October 12, 2002
Live from St. Paul, Minnesota, with Ledward Ka'apana, Owana Salazar, Dave Frishberg, Lynn Peterson, and Dan Newton sits in with the Shoe Band.

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00:12Tishomingo Blues, opening introductions
03:42GK talks about nice weather, baseball playoffs, Bud Selig
05:37Mr. Crump Don't Like It - Dan Newton and band
09:47Good Old St. Paul script
13:10Just Someone I Used to Know - GK and Lynn Peterson
15:30GK talks to audience members
18:02CEOasis script
22:14GK talks with Dave Frishberg
23:42My Country Used to Be - Dave Frishberg
27:05Married Life script
32:14Powdermilk Biscuit Break
33:57Miranda - Pat Donohue and band
37:25Guy's Shoes script
38:43Kolomona Slack Key- Ledward Ka'apana
42:35I Kona - Ledward Ka'apana
46:57Hail Minnesota! - GK, and Ledward
48:06Win Twins! - GK, Ledward, audience
48:45I Will Guide Thee - GK, Lynn, Ledward, band
52:55The Story of Bob script
1:00:06Intermission - Three Little Words
1:04:35GK mentions Web site, Rich and Pat CDs, talent show, greetings
1:08:10GK talks to Nick, a high school football player from Isanti
1:11:19GK talks with Owana Salazar
1:12:20How D'ya Do - Owana Salazar, Pat Donohue, and Gary Raynor
1:15:07Guy Noir script
1:25:06GK talks to Dave Frishberg about baseball songs
1:26:26The Catbird Seat - Dave Frishberg
1:30:56Bush script
1:32:07Little Did I Dream - Dave Frishberg
1:50:36Whee Ha Swing - Ledward Ka'apana
1:52:35War script
1:55:28Credits, whoopee cushion
1:57:12Beautiful Brown Eyes- Dan Newton and band

Photos from the show
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Dave Frishberg at the piano Pat Donohue and Dan Newton
Ledward Ka'apana Owana Salazar
Nick, football player from Isanti Final bow

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  • CEOasis
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  • Bush
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