April 27, 1996
Live from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota, with Pat Donohue, Roy Blount, Jr., Howard Levy, and Paula Poundstone.

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Recorded on April 27, 1996, from St. Paul, Minnesota.
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00:11Tishomingo Blues
01:00Opening Credits
02:24Joke Topics/Announce Address
24:30Knock Knock, Who's There
26:47Applause--Gk Talk With Paula Poundstone And Roy Blount
45:10Gk Introduces Pat Donohue
45:38This Is The Beginning--Pat Donohue And Band
50:19Applause--Pat Segues To "I Never Cried"
51:03I Never Cried--Pat Donohue And Howard Levy
54:48Gk Segues To Celebrities
55:12Celebrities: Jokes
102:55Applause--Segue To Intermission
103:22Three Little Words
106:54Welcome Back To The Second Half--American Lock And Latch: Smart Wallet
108:13Applause-- Conversation With Chet Atkins
111:44Audience Member Gives Nurse Joke
113:13Audience Member Gives Religious Joke
114:34Child In Balcony Tells Joke--More Jokes From Audience
118:59Applause--Joke From Balcony
119:34Seen Juan, Seen Amahl
120:34Gk Segue To "Kalamazoo"
146:24(Back Home Again In) Indiana -- Pat Donohue
150:16Applause--Gk Talks About Federal Writers Project--More Jokes From Gk, Paula Poundstone, Roy Blount
158:36Let's Have A Party

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