May 11, 1996
Live from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota, with Kate MacKenzie, Michael Cleveland, Solas and Chris Thile.

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Recorded on May 11, 1996, from St. Paul, Minnesota.
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00:11Tishomingo Blues
02:47Applause--Gk Talks With Kate Mackenzie/Chris Thile
05:20Fishing Opener (Greenland Whale Fisheries)
08:40Duct Tape: Double-Sided Picnic Tape
09:09Fred Farrell: Condor Cry
11:46Shadow Ridge
15:41Stoney Lonesome
17:51Applause--Gk Back Announce
18:22What's The Matter With The Mill?
20:41Applause--Gk Back Announce
21:27Cowboys: Mom Visits The Campsite
29:18Applause--Gk Talks To Seamus Egan
31:39Flowing Bowls --Seamus Egan And Solas
35:30Applause--Gk Talks To Solas
38:22Fear An Bhata
42:42Applause--Gk Talks To Karan Casey
43:47Bertha's Kitty Boutique: King Salmon Caviar
46:27Celebrities: Mother's Day
52:15Applause--Sweet Ballads For Mothers Day..
52:46Mother The Queen Of My Heart
56:08The Sweetest Gift, A Mother's Smile
59:22Applause--Gk Segue To Pat
59:57I Want You To Be My Baby
102:45Applause/Gk Segue To Intermission
103:13At The Jazz Band Ball
106:47Applause--Welcome Back To The Second Half
107:33Powdermilk Biscuits Theme
112:20Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky
115:55Applause/Gk Talk With Chris Thile And Michael Cleveland
117:19Wheel Hoss
120:15Mel's Big Boy Buffet
124:49Newry Highwayman/Boys Of Tulla
149:50Faith River
152:22Applause--Gk Talk To Michael Cleveland
155:54Red River Valley

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  • Solas
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  • Duct Tape
  • Fred Farrell
  • Cowboys
  • Bertha's Kitty's Boutique
  • Celebrities

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