November 11, 2000
Live from the Singletary Center in Lexington, Kentucky, A Prairie Home Companion welcomes The Sam Bush Band, The Del McCoury Band, author Bobbie Ann Mason and auctioneer Scott Caldwell.

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00:13Tishomingo-Kentucky, My Old Kentucky Home, Blue Moon of Kentucky quotes
01:25Opening Credits
04:58Applause - GK Talk - Election/Thanksgiving Coming
06:27Homestead on the Farm (The Old Folks at Home)
09:29Applause - GK Intro Sam Bush
10:25Stingray - Instrumental
13:53Applause - Sam Bush Talk
14:38Eight More Miles to Louisville
18:40Duct Tape - Cynthia Maxwell/Duct Tape Security Tape
20:06GK Segue/Talk About Bill Monroe
20:34Down South - Pat Talk About/Bill Monroe Music
22:25Guitar Rag
23:20Pat Talk/Muleskinner Blues
24:10Pat Talk More
24:38The Pilgrim Song (I am a Pilgrim)
26:02Applause - GK Talk About Kentucky/WUKY
31:26Powdermilk Biscuit Break
32:48GK Sings Powdermilk Theme
33:05GK Forword Promote
33:20The Auctioneer
34:07GK Intro Scott Caldwell - Applause GK Talk With Scott Caldwell/TR Gives Horse Pedigree/Scott Caldwell Auctions off Horse
38:12Guy Noir-Missing Ballot Box
53:05GK Intro Del McCoury
54:04I Believe
56:08Applause - Del Talk/Intro Next Tune
100:26Applause - Del Talk About Broken String/Intro Band
105:30Applause - GK Segue to Intermission
106:05Miss Annabel Lee
109:53Welcome Back to the Second Half/Greetings
112:55House Auction Talk
113:44GK Intro Bobbie Ann Mason
115:00Bobbie An Mason Reads From Clear Springs: A Memoir
120:06Applause - GK Back Announce
121:28Howlin' at the Moon
142:35Applause - Minor Thing
143:47Applause - GK Intro Band
144:15Br'er Rabbit
151:10Evangelina - Del McCoury Band
154:06Applause - GK Announce Band Final Credits
155:49Goin' Back to Old Kentucky

Photos from the show

Sam Bush The Del McCoury Band
Writer Bobbie Ann Mason GK with auctioneer Scott Caldwell
Downtown Lexington in the thick of 'Horse Mania' GK with auctioneer Scott Caldwell

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