April 22, 2000
Live from Town Hall in New York, New York, A Prairie Home Companion welcomes Swedish traditional artists, Frifot, and performs a tribute to the Broadway Chorus with Vern Sutton and Rob Fisher.

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Recorded on April 22, 2000, from New York, New York.
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01:56GK Talk About Families Having Seder, Lunch with his Daughter
04:42Today I Started Loving New York Again
06:52Applause, GK Announce Sponsor
07:06Piscacadawadaquoddymoggin Underwear
08:42Applause - Segue to Next Item
09:15Duct Tape
11:20Applause - GK Intro FRIFOT, Talks with Band Members
14:14Agram/Roligs Per
18:03Applause - Frifot Segue to Next Tune
18:59Abba Fader/Kus Eric
22:40Applause - GK Back Announce Frifot
23:12Powdermilk Biscuits
23:27Instrumental Cutaway
24:30Powdermilk Song
24:54Applause - GK Intro Next Segment
25:14The Fruit Fly
42:04Applause - GK Back Announce - Talk with Vern Sutton
43:48Broadway Chorus - "Ragtime"
45:36"Tell Me Pretty Maiden" from Floradora
46:34El Capitan
48:12Applause, "Never Mind Bo Peep"
49:44"Tea For Two"
50:50"You'll Never Walk Alone"
52:11"There is Nothing Like a Dame"
55:52"The Night of My Nights" from Kismet
56:55"Racing With the Clock" from Pajama Game
57:50"Ascot Gavotte" from My Fair Lady
58:37"Make Our Garden Grow" from Candide
59:55Applause - GK Back Announce
100:44The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
104:23Welcome Back to the Second Half...Greetings
107:03Tom Keith - Hates New York
113:08GK Talk with Vern Sutton About Music Man
115:10Lida Rose
116:27Alabama Jubilee
119:08Atreus (Doctor Wanda Call In)
121:27Applause, Intro FRIFOT, Talk with Frifot
123:44Bagpipe Medley
147:26Lotus Blossom
149:10Applause - GK Segue
149:31Hair Gel
150:58"Another Opening Another Show..."
151:34Vern Talk About Sing Along
152:22"Heart" from Damn Yankees
153:36"Hello Dolly"
155:04"Sweeney Todd"
155:42Applause - GK Credits
158:47That's Our Show for Tonight!

Photos from the show

Suzanne Ohlmann in "The Fruit Fly" Lena Willemark of Frifot
Vern Sutton Ale Möller of Frifot playing the mandola and flute
Per Gudmundson of Frifot playing the Swedish bagpipe Rob Fisher directing the Broadway Chorus

Guest Information
  • Frifot
  • Vern Sutton
  • Rob Fisher
  • Broadway Chorus
  • Scripts
  • The Fruit Fly
  • American Duct Tape Council
  • Piscacadawadaquoddy-moggin Underwear

  • Music Information
    Performers, music sources and credits
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