December 25, 1999
Live from New York City with Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks, humorists Roy Blount, Jr. and Al Franken, and special guest, 99-year-old pianist Ernest Stein.

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00:11Tishomingo with Opening Credits
02:15Christmas in New York
05:26GK Talk about Howard Jaffe's Song
06:04My 2K
08:49Applause, GK Back Announce
09:06Millenium Eve of a Lifetime; New Year's Eve Sfx
10:59Applause - GK Intro and Talk With Vince Giordano
12:36Alexander's Ragtime Band
14:21Applause - Vince Intro Ellington Tune
14:45The Mooch
18:20Applause - Vince Credits Solos, Talks about Tunes
21:46Applause - GK Back Announce, Intro Al Franken
24:30Al Franken Talks
31:00Applause GK Back Announce
31:16Powdermilk Biscuit Break
32:46Ernest Stein Intro
38:02Träumerei from Robert Schumann's Scenes from Childhood
40:30Intro Roy Blount
42:44Roy's Poem for the Twentieth Century
46:11Applause - GK Back Announce
46:37From Monday On (Giordano and the Nighthawks)
49:11Applause - Vince Intro Next Tune
49:38King Porter Stomp
52:57Applause/GK Segue
53:28Danny the Opera Dog
108:22Welcome Back to the Second Half
108:50Café Boeuf
114:16Hey Abbott Playoff
117:0940 Tunes in 4.5 Minutes
122:07Applause - Monologue
142:13On Fertile Ground
144:33Applause-GK Back Announce
144:53Guy Noir-Christmas Day
152:46Applause- GK Intro Vince Giordano
153:10One O'clock Jump and In the Mood Medley
155:25Applause - Final Credits
157:07Auld Lang Syne
158:03The Moon and You Playoff

Photos from the show

Ernest Stein Al Franken
Ernest Stein Al Franken

Guest Information
  • Roy Blount Jr.
  • Al Franken
  • Vince Giordano
  • Ernest Stein
  • Scripts
  • Cafe Boeuf (and Larry)
  • Danny the Opera Dog
  • Guy Noir
  • Millennium Eve of a Lifetime
  • Roy Blount, Jr.'s Poem for the Twentieth Century

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