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April 21, 2001
Live from the Fitzgerald Theater in beautiful downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, A Prairie Home Companion presents our annual Talent from Towns Under Two Thousand contest, featuring six contestants from across the country competing for the coveted Silver Water Tower Trophy.

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Keeper of My Heart (Leilani Clark)
News from Lake Wobegon

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02:41GK Talk About River
05:07GK Intros Andy Stein, into I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music
07:32Applause, GK Back Announce
07:51GK Explain Contest Voting, Intros Andy Newbrey
09:28Swing Down Sweet Chariot- Andy Newbrey and Band
11:53Applause, GK Back Announce, Band Playoff
12:19GK Intros and Talks With Kyle Coolidge
15:00Pahs Gahs Nos. 1, 2, & 3 - Kyle Coolidge
18:00Applause, GK Back Announce, Band Playoff
18:24GK Talks to Katie Kerkhover
20:45Lonesome Devil Blues - Katie Kerkhover
23:32Applause, GK Back Announce, Band Playoff, GK Talk
24:43Sid's Hatchery script
26:31GK Intro and Talk With Celestial Sirens
27:20How Do I Love Thee - Celestial Sirens
29:54Applause, GK Back Announce, Band Playoff
30:14GK Intro and Talk With Scott Olson
32:28Carnival of Venice - Scott Olson and Band
35:53Applause, GK Back Announce, Band Playoff, GK Talk
36:27Powdermilk Biscuit Break
38:11Applause, GK Intro and Talk With Patti Casey
39:35Down from Canada - Patti Casey
42:49Applause, GK Back Announce, Band Playoff
43:10GK Talk About Voting, into Celebrities script
49:23Applause, into Shoe Band Medley
52:26Applause, GK Back Announce, into Contestants' Steeplechase: Working on a Building - Andy Newbrey; Minute Waltz - Kyle Coolidge; Roan Oak - Katie Kerkhover; Gloria in Excelsis Deo - Celestial Sirens; Heaven Knows - Patti Casey; Carnival of Venice (reprise) - Scott Olson
01:04:44Applause, GK Talks About Voting Procedure
01:06:02Dearie, The World is Waiting for a Sunrise (intermission)
01:09:32Applause, Welcome Back to the Second Half
01:10:06Thompson's Tongue Sponge script
01:12:17Applause, GK Back Announce, Greetings
01:15:57It Gets Lonely in a Small Town - GK and Band
01:20:06Applause, GK Intros and Talks With Leilani Clark
01:21:40Keeper of My Heart - Leilani, Dan and Timothy Clark
01:24:50Applause, GK Back Announce
01:40:36Applause, into Bent Frame - Pat and Band
01:42:56Applause, GK Back Announce
01:43:08GK Announces Ray Macklund Award to Patti Casey
01:45:43GK Announces 2nd Winner Kyle Coolidge
01:46:50Kitten on the Keys - Kyle Coolidge
01:48:50Applause, GK Back Announce
01:49:26GK Announces 1st Place Winner Katie Kerkhover
01:51:15Man in the Middle - Katie Kerkhover
01:54:26Applause, GK Back Announce
01:55:14Welcome to KCLU, Thanks, Credits
01:57:37Katy Hill Playoff

Photos from the show
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2001 Winner Katie Kerkhover and GK with the Silver Water Tower Trophy Patti Casey singing Heaven Knows
Kyle Coolidge at the piano Andy Newbrey
GK with trumpeter Scott Olson The Celestial Sirens
Katie Kerkhover and her band 2000 Winner Leilani Clark

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