October 21, 2012 - October 27, 2012
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October 27, 2012

I was a board op at WBAA from '80 to '87, in the basement of Elliot Hall! It's where I first heard PHC. I don't know if anyone's still there, but hi to Maurie and everyone else roaming the basement halls!
—Carl Letsche

To: Mike
You’re right. Sue Scott is even prettier in person than she is on the radio!
—Pieter van Doorn

To: Chief Master Sergeant Sandra Dye
Sorry you were called to duty on short notice. Thank you and all the folks at Grissom Air Reserve Base for your service. Love - Curt PS. Mom says thanks for letting her use your ticket.
—Curt Ashendel

To: Amy Memmer
Thank you Amy for allowing me to abandon you and our three children to drive from Kansas to my alma mater on my Birthday to see this wonderful show. I am sure your parents will forgive me someday. I will be back in time for Chruch tomorrow.
—Matthew Memmer

To: My Carolina Viking
Ninjas are safe at home. Having a great time. All that's missing here is BBQ and you.
—Cresta Fiesta

To: Joe Wilkerson
Happy birthday, Dad! After 74 years, your middle name is still "Go"!
—Annette Benson

To: Charlie and Kim Taylor (mom and dad)
Happiest anniversary to my favorite parents! Oh, wait... Happy anniversary. Love you always!
—Mary Taylor

To: Gary Mueller
Happy Birthday to our brother Gary who turns 60 today!! Good luck at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC tomorrow and to the whole family joining you! Hopefully a big celebration to follow!
—Nancy Mueller

To: Ella and Jakob
Mark this one off the bucket list, kiddos ....Mommy made it!
—Natalie Kanaby

To: Angie (Freshman Boilermaker in the audience)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for coming to the "old folks show" with Mom and Dad today.
—Jack Rogers

To: Brett
Brett, you are the love of my life. Get better soon. Wishing you were well enough to have made it out here to the Midwest.
—Michelle Custead

To: Pawel Majkowski
What a way to end such a great summer. I look forward to many more summers of fishing northern pike, and motorcycle trips. And tell Kasia - don't forget that she's winning roommate tryouts. Thanks for all the great times together you're the best.
—Ashley Agler

To: Andy and Marie
Hello from your parents in Granite Falls, Minnesota. We are still wating for you to bring home some grandchildren.
—Brad Larson

To: Betsy Caputo
To the best mom we three weirdos could ask for- wish you were here. Love you
—Erica, Kerry and Liz Caputo

To: Mom and Dad and Granny and Grandad
I'm sorry I'm missing the turnip picking, but I hope you're having a good time listening in Oklahoma. I miss you very much.
—Jenna Ling

To: Granny and Grandad & Mom and Daddy
Thank you for making me listen to NPR and helping me find A Prairie Home Companion and scheduling a listening party for the Purdue show.
—Jenna Ling

October 26, 2012

To: Anna Westfall
Peggy mama & papa want to say "hi" from Purdue University & sent Lots of love to our Grand-daughter 'ANNA' We are going to have a blast Camping-out with YOU! Pack your Long-Johns!
—Peggy Mama & Papa Terry Crose

To: Sophie
Happy 12th Birthday to our wonderful niece in Massachusetts, from your aunt and uncle at Purdue!
—Ann Clark

October 25, 2012

To: Greta
Thank you for being the marviest mom ever!
—Lee Ann Jaeger

October 23, 2012

To: Frank and Barbara
Hope Florida is fine. Trying my best to keep up with leaves at your home in Lafayette but may need a larger rake.

October 22, 2012

To: Victoria Supernaugh
Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife and best friend!
—Bruce Supernaugh

To: Zippy Larson
Please announce on the October 27, 2012 show: Happy 80 years young to Baltimore's Best Historian and walking tourguide, Zippy Larson! Keep the zip in your step, you octogenarian. We love you!
—Gloria Bartas

To: Woody
Dear Jim, I just want to say thanks for listening to Prairie Home Companion with me for 27 years! And I was wondering, could you change jobs? Not just any job but a job in Minnesota? I know you know how homesick I am for Minnesota & how badly I want to move home so could you try really hard to get a graphic design job somewhere in MN, preferably near a good walleye lake and not too far from the bait shop? If you do I promise I'll cook your favorite hot dish every Friday, play footsie with you under the table and let you ice fish from your favorite couch anytime u want. I love you forever Woody. your wife Chris.
—Chris Woods

October 21, 2012

To: Eva Langton
Congratulations on the impending arrival of the next generation of PHC fans!! We can't wait to cuddle your baby!! Maybe Next year we can see the show live. Love Grammie and Grampa Risse
—Crystal Risse

To: Lena Risse
Happy 20th Birthday to our baby, Lena!! Happy to hear your public radio pledge as a birthday gift to yourself!! Welcome to adulthood, we love you!!! Mom & Papa
—Crystal Risse

To: Ehtibar Dzhafarov
Happy 60th birthday, papa! Hope you're having a great time. We loved having you visit San Francisco. Next time, we promise we'll only walk downhill.
—Damir & Veronica Dzhafarov
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