Café Boeuf
SATURDAY, May 18, 2002

(GK: Garrison Keillor; SS: Sue Scott; TR: Tim Russell; TK: Tom Keith; AL: Al Franken)

GK: … this portion of our program brought to you by the Café Boeuf with your host Maurice the maitre'd and the waitress Bernadette ----- Bon soir, mon amis.

TK: Eh? What about the economy?

SS: You drive an economy car?

TK: You're looking for Wisconsin, monsieur?

GK: Never mind. I'm sorry I mentioned it. Haven't seen you folks in awhile. How is the Café doing?


GK: It's a competitive business. Lot of new restaurants opening here in downtown St. Paul. That Scottish restaurant, The Kilt N' Crock. The Canadian restaurant, with the pancake bar.


GK: I saw you got a pretty scathing review in the Minneapolis paper.


GK: The reviewer said she had to wait 45 minutes for a coq au vin that was still half frozen in the center.


GK: She said she paid $95 for a bottle of wine that came with a free deck of playing cards taped to it. She said that in addition to accepting Visa and American Express, you ought to offer Blue Cross.

SS: It makes no difference. We do not need the critics. What do they know?

TK: They're not French, how can they judge French food? (FRENCH)

TK: Business has never been better! Look! We're taking reservations for August.

SS: August, 2004.

GK: How did you get so successful with lousy food, overpriced wine, and insulting service?

SS: Easy. We put out the "Full" sign.

TK: People begged to come in!

SS: We said, "We'll put you on the waiting list. Maybe in three hours."

TK: People love a restaurant that refuses to let them in.

GK: Who is this?

TK: This is Henri, who is our head of admissions.

TR: If you wish to make a reservation, you must allow six months before the admissions committee can meet to interview you. Please bring three personal references and a financial statement and photos of your living room furniture.

SS: Midwesterners feel that any restaurant that welcomes them in is probably not so good. So we make them wait for hours and then seat them at a tippy tippy table right next to the microwave. An hour later the food still has not arrived. They're happy.

GK: Really?

TK: It is an honor to be insulted by someone who really knows what he's doing.

GK: A message from the Café Boeuf. Where the elite meet to eat.

TR: The soonest we could get you in today is 11 p.m. If you don't mind eating in the men's room.

© Garrison Keillor 2002

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