March 23, 2014 - March 29, 2014
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March 29, 2014

To: Sandi Sturm
28 years of marriage and you're still hanging in there. You're my True North. If love you.
—Wayne Sturm

To: Mary Beth, The love of my life
Thank you for helping me check another thing off my bucket list...and not having to wait in line for tickets today!
—Matt Zanoviak

" I do not want to buy any siding "
—Cathy Christensen

To: Rick Rose
Hope you're having a good belly laugh today! You certainly have been the source of many gut-busting laughs at family get-togethers. Today's show will likely give you new material. You enjoy life, and that is always nice to be around. Now lean over and kiss my lovely sister who surprised you with such a great gift!
—Mary Meteyer

To: Julie, Jeff, and Chloe
Thank you for hosting us and letting us bring you tales of our Northern California early Spring.
—Susi Lopez

To: Tom and Irene Weis
Hi mom and dad hope you are having a great time! Love you Jeff, Pam and Grace osmundson
—Pam Osmundson

To: Jason
Thank you for becoming a Minnesotan, just don't lose your New York accent!
—Serena Hock

To: Aimee, Mimi, and Bridget
Our hearts are with you, Sandra was one of a kind.
—Jake Wyss

To: Sally Hansen
Happy 61st birthday grandma Hansen. You are the best! With love grandpa
—Floyd Hansen

To: Lauren
Happy 21st birthday! We can't believe you are so old, 'cuz we're not old enough to have a 21yo daughter. We love you dearly!
—Peggy Martin

To: Angela "Bepy" Nguyen
My dearest little sister - today on your birthday, I'll have a slice of rhubarb pie in your honor. Lots of love from here, your sis.
—Amanda "Hien" Nguyen

March 28, 2014

To: Boots
May our lakeside wedding be just the beginning of the joyful waters that we will swim in.
—Paul Swanson

To: Cynthia Ranke
A big Minnesota hello to a fellow Prairie, I mean, Desert Home Companion back in Albuquerque.
—Paul Swanson

To: Ruth Neal
Happy 29th Birthday Oma! I love you and all the meals you made with Lutheran paste! I hope you enjoy seeing Garrison Keillor live on April 1st. Love you!
—Lisa Barker

To: Kathleen
Happy Birthday, Honey! Not even Crosswords get between us. Truly Yours, JT
—JT Lindroos

March 23, 2014

To: Rick & Judy Rose
Greetings to my brother, Rick and his beautiful wife, Judy on their 25th anniversary of cycling and marriage! May you continue to have more tailwinds than headwinds in both ventures!
—Lynnette Rose

To: Grandpa Gene
Happy 70th Birthday! We'll see you at Easter.
—Sam and Cooper Wittek

To: Rick Rose
Surprise Rick! Here you are at live broadcast. And you thought I was picking you up to go home on Friday after work. Instead we went to SeaTac and flew to St Paul. This has been my best kept secret - ever! Enjoy the show! Hi to family in Washington.
—Judy Rose
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