November 9, 1996
Live from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota, with The Forbes Family and The Steele Family.

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Recorded on November 9, 1996, from New York, New York.
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Tishomingo (7:05)
Let It Be Me (3:55)
MacBeth (11:36)(RA)
I Wonder - The Forbes Family (3:51)
Bury Me - The Forbes Family (2:44)
Just Someone - The Forbes Family (4:34)
Sweetest Gift (4:28)(RA)
Dr. Daryl Dirk (1:27)(RA)
Guy Noir (11:59)(RA)
Don't Miss - The Steeles (4:43)
Barkeley Sq. - The Steeles (3:40)
Try Real Love - The Steeles (4:00)
Buddy's Habits (3:21)
(Intermission with credits)
Greetings (3:35)
I Have A Father - The Forbes Family (2:49)
Monologue includes Pat Donahue/Freight Train (24:35)
Irish Heartbeat (3:17)
Thats Odd (9:40)(RA)
Oh Happy Day - The Steele Family (4:20)
Credits (:59)
Joy Joy Joy (2:20)

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  • The Steele Family
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  • Macbeth
  • Dr. Daryl Dirk
  • Guy Noir

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