October 27, 2013 - November 2, 2013
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November 2, 2013

To: Monica & Bob
We loved you pictures of Lambertville on Halloween, hopefully we'll make it out there next year.
—Christopher Etz

To: Fletcher, JJ, Tony, and David
Wayzata freshmen who love live theater. Thanks being great kids and wanting to stretch your horizons. Sincerely, Mrs. O.

To: Grace
Steven and Will, both busy making books and baking baguettes, send you warm and wonderful wishes from Boston's North End, Grace, on your 18th birthday! You and your mom enjoy your very first PHC!
—Steven and Will

To: Gabriel & Georgia
You believe we abandoned you this weekend. Actually, we're testing whether our marriage will survive when YOU leave us for college. Love Dad & Mom
—Christian Bosse

To: Tom Determan
Tom and friends in Dubuque are listening in over pizza. Last minute health concerns kept them from joining us this evening. Our best to you.
—Ken Resch

November 1, 2013

To: Phil and Cheryl
Congratulations on your extraordinary journey to the Prairie. From a rock slide entombment in the Grand Tetons including a short-haul rescue 200 feet below a helicopter, multiple surgeries, medical flight home, and intensive rehab. Most humbling may have been the repeated losses at Sheepshead to the octogenarians and centenarian residing at the extended care facility. Your pride will also recover. Im proud to sayI know Phil White.
—Mark Haferman

To: Grace (nickname, Milly)
Happy 18th Birthday. We've been listening together all these years and we're finally in the audience! Give us some Guy Noir! Thank you A prairie Home Companion for all the great times we've had together! (no empty nest syndrome going on here)
—Melissa Mierva

To: Sean
What-What? Billy Collins?!?! Oh, the irony is poetic. Happy Birthday--and I'll make up for it in the morning.
—Lisa Carlston

To: Charles Confer (in memory)
Dear Dad, this is the first week Mom & I are listening without you. Great memories of sitting by the fire, singing along to Bebop Rebop Rhubarb Pie. We love you and miss you more every day.
—Francesca Chubb-Confer

To: Dave and Ted Kowalski
Happy birthday's to Ted and Dave Kowalski. Brothers, Ted is visiting Dave and his family at their home in Minnesota. This is Ted's first trip to Minnesota and he is excited about the opportunity to see Garrison's show live in Minneapolis this week!
—Kristen Kowalski

To: Wendy and Ed
We heard that Jake made it from Bellingham to Bozeman to visit Andrew - hopefully he didn't break him like you did to Matthew in Rhode Island earlier this year.
—carol cooksley

October 31, 2013

To: Peter Townley
Thnking of you, loving you, and despite the distant between us, still feeling so very connected to you
—Rose T Bakewell

To: Grace & Luke Peterson
Happy 13th & 11th birthday to Grace & Luke who live out by the Bernadotte Int'l Airport, and are seeing PHC live tonight for their present. Lutefisk, Lefse, & Egg Nog instead of cake & icecream. Dad say's it's yummy!
—Greg Peterson

To: Mifflin Walker
Happy 60th Birthday, it has been quite the journey!
—Holly Garfield

To: Natasha, Tamber, Hannah, Galen and Kateri
Thank you to our children for making it possible to attend our very 1st Prairie Home Companion show (Nov. 2nd) for our 33rd Wedding Anniversary. It's a dream come true! Love, Rick and Irene
—Irene Gruber

October 28, 2013

To: John Trick
At least we won't be driving to Memphis to see the show for your birthday as we did for mine. Happy 75th from wife Isobel in Dallas.
—Isobel Trick
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