March 10, 2001
Live from Vicar Street in Dublin, Ireland, A Prairie Home Companion welcomes Altan, ballad singer Frank Harte, Maighrëad and Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill, Joe Taylor and Deirdre Monaghan.

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Green Grow The Rushes (Altan)
News from Lake Wobegon

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00:00MPR logo
00:11Tishomingo Blues With Talk and Merrion Square Verse
03:30Applause, GK Talk About Dublin
05:40GK Talk With Altan
06:35The Kind of Meenasillagh/Laney's/The High Fiddle Reel
09:13Applause, GK Talk About Vikings
10:46Mournful Oatmeal
11:40GK Talk With Frank Harte
12:40Frank Harte Talk Into
13:30Molly Malone
16:20Applause, GK Talk With Frank Harte
17:27I Am An Old Man
18:21Applause, Into Rhubarb
21:40Applause, GK Talk About Dublin, Psychiatric Hospital Poem
28:00The Irish
30:17Applause, GK Talk With Ni Dhomhnaill sisters
31:25Spanish Lady
35:55Applause, GK Intro Irish Ballad
36:26Unaccompanied Ballad
38:22Applause, GK Segue into Powdermilk Break
38:54Powdermilk Biscuit Break
39:40Applause, GK Talk With Altan
40:15Gusty's Frolics
44:11Applause, Altan Teach Audience Chorus to
45:20Green Grow The Rushes
49:51Guy Noir
1:05:20Applause, GK Segue into Intermission
105:56Honeysuckle Rose/Lady Be Good
1:10:00Applause, GK Segue into
110:23The Rose of St. Paul
1:13:58GK Intro to Dancers & Drummers
115:22Greg's Rhythm
119:00Applause, GK Intro to
1:19:54Light From the Lighthouse
1:23:52Applause, GK Intro Ni Dhomhnaill sisters
1:24:47Amhran Hiudai Phadai Eamoinn
1:45:11Applause, GK and Frank Harte Intro to
1:46:50Red Roses for Me
1:49:10Applause, GK Talk with Altan, Band Introductions
1:50:41Two Germans
1:53:41Applause, into Credits
1:55:15Closer - The Parting Glass

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Frank Harte Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh of Altan
Joe Taylor Deirdre Monaghan
Irish Drummers Sisters Maighrëad and Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill
Pub at the Vicar Street

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