May 26, 2001
Live from the Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, A Prairie Home Companion welcomes Dave Alvin, guitarist Greg Leisz, and the Ensemble Singers of the Plymouth Music Series.

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Walk Right In (Dave Alvin) News from Lake Wobegon

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02:00GK Talk
03:18State of Minnesota (Big Rock Candy Mountain)
06:24Applause, GK Back Announce, GK Talk Politics
08:26GK Talk About Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A-Changin'
12:23Applause, GK Back Announce, Intro Pat Donohue
13:07Sweet Temptation - Pat, Greg, and Band
16:26Applause, GK Back Announce
16:54Guy Noir
28:50Applause, GK Back Announce, Powdermilk Biscuit Break
30:41Applause, GK Talk About Camp, Camp Songs
43:58Applause, GK Back Announce, GK Talk to Philip Brunelle
45:42GK Intro Dave Alvin, Walk Right In - Dave and Greg
50:26Applause, Dave Back Announce, Intro What did the Deep Sea Say?
54:24Applause, GK Back Announce, Bertha's Kitty Boutique
55:49Golden Age of Radio
01:06:14Applause, GK Back Announce, Talk About Second Half
01:06:50After You've Gone - Intermission
01:10:29Applause, Bob Dylan Tribute Sing-A-Long
01:14:17Applause, Winners Announced, GK Intro Next Tune
01:15:10And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
01:20:16Applause, GK Intro Schubert/Poetry Segment
01:20:51Schubert Selection, We Shall Walk, Poetry
01:29:07Applause, GK Back Announce, Monologue
01:49:22Applause, Gentle on My Mind - Pat and GASB
01:51:11Applause, GK Back Announce, Greetings
01:52:02Dry River - Dave and Greg
01:55:25Applause, GK Back Announce, Credits
01:56:55Walk Right In (reprise)

Photos from the show
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Dave Alvin Greg Leisz with Dave Alvin
The Ensemble Singers of the Plymouth Music Series Rich Dworsky singing Times They Are A-Changin'
Greg Leisz and Pat Donohue Tom Keith in Guy Noir
GK and Philip Brunelle

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