April 15, 2000
Live from Town Hall in New York City, it's our Talent from Towns Under 2000 Contest featuring acts from across the country and last year's winner, Jason Moody.

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01:33Six Groups from Around the Country
02:50Being a Grandparent, Changing Diapers
07:03Applause - GK Talk
09:44Bon Temps Roulez Plays Danse de Mardi Gras
12:41Applause - GK Back Announce and Playoff
13:03If You've Just Joined Us...
13:34Staten Island Ferry
16:08GK Introduces Camptown Ladies
18:55Camptown Ladies Perform Crow Black Chicken
21:12Applause - GK Back Announce and Playoff
21:37GK Introduces Lonesome Brothers, Talks to Them
24:53Lonesome Brothers Play "Ellie Mae's Having a Party"
28:15Applause GK Back Announce and Playoff
28:37Talk of Siegfried, T-TUTT, 3 More Contestants
29:04Powdermilk Biscuit Spot
29:24Instrumental Break
30:26GK Sings
30:46Applause, More Contestants in This Half Hour...
31:48Lives of the Cowboys - Lefty Enters Contest
38:40Applause, GK Segue to Leilani Clark
41:00Nitey Night
44:55Applause - GK Back Announce and Playoff
45:30GK Intro Next Group - Talk With Molasses Creek
48:48Molasses Creek Talk
52:11Applause - Back Announce and Playoff/Talk of Computer Voting
53:48Ketchup Advisory Board
57:05Applause - GK Introduces The Local Girls
59:57The Local Girls - Let Yourself Go
102:53Applause - GK Back Announce and Playoff
104:19I'll See You in My Dreams - Intermission
107:52Welcome Back to the Second Half of Our Show… Greetings
114:10GK Welcomes Jason Moody, Talks With Him
118:04Tarantella By Sarasate
123:19Voting Closed
146:11Applause - Announce Ray Marklund Award
148:05Second Place Winner - Hobo Performed By Molasses Creek
152:36First Place Winner - I'm Amazed Performed By Leilani Clark
156:09Applause - GK Back Announce, Credits
157:24Good Night, Irene

Photos from the show

T-TUTT winner Lelani Clark with father Daniel Gary Mitchell of Second Place finisher Molasses Creek
Congeniality winners Camptown Ladies Jim Armenti and Ray Mason of the Lonesome Brothers
The Local Girls Dennis Stroughmatt of Bon Temps Roulez

Guest Information
  • Bon Temps Roulez
  • Camptown Ladies
  • Lonesome Brothers
  • Leilani Clark
  • Molasses Creek
  • Local Girls
  • Jason Moody
  • Scripts
  • Ketchup Advisory Board
  • Staten Island Ferry
  • Lives of the Cowboys

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