April 17, 1999
Live from the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois, it's our Fourth Annual "Talent From Towns Under 2,000" Competition. Guests include last year's winners, The Virtual Consort, and finalists selected from this year's contestants.

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Recorded on April 17, 1999, from Peoria, Illinois.
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00:56Opening Credits
01:55GK Talk about Talent from Small Towns
03:10Intro Bands
03:55Applause for Contestants, Explain Prizes
05:04Musician's Fight Song
06:05Applause-GK Talk about Online Voting
06:38Intro Groveton Marimba Band
08:44Groveton Marimba Band: In the Mood
11:23Applause-GK Back Announce, Playoff Music
11:51The History of T-TUTT
15:31Applause-GK Intro Nikki Matteson
17:40Trouble in Mind
20:11Applause-GK Back Announce, Band Playoff
20:38GK Talk about "Where Am I? Peoria"
21:02GK Intro Uncle Henry's Favorites
23:16John Henry
26:45Applause, Band Playoff, GK Talk About Voting
36:00Applause, GK Intro Bobby Arnell
38:06Bach -Tocata and Fugue in D Minor
41:37Applause, GK Back Announce, Band Playoff/GK Intro, Talk with Jill Jones
44:18Singing on the Trail
47:40Applause, GK Back Announce, Band Playoff
48:19GK Intro Final Contestant, Talk with Jason Moody
50:51Tambourine Chinois
54:34Applause-GK Back Announce
54:55GK Gives Voting Instructions
56:33GK Talk about Peoria
1:01:30Pat Intro His Bio Song
102:00Bio Song
1:04:20Applause-GK Segue to Intermission, Promo Second Half
104:55The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise
1:08:55GK Talk
109:38Powdermilk Biscuit Me
109:59Ketchup Script
1:12:14Applause, GK Intro Virtual Consort
115:16Le Pac
1:20:49GK Intro Virtual Consort Again
124:41Applause-GK Back Announce
1:40:41Strawberry Fields
1:42:50Applause-GK Talk about Awards
144:15Playoff Music GK Talk with Nikki Mattson
145:00Intro Second Place Winners/the Groveton Marimba Band
145:54Dueling Marimbas
148:43Applause-GK Back Announce, Talk with Pat
1:49:39Move It on Over
1:52:26Applause, GK Intro Winner of the Contest!! Jason Moody
153:34Bowin' the Strings
1:54:44Applause-Final Credits
156:46Playoff Music Starts
157:55That's Our Show for Tonight.

Guest Information
  • The Virtual Consort
  • Bobby Arnell
  • Jill Jones and the Lone Star Chorale
  • Nikki Matteson
  • Jason Moody
  • Uncle Henry's Favorites
  • The Groveton Marimba Band
  • Scripts
  • The History of the T-TUTT Competition
  • The Lives of the Cowboys
  • The Ketchup Advisory Board
  • Musician's Fight Song

  • Music Information
    Performers, music scipts and credits
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