November 4, 2012 - November 10, 2012
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November 10, 2012

To: Steve and Melaine (<--rhymes with Elaine)
Mom & Dad! We hope you're having a beautiful time and your happiest anniversary! We love you so much! Stay out all night and sleep in tomorrow, you deserve it! Your loving kids.
—Paul Herbert

To: charles and julie
Thank you Garrison for kicking off our first adventure together. Hopefully you bring us good luck. If not we will be forced to move to St Cloud.
—julie long

To: Franklin and eliot
Glad you could make the show. Hope lefty can too. You're both handsome and above average in my book. Love mom
—Jane Moore

To: Ron
Happy 9 month anniversary tomorrow, Ron. Thanks for getting tickets to this show in Chicago!
—Sarah Bunger

To: Mom
Happy 92nd birthday to my Mom. Mom, please don't worry about the money. We could never repay you for what you've done for us. Carol
—Carol Levenson

To: Paul Danko
Hello to Paul & Mel from Mom & Dad in Minnesota. Hope you're enjoying the show.
—Jean Danko

To: barbara
Happy Birthday!
—mary luchsinger

November 9, 2012

To: Madeline
Happy 16th Birthday. Hope you are enjoying the show with all the old people. From you Aunt and Uncle.

To: Will, Jackie & Karina
We hope Karina enjoyed her first time hearing "The Prarie Home Companion". We will remember this night for years to come.
—Tom & Florence Pinn

To: Steve and Melaine (<--rhymes with Elaine)
Mom & Dad! We hope you're having a beautiful time and your happiest anniversary! We love you so much! Stay out all night and sleep in tomorrow, you deserve it! Your loving kids.
—Paul Herbert

To: Kasia Pater
Dear Mom, Happy 49th plus one! Me and sis can't wait to come home, P.S. don't tell dad we voted for Obama, we don't want to be cut out of the will. Love Bogdan and Ola
—Bogdan Pater

To: Mel Zellman
Dad: "How sharper than a serpent's tooth..." Happy birthday, love, your very thankful children.
—Shaila Newman

To: Barbara Luchsinger
—Travis j. Halsey

To: Mary Perkins
Thank you mom, for fulfilling a childhood dream by taking me to see Prairie Home Companion. A son could not ask for a better 30th birthday gift. Love always.
—Andrew Jenkins

To: Paul Hopson
Happy 82nd birthday Dad. Being here with you on the same continent is easier than being in New Zealand confused about when it is actually your birthday due to the international dateline.
—Jane Pelz

To: Jane Pelz
Happy Birthday to my wife Jane celebrating a significant birthday that ends in zero
—Jeff Pelz

November 8, 2012

To: Colleen Stephens (in the audience)
Congratulations (and Viel Glück!) on your upcoming internship at the Max Planck Institute for the Advancement of Science in Leipsiz, Germany.
—Tom Burns

To: Robert
Good luck on your Coast Guard exam. Sorry you couldn’t be here to enjoy the show in person. Your mother-in-law appreciates the free ticket.
—Barbara C

To: Alumni of St. Raphael Catholic School in Naperville, IL
Mrs. Robinson sends greetings to all her phenomenal, former students who attended St. Raphael Catholic School in Naperville, IL. She always knew you were like the Lake Wobegon children, only you all were well above average!
—Margaret Robinson

To: Becca Silvas
Hello from Chicago Becca! Hope all things are well in your life. Wish you could be here - I miss you! -Alex
—Alex Fries

November 4, 2012

To: Laura Pruss
I love you Laura. You are the best girlfriend IN THE WORLD!! :)
—Schnitzel a/k/a Lambshanks

To: Shannon Skelton
Happy 5 year anniversary to my English major wife! Love, Mark
—Mark Skelton
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