June 26, 1999
Live from Knoxville, Tennessee, with guests Sam Bush with John Randall, and fiddler Bob Douglas. Charlie Acuff and the Lantana Drifters will also be performing.

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02:44Knoxville Limericks
04:18Segue to "Barbecue" Song
04:47Struttin' with Some Barbecue
07:41Guy Noir
20:30GK Talk about Knoxville
22:35Carter Family Medley
25:57Applause - Intro Bob Douglas
27:35Polly Put the Kettle On
29:24Applause - Talk with Bob Douglas
34:40Monday Morning Blues
37:00Applause - GK Back Announce
37:44Tennessee Valley Authority
39:17Sunshine Special
41:55Applause - GK Talk about Train Whistle
43:24Cacklin' Hen
44:56Applause - GK Back Announce
59:07Applause - GK Talk about Knoxville
100:33Ralph's Banjo Special
103:12After You've Gone
106:58Welcome Back to the Second Half
107:18Powdermilk Biscuits
109:07Applause - GK Intro Sam Bush Again
110:09Last Letter Home
117:29Applause - Greetings
120:05GK Talk with Sam Bush
145:15Sophisticated Lady
147:12Applause - GK Talk
151:02One Night with You
152:30Applause - GK Intro Charlie Acuff
153:10Give the Fiddler a Dram
154:26Applause - GK Final Credits
156:00James Agee Quote
157:29Kitty Puss

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  • Sam Bush
  • Bob Douglas
  • Scripts
  • Guy Noir
  • Ketchup Advisory Board
  • Ellen
  • Reno Limericks
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

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