March 4, 2000
Live from RTE studios in Dublin, Ireland, A Prairie Home Companion welcomes traditional Irish singer Niamh Parsons with Graham Dunne, Cathal McConnell along with Big John and Valerie McManus, and Frank Harte.

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Audio Highlights
Fear a Bhata
News from Lake Wobegon

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01:01Opening Credits
02:12GK talk about Dublin
04:21GK talk with Frank Harte
07:21Thank you Frank Harte - applause
07:44Tom Keith SFX
13:25Applause - GK intro band
13:52Doctor Jazz
15:27Applause - GK back announce, intro Cathal
16:14Hurricane of Reels
18:56Applause - Cathal intro next tune
19:43There's the Day
23:30Applause - GK back announce
24:00GK talk about Joyce with Frank Harte
26:10The Brown and the Yellow Ale
29:09Applause - GK talk with Frank
30:44Persse O'Reilly
32:37Applause - GK back announce
33:01Powdermilk Biscuits
34:17Comin' back from station break
34:42GK intro Niamh Parsons
35:27Fear a Bhata
41:36Applause - talk of GK's Irish heritage
46:05Guy Noir - Searching for Stepdancers
56:55Applause - GK intro Pat Donohue
57:24The Dead
100:32Applause - GK segue to intermission
101:22Some of these Days
104:57Welcome back to the second half,
105:50Andy Stein's Fifty Favorite Classics
107:50Applause - Greetings
117:00Lovesick Blues
119:39James Joyce Business School
122:26Applause - GK welcome back Niamh Parsons
125:50Applause - intro Monologue
147:55Crowley's and O'Rourke's
154:00Applause - credits
156:18In Dublin
157:19That's Our Show!

Photos from the show
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RTE studios in Dublin Rehearsal
RTE Radio Centre studios in Dublin Sue Scott and Tom Keith rehearsing in the studio
Scott Rivard Ireland by bus
Technical Director Scott Rivard's view of studio Traveling Ireland by bus

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  • Andy Stein's Fiddle Classics
  • James Joyce Business School
  • The Lives of the Cowboys
  • Tom Keith: Radio Violence

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