November 18, 2012 - November 24, 2012
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November 24, 2012

To: Sarah Buck
A very happy birthday to cousins Sarah Buck and Sarah Bailey from Southwest Florida. Our birthday wish is to see APHC live in SW Florida 2013.
—Sarah Bailey

To: Patricia
Came all the way from Caracas, Venezuela to see Mr Keillor (whom I listen to almost every week thanks to the Internet) in person in his red shoes, Here I am in the last row of the Town Hall and WOW!
—Nicolas Jove

To: travis
Thanks to son Travis for tickets to this show. You made parenting a piece of cake. We're so proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad
—dan & susan bleen

To: 50% of Abbott In-laws (Jack, Clairie, Elizabeth)
Happy November 29 birthday, I'll meet you at Slippery's for a bump!!
—Cia Abbott-Bullemer

November 23, 2012

To: Sandy
My dear wife, Just a couple of days and we will be together! Canít wait to come home to Dresden for Christmas. I love you!
—Nick Pruditsch

To: michael
I don't think it was a cat who ate a part of the turkey when it was left in the car to stay cool but I am glad you ate my portion anyway. Love you Monica
—Monica Ogrinz

To: Amy and Ashley Ostdiek
Amy and Ashley from Colorado: Congrats and love from mom dad and Tim on your marriage. Enjoy Saturday's show. Yay for New York and marriage equality. See you back on the prairie soon.
—Dave Ostdiek

To: Tom and Diane Turck
Sending warm Antarctic Summer birthday wishes to Mom and Dad in Bismarck. I used all the common sense you gave me and took a job where the months between November and March are milder than ND.
—Daniel Turck

To: Derek Schraner
Happy Birthdaymas to my favourite Ottawa neighbour and co-conspirator. This night with Mr. Keillor in New York is to make up for the cosmic cruelty of your birthday falling on Christmas Day. Aren't you glad, this year, I splurged on a hotel room that doesn't have bunkbeds? May your next 41 years be full of skyscraping pastrami and corned beef sandwiches from Katz's, and teetering stacks of comic books from Midtown. I lurve you, I loave you, I luff you.
—Tanya Pobuda

To: Blanche & Ian
Greetings to my 92 year old mother, Blanche, in Springville PA & to my son, Ian, proudly serving on the front lines of Phila NewsRadio.
—alan bush

November 22, 2012

To: Cristin
There is no place else in this world where I would rather be right now then here in this iconic theatre, sitting, listening, and smiling next to you. I want you to know that I was grateful when you accompanied me to the movie theate in Burlington, VT to see our first Prairie Home Show . I was also appreciative when you left the radio on in the car even though it was tuning out with static! I hope you don't get embarrassed if our friend with the red shoes reads your name on the air. Or if he let's the whole world know how much Love I hold in my heart for you. Another year, another Town Hall NYC show. We made it to the front row!!!
—Kenneth Kehoe

November 20, 2012

To: Tricia Guthrie
Happy birthday Tricia Guthrie ,the blue bird days of Colorado are not so far away
—andrew mcintosh

November 18, 2012

To: Casey
Congratulations to Casey and Kayla on their engagement!
—Andy DeGregorio
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