December 2, 2000
Live from The Town Hall on West 43rd Street in New York City, A Prairie Home Companion welcomes special guest Ramblin' Jack Elliott, plus a visit from some of New York City's most exciting subway musicians.

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03:20Good to be here in New York
06:36Hush Little Baby
11:27Applause - New York, New York
12:48Little Falls
15:36Applause - GK Talk
16:01Tom Keith
22:32Applause - GK Intro Natalia Paruz Natalia Plays Ave Maria
25:53The Swan
28:59Applause - GK Intro Jorge Luzuriaga - Talk With Jorge
32:35Moliendo Café
35:21Powdermilk Biscuit Break
37:01GK Welcomes Subway Conductor/Talk
39:50Subway Ride
47:15Revenge of the Hippies
50:11Applause - GK Segue to Next Group; Church of Betty
52:15GK talks with Spank
53:00Diamond and Pearls
55:08Applause - GK Segue to Ramblin' Jack Elliott; Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
105:44The Connection
108:18Applause - GK Segue to Intermission
108:39Buddy's Habits
112:10Welcome Back to the Second Half…Quo Vadis
114:27Applause; Greetings
117:26GK Intro Ernest Stein - Talk With Ernest
123:06Guy Noir - Waiting for Word from Tallahassee
129:35Applause - GK Welcome Back Jack Elliott
129:56South Coast
153:27Applause - Swing From Paris; GK Wing from Paris; GK Credits Band Over Tune; Credits
156:27So Long, It's Been Good to Know to You

Photos from the show

Tom Keith Ramblin' Jack Elliott
Saw player Natalia Puruz Guitarist Jorge Luzuriaga
Church of Betty Spank

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  • Ernest Stein
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  • New York
  • Tom Keith
  • Covodol
  • Guy Noir

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