tonight's show Zachary. This is the best anniversary present that I ever thought of! I will miss you when you deploy next week. God Bless our troops! Love Maurin (Garrison, it is pronounced Maurin, as in Marin County, CA...)
—Maurin Scheetz

July 12, 2012

To: Armando Lagunas
Happy Anniversary, the past 5 years have been great and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.
—Elizabeth Gaitan

To: Shawn
It seems at once fresh and new, and like it's always been this way. Happy 10th anniversary, my hubby-dubby. Love, your wifey-knifey.
—Lori Fidler

To: Family
Happy birthday dad. Love you fam. Sorry I couldn't be there.
—John Freutel

To: Mom and Katy
Double Happy Birthday to newly introduced birthday buddies Mom and Katy (celebrating live with PH at the Hollywood Bowl). A shout out to GK and the Royal Academy of Radio Actors!Performing with you back-in-the-day was a Minnesota childhood highlight. Mom may your next 60 be as spectacular as the first. Jeff Goodell Glendale,CA
—Jeff Goodell

To: Paula
Honoring your 25 years as a music teacher on behalf of all the schools and churches you've selflessly shared your gifts with, but especially your own kids here with you tonight at the Hollywood Bowl! We love you, Mom!
—Rachel Van Houten

July 11, 2012

To: Bruce and Susan Orton
In 29 years of marriage you've yet to agree which side of the sink to wash dishes in, but they always manage to get clean. Thanks for teaching us that the labor of love is never a chore. Happy Anniversary.
—Your daughters Allie and Kimmie Orton

To: Pastor Phil at Bethany Church Sierra Madre
The church ladies from Monrovia and Sierra Madre say "hello" to Pastor Phil Carlson at Bethany Church. We know we shouldn't get drunk on the wine, but dear friends, if we do, we must stick to our pact: what happens at the Hollywood Bowl stays at the Hollywood Bowl.
—Diane Ferraro

To: Mr. Shovel
A happy day to Mr. Shovel, who is in the audience, celebrating his 49th birthday at The Hollywood Bowl, watching his favorite show.
—Victoria Cecilia

To: Michael
Happy 2nd anniversary honey! Sorry I was out of the country for it last year, but now that we're expecting it looks like I won't be going anywhere for a while. Love you!
—Natilee Harren

July 10, 2012

To: Danny and Michael
We are proud of the success you both achieved at school and in your community service efforts. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Love,
—Mom and Pop Hirsch

To: Margaret T. Butler
Happy Birthday to a Fantastic Mother, Teacher, And human Being Margaret
—Christopher Ladowicz

To: Bonnie Lurie and Larry Cistrelli
Hi Mom and Dad, after so many years of listening to PHC, it's great to finally be here in person, at the Hollywood Bowl. I promise no more life threatening illnesses.
—Aaron Cistrelli

To: Mike Crow
Happy Birthday PaPa-san! Have a great year, we love you. Give those fish a break now and then! Love, your rose between two thorns
—Desiree Lasiewski

To: Brent Roske
Congratulations to Brent Roske for finishing the pilot episode of his show “Chasing the Hill”. It will be enjoyed by many!
—Corinne Becker

To: Jim Burkhardt
Dad, we hope you’re enjoying your father’s day gift. Congratulations on having three magnificent, superb, breathtaking and yet despite all that humble children. Good luck, and may the good lord take a liking to ya. From Eric, Chrissie and Jimmy
—Eric, Chrissie, and Jimmy Burkhardt

July 9, 2012

To: Liam Mooney
Now do you forgive me for decapitating your Guy Noir bobble head?
—Adriana Yugovich

To: Mom & Dad
Glad you're enjoying your cabin in the woods. Sorry we won't make it up from California to help rebuild the chicken coop, clean out the barn, chop firewood, tear out cupboards and move Mom's 67 cubic feet of canned food. Sounds relaxing!
—Justin, Hap & Colleen Disney

To: Nate
I remember when you asked me out. I didn't take you up on that at first, but I am so glad we got together later. Happy anniversary! I love you!
—Hillary Dudenhoeffer

To: Mia Xitlali Tenorio
Her dad thinks the world of her and he wishes her an absurdly wonderful 13th birthday while she visits Japan to play Taiko drums this July.

To: Heather Chambers
"She is celebrating her birthday tonight, Friday July 13th. She is part of a group from FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF LONG BEACH. She convinced her husband to treat her to our show by saying, 'You can't say no to a Prairie Home Companion because TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY.' "
—Aaron Palmer

July 8, 2012

To: Ryan
To my husband, Happy 4th Anniversary. I love you and glad that we get to spend this special occasion at our favorite place, the Hollywood Bowl. I look forward to many more years together with you.
—Gina Quesenberry

To: Andy, Eliot, Tim, Meghan
Thank you for sharing a momentous year: a 40th anniversary, a retirement, a doctorate. We love you very much.
—jane and lee freutel

To: Pookatella
From Hollywood lights to the Bill of Rights - what a great second act! Good luck on the bar exam. Love, Mom,Steve,Daddy,Mary,Annie
—Pat Fenton
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