Cafe Boeuf
Saturday, May 24, 1997

...Brought to you by the Cafe Boeuf----



TK (ON PHONE): Bon soir, Cafe Boeuf. This is Maurice speaking. (LITTLE GIBBERISH) How may I help you?


GK: Maurice, it's Carson Wyler, I'd like to make a reservation for two for dinner tonight at seven?


TK (ON PHONE): (MURMURING TO HIMSELF) Wyler --- Wyler --- yes, I remember you from last time. You ordered the Manischevitz. How many in your party, Mr. Wyler?


GK: Two for dinner.


TK (ON PHONE): And what will you be wearing?


GK: What will I be wearing?


TK (ON PHONE); Yes. So we know where to seat you, monsieur.

We like to color coordinate, yes.


GK: I'll be wearing a gray double-breasted suit and a white shirt and a red tie.


TK (ON PHONE); A red tie, did you say?


GK; Is that going to be a problem?


TK (ON PHONE); Blue would be much better, monsieur.


GK: Okay.


TK (ON PHONE): Blue with a small print. No stripes, no fish, just little ---- dee, dee, dee, dee, dee ---- little dots. Oui?


GK: Okay.


TK (ON PHONE); How about your socks? Eh?


GK: I'll wear black socks.


TK (ON PHONE): Very good, very good. This is not a business occasion, is it?


GK: No.


TK (ON PHONE); We're not going to have a big conversation about mutual funds and that sort of thing----


GK: No, no.


TK (OH PHONE): We're not going to open up big sales charts and manila folders, are we, monsieur?


GK: No----


TK (ON PHONE): This is a French restaurant.


GK: I understand.


TK (ON PHONE); In a French restaurant, we talk about ideas.


GK: Of course.


TK (ON PHONE): We talk about love, beauty, philosophy----


GK: I'll do my best.


TK (ON PHONE); And if we tell jokes, we tell jokes of elegance, we have a play on words, we don't tell jokes about (RASPBERRY)---


GK: Fine. Good. I won't.


TK (ON PHONE); So do you have any thoughts about beauty, monsieur?


GK: What?


TK (ON PHONE): Is that question too complicated for you?


GK: Do I have thoughts about beauty?


TK (ON PHONE): Would you like time to think about it? I'll put you on hold.


GK: No, not on hold. Please.


TK (ON PHONE): How about a table a month from now? That'll give you time to read a book.


GK: Please. Tonight.


TK (ON PHONE): I'm sorry.


GK: We'll talk about beauty. I promise.


TK (ON PHONE): You promise?


GK: Please. A table for two.


TK (ON PHONE): I don't know----


GK: I'll wear the blue tie with the dee dee dee dee dee..


TK (ON PHONE): How about ten-thirty?


GK: Seven, please.


TK (ON PHONE): Impossible....


GK: Would it help if I were in a mood of black despair and smoked unfiltered cigarettes and crossed my legs and quoted Camus?


TK (ON PHONE): Perhaps, perhaps....

GK: How about if I wear a black turtleneck and I'm unshaven and look haunted and I talk about the comedy of Jerry Lewis---


GK: The Cafe have to work at it, but you can usually get in. Good luck. (PLAYOFF)

© 1997 by Garrison Keillor

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