January 12, 2014 - January 18, 2014
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January 18, 2014

To: Timothy
Turn it up Timmy! Hope you hear us at the prairie home companion.
—Jane Makarewicz

To: Mom & Dad
Having an awesome birthday! I can't believe I'm here at the Fitzgerald Theater!!! The only thing that would make this birthday better is if you would COME TO MINNESOTA!! With Love, From the American Tundra
—Stephanie Auton

To: Jim R
Happy birthday and first date anniversary James. We finally made it to the Fitzgerald. Hello to our 5 kids in Virginia. London, don't forget to check for eggs in the hen coop while we are gone.
—Stella Kaufmann

To: Mark
Happy Birthday Mark. You may have luced for six decades but you still have a hot girlfriend. Love, Sue.
—susan mellecker

To: Eden Reinhard
Good luck on your vet school interview at Virginia Tech tomorrow. Your rescue greyhound Argos and your mom and dad are pulling for you.
—James Reinhard

To: Sue my darlin
Thanks for being by my side for my 60th. We won't get another 60 together, but I'll treasure each year, each month, each moment we spend.
—mark nidey

To: Ed & Bev Phelps
To my parents, who first taught me to enjoy A Prairie Home Companion in the 1980s. I hope you are enjoying the show tonight!
—Martha, Dan, Anne & Susie Lepow

To: Tom Houlton
A special Happy Birthday to Tom Houlton in the audience today who never lets us know when it really is. From Your MN Friends
—Michael Wilson

January 17, 2014

To: Allen & Gayle Wutschke
Have a great time at the show! We can't wait till you visit us in Colorado and don't forget to bring the cheese curds!!
—Amy Morris

To: Barb
Happy Birthday to the love of my life. Another check off the old bucket list, we made it to the Fitzgerald!!
—Greg Habben

January 16, 2014

To: Deb and Mike Odland
Happy Birthdays Mike and Deb from your wonderful sons. We are so grateful our parents have birthdays two days apart, makes shopping so much easier!
—Jake Odland

January 14, 2014

To: Mom and Dad
Hope you're enjoying your Christmas present! Make sure Dad doesn't turn it into an ice-fishing trip. Love from your kids in England and the States.
—Mitch Weegman

January 13, 2014

To: Jim Gearhart
Happy Birthday at the Fitzgerald! Yes, Iíll still need you, yes Iíll still feed you now that you are 64!
—Jill Gearhart

To: Kirsten
Sending all my love from here in Minneapolis to you in Madison and can't wait to see you soon. Love, your Benny Bear.
—Ben Brewer

To: amy irish
Congrats on your retiremment from the USAF after 20 yrs and good luck on youe new career up there in alaska. May you be in heaven an hour before the devil knows your dead
—sandy reid
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