October 13, 2001
Live from the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, featuring old-time country music from Norman Blake and Peter Ostroushko, and soprano Maria Jette.

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Audio Highlights
East Bound Freight Train (Norman Blake and Peter Ostroushko)
News from Lake Wobegon

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Norman & Peter
02:07GK intro
04:38Gee Whiz- Pat and band
07:43GK talks about show, Radio Chums script
14:11GK welcomes Maria Jette, they talk about her recent musical endeavors
17:20The Water is Wide- Maria, GK, band
22:02The Lives of the Cowboys script
33:12Powdermilk Biscuit Break
35:10GK introduces Maria - Jello Aria ('Che Gelida Manina'-Puccini)
40:07Guy's Shoes script
41:29GK intros Jackson Stomp - band, Greg, and Peter
45:05GK brings out Norman Blake and Peter Ostroushko
45:31East Bound Freight Train- Norman and Peter
49:01Only A Bunch of Violets- Norman and Peter
54:30Guy Noir script
1:05:12Ragtime Annie - intermission
1:09:19Welcome Back to the 2nd half, GK talks about concert series
1:13:15GK intros and sings The Bravest- Tom Paxton's song about WTC
1:17:12Muddy Creek- Norman and Peter
1:20:00The Last Rose of Summer- Maria Jette, GK, band, Greg, Peter
1:39:51John Hardy- Pat and Greg
1:41:43Rhubarb script
1:46:52GK talks with Norman, Gonna Rise When the Rooster Crows-
1:50:52Minnesota Diminishment Clinic script
1:53:26Sponsors, credits
1:55:53Bye Bye, Love closer

Photos from the show
Click images to view photos. (Credit: Alan Frechtman, Netcast)

Peter Ostroushko and Norman Blake Maria Jette
Wendy Winn-red and Kati Beck, winners of the coveted "First in the Rush Ticket Line Prize" Norman Blake
Peter Ostroushko Greg Leisz playing a lap steel guitar
GK getting a chuckle from the greetings That's our show for tonight.

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  • Maria Jette
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    Research and ideas: Russ Ringsak, Marilyn Heltzer, Laura Levine
    Jokes: Greg Fideler

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  • Peter Ostroushko
  • Maria Jette
  • Scripts
  • Radio Chums
  • Lives of the Cowboys
  • Guy's Shoes
  • Guy Noir
  • Diminishment Clinic
  • The Bravest
  • Jello Aria

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