Saturday, April 25, 1998

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GK: One spring afternoon at the highway department.....

TR: So----- Route 10 ---- haven't done anything there for awhile.

TK: What you want to do?

TR: We could repaint the center line.

TK: We painted it in the fall.

TR: What color?

TK: White.

TR: Let's make it yellow. How's the roadbed? Need patching?

TK: No. Did that last fall too.

TR: Too bad. ---We could always widen the shoulders.

TK: Sounds good.

TR: Between the shoulders and the center line, that pretty well takes care of her, don't it.

TK: Yeah.

TR: Where you want to put the detour?

TK: How about County Road F?

TR: Gravel?

TK: You bet.

TR: Beautiful.

TK: How many cars a day nowadays on Route 10?

TR: Got it right here on my computer. Just a sec. (POWER MUSIC)

SS: Yes, when you need data fast, it's the Jujitsu 850 9L CPU from Anoka ---- 26 MB Ram, 160 Mhz processor, 2500 GDs, 14-2 RLF ratio, so it boots up in 4.2 seconds.

TR: About twenty-two thousand.

TK: WOW! When can we start?

TR: We'll set up the barricades on Monday morning, start construction in about six weeks.....

SS: When you need to know, make your data base the Jujitsu 850 9L CPU from Anoka........(MUSIC OUT)


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