December 29, 2013 - January 4, 2014
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January 4, 2014

To: Mom
Happy new year, Pat Cox! You and dad hooked us on public ready 40+ years ago and still going strong! To my native Wisconsin mom, I love you! Love, anna
—Anna Lutz

To: Bob and Caryle Perlman
Greetings from John T in Sunny San Diego. Gonna make Ezra move to Venice.
—John Trzeciak

To: Forrest Johnson
To brother Forrest in Two Harbors stop sending lutefisk. Love your sister Amy in San Diego
—Amy Romaker

To: Ben Pollack
To our wonderful son who left 75 degree January days for the Winters in Colorado - we love you but really sometes question your judgement!!
—Janet Pollack

To: Rachel Pollack
To our lovely daughter who left 75 degree January days for the Winters in Minneapolis - we live you but really sometes question your judgement!!
—Janet Pollack

To: Alexanders
Greetings our friends in Taiwan from your Taiwan friends in San Diego.
—Donna Grandi

To: John
Hello to my wonderful husband John. Thank you for almost 44 years of married bliss. Well, actually it's been hills and valleys. But haven't the hills been wonderful!
—Sue Brattain

To: Melissa and Justin Rodriguez
You have made it through a most difficult year. Your strength and commitment to each other continue to inspire your family and friends. Sweet baby jane would be 1 year old today and we miss her dearly. You continue to honor her with your love, humor and kindness. Love, your admiring sister, Amy
—Amy Flores

To: Deb, Jim and Alma
Sending warmth and love from San Diego to you all back in snowy Pennsylvania. Here's to the NewCraft trivia champs! We love you! -Gwen and Devin
—Gwyneth Shoecraft

To: Michiko
Happy birthday, Mom! Thank you for spending the day with us. If this doesn't make it to the live show, blame Garrison.
—Smith Family

To: Jim Waer
Yea!! In the audience today!! We are all celebrating your amazing recovery thanks to the phenomenal medical team at Thornton Hospital and Moores Cancer Center.
—Kathryn Waer

To: GK
Velkommen to San Diego from Fran, the "nice Norwegian girl" who saw PHC at the Fitzgerald in September. After the show I had Walleye at the St Paul Grill and returned for the second show! May your days be sunny and bright!
—fran nilsen

January 3, 2014

To: Lowell Melbye
Happy Birthday to my Norwegian Lutheran father in Minnesota, who will be 90 on January 21st. Love, Your daughter in San Diego.
—Karen Melbye

To: Colin Lundeen
Big San Diego shout out to Colin; give your gramma a big hug and give your parents a break. Go the bleep to sleep.
—Mike Perkins

To: Hazel
Orchestra seats at Prairie Home Companion in San Diego, Whoo Hoo! Here we are celebrating our December birthdays in January, again. So glad you are my friend of 37 years.
—Terry Miller

To: Mom and Dad
To my parents who have been happily divorced for 13 years; you give best friends an entirely new meaning. Here's to a life full of love, laughter and loud mouths!
—Lauren Schulz

To: Candice & Jason Sapp
To my wonderful daughter and son-in-law: Thank you so much for the Christmas stocking stuffer to the show. I've been dating Garrison every Sat. nite at 6:00 for the last 25 years. And it is about time we met. Happy 40th birthday, Jason: Good thing your surprise birthday party was last night because there was no way Nana was going to miss this show in San Diego PS(Hope your surprise buddies from the east coast finally got here:Your wife was sneaking out of the house to pick one up at the airport Thurs. night. She's probably still there.
—Carol Cassell

To: Chris Agrippe
My awesome husband celebrates 62 yrs. young the 4th - birthday greetings from Tracey, Buster and Mr. French! Surprise - we are going to San Diego's broadcast!
—Tracey Amernick

To: Sue Scott
So wonderful to re-connect with you this past October. We had a wonderful church community to grow up in together for so many years in Tucson. We'll be in the audience at the Nourse in San Francisco-dinner on us after the show ? Love, Nancy
—Nancy Langen

January 2, 2014

To: Mom
Jay and Linda send our best wishes from the sea to the prairie. Know that you're not alone, and are in our thoughts, always.
—Jay Katz

To: Shirley Granny Stark
With love toyou in Wichita, Your 6 kids, 26 grandkids, and 6 greatgrandkids are all holding you in our hearts!
—Linda Salem

January 1, 2014

To: Jennifer
Welcome home on school semester break. I told you Mom's cooking was better than the dorm cafeteria !
—Steve Doering

To: Pat & Carol
To our cousins in Weaverville - If it is getting too cold up there come on down to San Diego. Sunshine, surf and avocados await you.
—Lyle & Robert Kafader

To: Andrew Selich
Happy 40th Birthday to my handsome, hunky, husband!
—Erica Selich

December 31, 2013

To: Bill Neff
Happy 18th anniversary of our listening to Garrison together!
—eileen Neff

December 30, 2013

To: Bob and Jane Ready (reed-ie)
Happy 30th Anniversary! You have always had the strength to get up and do what needs to be done! Your family loves you!
—Jack Fanton

December 29, 2013

To: Al & Sali Weiss
Hope you are enjoying your Christmas present. Sorry we can't be there with you, but a vacation in Saint Maarten beats one in San Diego any day.
—Michael Weiss
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