March 30, 2014 - April 5, 2014
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April 5, 2014

To: Kristine
Happy Birthday Kristine! Hope you enjoy your April 5th present of favorites - Garrison Keillor, a Prairie Home, and Nickel Creek. True harmony! Love Always, Curt
—Curtis Byrnes

To: Mary Lee and Terry Denley
Welcome back to Minnesota after a few months in warm Arizona. Thanks for having your cell phone ringer on during the trip back!
—Beth and Todd Linquist

To: Joe
Joe, mom & I will be in NYC all day. Please bring the flag in at sunset, turn the lights off and the heat down before you go to bed.
—Lisa Bailey

To: Kristina Huber
Happy web greetings to my daughter Kristina and her boyfriend Chris on the occasion of their very first live PHC experience. It's been 28 years in the coming, since you were a little girl and we first listened to the News from Lake Wobegon together, since the PHC tapes lullabied you into dreamland. And yes Kristina, it is ok to close your eyes tonight, listen, and be transported again to where dreams come true. Love, Dad and Mom
—Jack Huber

To: The LaRue Family
Hello to Mom, Dad, and little sister back on the farm in Ohio. I'm in the army now. You'll have to find somebody else to work for free.
—Isaac LaRue

To: Ed
Ed, happy birthday! Glad u could make it in from the outbacks of pa to attend!
—Dave Stemrich

To: Cassie Hay
Dear Cassie, You brought me to New York 3 years ago, and now you're leaving. Best of luck! We'll always have Lake Wobegon. Love, Amy
—Amy Bryant

To: Phil and Nell
Excited to be at the show! April in New York feels a lot like Duluth in July-- see you then!
—Amy and Ollie Black Johnston

April 3, 2014

To: J.E.Z.
Dear J.E.Z. toast to your almost half of a century existence, please stay the same crazy yourself for the second half xxx L.I.K.
—L.I.K. eckermann

April 2, 2014

To: Patrick and Kami
After sitting in the back seat listening to Prairie Home 30 years ago as a kid, congratulations on finally making it in New York (APRIL 5) to see the show in person.
—Patrick Hogan

To: Colton
Can't believe the little baby I brought home from the hospital is now sitting beside me enjoying the show. Here's to graduating high school!
—Tom Stuehrk
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