November 10, 2013 - November 16, 2013
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November 16, 2013

To: Jana
Big Howdy Hi to my sister Jana in DFW from your big sis in AZ. So glad you found me after 60 years. Wish you well.
—Anne Dotson

To: Annie
Wish you were here in Dallas. But see you soon on the streets of Laredo, mi gordita.
—Paul Frey

To: Baby Lottie
Happy first birthday to our sweet baby. Sorry we had to leave you at home tonight to see the show! Love, Mom
—Natasha Piper

To: Matthew
To my best friend. Happy early Christmas. I love you!
—Melissa Thomas

To: Kim
You're from Connecticut. I'm from Minnesota. We met in Dallas. 11 years later we have two kids and we're watching Prairie Home live. I'm so thankful for you and so thankful for Dallas. Love, Eric
—Eric Aasen

To: Lorraine Denney
Hello to my loving wife Lorraine Denney, my cousin Pat Alexander, and my sister-in-law Debbie O'Connor who are lucky enough to be able to attend your show today. My wife and I have listened to he Prairie Home Companion for many years and we still enjoy it very much. I will be listening from Alabama as I was unable to get to Dallas today for the show.
—Ron Denney

To: Viveca
Happy 21st Birthday Viveca! Love, Jeff
—Jeff Senita

To: Beret and Mark
excited to see you for thanksgiving. we'll be there on wednesday. please have a bed ready for the dogs. scott and rebecca
—scott beatty

To: The Tucson Triplets
From your big sister. We're ready to start our retirement and will come see you when we're through having fun!
—Jo Wunderlich

To: My husband Pete
We were married up in an airplane and I have been floating on a cloud of happiness ever since. I love you my all my heart!!
—Carol Walker

To: Mother & David
Miss you both and wish we were there with you . . . after the show, of course!
—Michael Ingram-Stahl

To: Jennifer Curry
Congratulations on the new job Jen. Now you can put that drama degree to work. We love you, Randy and Terri
—Randy Hughes

To: Judd Esch
15 years of marriage! So much love and a little confusion. Here's to always keeping it interesting. Happy Anniversary!
—Christie Esch

To: mom and judy
Hello from Arlington, the pecans are in the mail. Enjoy the pies and send the mushrooms next spring. Love chuck & carla
—chuck felker

To: Georges, Reema and Michael
Thank you kids for a fantastic birthday gift idea for Dad. We won't be trying to beat powder milk biscuits to church this time. Love Mom and Dad
—Elias and Rosa Bounajem

To: Captain Cliff Ives
Greetings from Dallas! Weather is here, wish you were beautiful. Love and miss you. Fair winds and following seas.
—Lee & Cathy Ives

To: Ron King
Thank you for 14 wonderful years. Being here with you tonight tops our trips to Charleston and Savannah--and that is hard to do!
—Debbie Renfrow

To: Ben
Son and Brother Ben Congratulations, you made it to ten! Happy Birthday!
—Blake Middleton

November 15, 2013

To: Tim and Linda in Lexington, KY
Greetings from your loving daughter, Sarah, and son-in-law, Braden here in Dallas (in audience Nov, 16). Your granddaughter, Meryl, is asking Santa for a 2014 Wildcat NCAA Championship; please send wrapping instructions.
—Braden Holton

To: Lloyd Garrett
Happy birthday Lloyd!! With all my love, Cynthia (his wife of 31 years) We are celebrating by attending the performance in Dallas tonight.
—Cynthia Garrett

To: Ted & Sylvia Leeds
Happy 47th Anniversary. Your love, your dedication and patience make the world a better place. Love Chris, Betsy, Sam and the kiddos.
—Chris Leeds

To: Katy
Happy birthday to the love of my life
—Ron Hart

To: Greg Zureich
Happy 15 year anniversary to my wonderful husband Greg. Check this show off the list. We finally made it!
—Shannon Zureich

To: Chris
I love you dearly. Here's to living our dreams. Next up, a bike tour through Bruges!
—Anna Yerby

To: Martha Withjack
Looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving pickle ball tournament. I'll stop beaning Jim with the ball when he stops crowding the net.
—Doug Oliver

To: Mr. Kim Lawrence
Feliz Cumpleanos to the Supreme Bert, we love you! From Annchen, Matthew, and Lindsey
—Matthew Lawrence

November 14, 2013

To: My Son Phoenix
To my son Phoenix in the audience sitting next to me. I am proud of you. One day you may not be above average and I will remain proud of you. Thank you for illuminating my life. Your Dad.
—Matt Tafoya

To: Grandma Linda
To Grandma Linda (in the audience Nov 16)- Thanks for being a wonderful Grandma and mother to your son and grandson sitting next to you. From your son and wonderful Grandson.
—Matt Tafoya

November 12, 2013

To: Kathi Ryan
Happy 30th anniversary Honey. We will be spending the event with Garrison Keillor Saturday evening November 16. Thanks for 30 awesome years! Can't wait for the next 30!!! Rusty
—Rusty Ryan

To: Jose Moreno
Jose, Congratulations on making Life Scout! I'm so proud of you. Now please clean your room,(wish there was a merit badge for that.)
—candace Boyd

To: Mary Ruebush
A very happy birthday from your son and daughter, who conned your boss into sending you to Dallas for a fake team building exercise. After listening for 15 years, we hope your first ever live PHC was worth almost getting fired.
—Trenton Burgess

To: Anne Casey
—Nancy Casey

To: Cathie Andrychuk
I would like to say Happy Birthday to my wife, who, like the antiques and vintage items she loves, grows more rare and valuable with each passing year.
—Mark Slevin

To: Jose Bardowitz
Hi Jose, Wishing you the best on your one man musical: The Badowitz Expirience Best, Francis
—Noah Hellman

To: My husband Mark
We met eleven years ago tonight at our high school reunion and fell in love again. We’re the groovy couple making out in Row F.
—Shelley Glinsky

November 11, 2013

To: Mark
Well, Dear, I moved to Texas 3 years ago, and now Garrison has come for a visit on my birthday. The stars are aligned. Why don't we get hitched?
—Lisa Roland

To: Paula Miller
To a wonderful person, wife and mother, Happy 60th Birthday, and Happy 35th Anniversary.
—John Miller

November 10, 2013

To: Sam Levison
Happy Birthday, you make this long distance thing worth while. Here's to you, me, and rocking chairs on a front porch one day.
—Amy Ochello

To: alfred
Happy birthday we love you.
—mary salva
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