October 11, 2003
From The Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul
We spent this week at the Fitzgerald. Country and bluegrass musician Jeannie Kendall, whose band The Kendalls had the hit "Love is Only a Sin Away," joined us, as well as blues legend Spider John Koerner and angel-voiced up-and-comer Becky Schlegel. And we spent time with Arnold, the soothing music of Brahms, and a hapless author on a book tour through Hell.

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Segment 1
00:00:00Logo (MPR)
00:00:12Tishomingo Blues
00:02:21GK talks about frost and leaves turning, ladybugs, new $20 bills
00:06:35"If Teardrops Were Pennies" - GK and Becky Schlegel
00:09:45"I'm Looking Through You" - Pat Donohue and band
00:11:56"Wonderful World (Internet)" - GK and band
Segment 2
00:13:42Rhubarb script
Segment 3
00:18:29GK intros Becky Schlegel
00:18:54"Drifter Like Me" - Becky Schlegel and her band
00:23:15GK talks with Becky
00:24:04"Little Red Leaf" - Becky Schlegel and her band
00:28:22GK talks about what is coming up on the show
00:29:02Powdermilk Biscuit Break - GK, Shoe Band, John Niemann
Segment 4
00:30:37Republicans script
Segment 5
00:35:05GK talks to John Koerner about his new sailboat
00:36:06"Danville Girl" - John Koerner
00:39:35John Koerner tells 10 jokes
00:48:18"Casey Jones" - John Koerner and Shoe Band
Segment 6
00:51:42Guy Noir script
Segment 7
01:01:16Intermission - Novocaine
01:05:30Welcome back to the second half, greetings
01:08:17"Just A Memory" - Jeannie Kendall and her band
01:11:48"Heaven's Just A Sin Away" - Jeannie Kendall and her band
01:15:00GK talks to Jeannie Kendall
01:16:08More greetings
01:18:00"Timeless and True Love" - Jeannie Kendall and band
Segment 8
01:21:57The News from Lake Wobegon
01:36:11"Only One and Only" - GK and Becky Schlegel
Segment 9
01:40:10Chopin (married couple) script
01:48:50"A Satisfied Mind" - GK, Jeannie Kendall and her band
Segment 10
01:53:14Pharma-Jones script
01:56:13"Goodnight Ladies"/"Sugarfoot Rag" closer

Photos from the show
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Enlarge photoEnlarge photo
Gary RaynorSpider John Koerner
Enlarge photoEnlarge photo
Garrison KeillorJeannie Kendall and band
Enlarge photoEnlarge photo
Jeannie KendallBecky Schlegel

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