December 2, 2012 - December 8, 2012
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December 8, 2012

To: Dad
Thank you for supporting me through design school in Denmark. I've sold my soul and work in advertising so I can pay you back. I love you and I'll see you in Iowa for Christmas.
—Angela burr

To: Mom
Happy birthday, Mom! It took six years, but you finally made it! Love, T. Rick
—T. Rick Jones

December 7, 2012

To: Pete, my LOML (Love Of My Life)
Hello LOML (or "Hulloml", as I say to you every day). I know it's your first time, and mine too, although we do it every week by the radio. Yes, I'm thrilled to be sharing APHC with you live, and I'm so happy that I was able to keep this a surprise! It's much better than the Nutcracker, right? Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!
—Cara Kohl

To: Dad
Suprise Dad - this WRVO bus trip to NY is more than a fun day with with your daughter - it's your Christmas present! Merry Christmas. I love you!
—Adrienne Allen

To: Granny Apple and Doodad
Wish you were here in the big Apple with us. Keep the radio on for Lefty when you are all driving in the Crown Vic.
—David and Cathy Pedersen

To: Clara and Shane Sanders-Marcus
Hope y'all are having a great time! Please bring back the answers to life's persistent the nature of the Trinity. Could really use it on the Church History exam! Love from Duke Divinity School.
—Andrew Phillips

To: Mom
To everyone helping to decorate Mom's tree in Pittsfield: Don't forget to hang my bells!
—Nancy Bailey

December 6, 2012

To: Grandma Parrish
Happy 101st birthday Grandma! You were one year old when the Oreo Cookie was invented and 19 when Twinkies first hit the shelves. You’ve outlasted the Twinkie. Watch out, Oreo!
—Warren Pettey

December 4, 2012

To: Columbia Law School Midwest Society
Good luck with finals, members of the Columbia Law School Midwest Society! Life on the other side is sweet--one can bake Christmas cookies on Saturday afternoon and then enjoy PHC live instead of studying!
—Joy Ziegeweid

To: Columbia Law School Midwest Society
Good luck with finals members of the Columbia Law School Midwest Society! Now that we've graduated, we are enjoying tatter-tot hot dish while you study!
—Andrea, Libby, and Joy Johnson, Moulton, and Ziegeweid

To: Kurtis Walton
Happy birthday. Love you
—Misty Walton

To: Sheryl and Bruce Johnson
Mom, Dad: We'll be home to Minnesota for Christmas--please make it snow. Hugs and French kisses (not those kind...), your daughter and French son-in-law.
—Andrea Johnson

To: Jim McCarty
What is a true friend? Someone who remembers your birthday but forgets your age. Happy Birthday!
—Ashley Heeney

December 3, 2012

To: Ann
All my love and thanks for 20 happy years of marriage. Please ma'am may I have 20 more?
—Michael Starr

December 2, 2012

To: David
To the ten pound one ounce baby boy born Jan 19, 1963… It’s high time you started lying about your age, Love, Mom.
—Mary-Ann Gilbreth

To: Richard
TO: Richard The Correct Husband Happy 65th Birthday, December 7. Wishing you miles of love from the west coast to the east So proud of your FEMA team in New Jersey helping those in need Would love to have you home January 5 to partake of your birthday gift seating for “Prairie Home Companion” at the War Memorial Opera House! The correct Susan
—Susan Wilpitz
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