Reaching Out
Tuesday, August 26, 2003

We're all reaching out toward each other
All trying so hard to find
A reason to love one another,
The bond that unites humankind.

GK: Nice party.

FN: Yeah.

GK: You must be a friend of Susan's---

FN: Right.

GK: She seems very nice.

FN: We think so.

GK: We were so glad that Bob found somebody after he and Janice split up. He went through a bad patch then. Kind of lost hope for awhile. But they seem pretty happy.

FN: Yeah. So you're from Minnesota?

GK: Right. St. Paul.

FN: (PAUSE) It gets cold there.

GK: Yeah.

FN: I had a friend who lived in Minneapolis.

GK: Oh?

FN: That's near there, right?

GK: Right.

FN: He taught at the --- there's a University there, right?

GK: Right.

FN: He taught English.

GK: I see.

FN: Olson was his name.

GK: I don't think I know him.

FN: Big tall guy, ponytail---

GK: I don't think so.

FN: Carried a knapsack--- wore Adidases---

GK: No.

We're all reaching out toward each other
Searching for hearts and minds
A reason to love one another,
The bond that unites humankind.

GK: So I guess you know Susan from Buffalo, right?

FN: Right. We lived next door to her.

GK: It snows quite a bit in Buffalo, doesn't it.

FN: It can, yes.

GK: The lake effect, right?

FN: Right.

GK: So what sort of work do you do in Buffalo?

FN: Me? I'm a marriage counselor.

GK: Oh. I see.

FN: And you?

GK: I'm a writer.

FN: Uh huh. Interesting. What sort of writing?

GK: Fiction.

FN: Oh. That must be interesting.

GK: Yeah.

FN: I've always meant to write but I never seem to have the time.

GK: Uh huh.

FN: What's your name? Maybe I've heard of you.

GK: Carson Wyler.

FN: Oh.

GK: Wrote a novel called Spacious Skies? It was part of a trilogy. With Amber Waves Of Grain. And Purple Mountains Majesty?

FN: Sounds familiar. I've always meant to read fiction, but somehow I just can't get interested. Mostly read non-fiction.

GK: Sure. -----So you do counselling with--- with----

FN: Married people. You married?

GK: Uh huh.

FN: How long?

GK: A while.

FN: Great. (PAUSE) How's it going?

GK: Pretty good. Where'd you go to study that?

FN: University of Buffalo.

GK: Really. I knew someone who went there. Joyce Green.

FN: Psychology major?

GK: No. English, I think. Tall girl.

FN: I don't think I knew her.

GK: Real smart. She played the guitar too. In a blues band.

FN: What year did she graduate?

GK: 78.

FN: Oh. I graduated in 85.

GK: Oh.

A time to reach out and find
The bond that unites humankind.

FN: Funny you should mention it. I used to know a woman who played guitar in a band. Played bass. Her name was Iris.

GK: You're kidding.

FN: Iris Riley. She was from Minnesota, come to think of it.

GK: That's my wife.

FN: Iris?

GK: Yeah.

FN: Tall, black hair, a little tattoo on her hip---

GK: That's my wife.

FN: Huh. We went together for six years.

GK: Is that right? She never mentioned you.

FN: Yeah. We talked about moving in together, but---she wanted to get married and I wasn't ready.

GK: Well, I'll be darned.

RD: The bond that unites humankind.

GK: Well, it's been interesting talking to you, Fred.

FN: Frank.

GK: Frank. Good to meet you.

FN: Same here. And say hello to Iris for me.

GK: Yeah. You bet I will.

FN: And give me a call. Let's get together. Maybe we can all go out and eat Ukrainian food some night. Iris loves Ukrainian.

GK: Oh really. I had no idea.

FN: Anyway, give me a call.

GK: Sure.

FN: Call me. We'll all get together.

GK: I can't wait.

We're all coming closer together,
We're all trying so hard to be
United in bonds of understanding
And true community.

© Garrison Keillor 2003

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