November 15, 2003
Compiled from several previous performances
This weekend we broadcasted a compilation of highlights from past shows. The sampler plate, hand-picked by GK, included virtuoso guitarist Leo Kottke, Stephanie Davis, Jerry Douglas & Stuart Duncan and the Fairfield Four. We reviewed the travails of Bob (a Young Artist) as he tasted success as a playwright.

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In its entirety
Listen to the whole show, recorded on November 15, 2003, at the Charlottesville Performing Arts Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In segments
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Segment 1
00:00:00Logo (MPR)
00:00:12Tishomingo with GK voice over
00:02:34GK talks about winter
00:05:17"Talkin' Harvest Blues" - Stuart Duncan, Pat Donohue, Stephanie Davis, et al.
Segment 2
00:11:30English Majors script - GK, Sue Scott, Tim Russell, Tom Keith, Rich Dworsky
00:13:24"Andy Stein's Hoedown of Hits" - Andy Stein, Stuart Duncan, Alan O'Bryant, Gary Raynor, Pat Donohue
Segment 3
00:17:32The Story of Bob script - GK, Tim Russell, Tom Keith, Sue Scott, Rich Dworsky
00:25:06"Little Martha" - Jerry Douglas w/ Shoe Band and Stuart Duncan
00:29:25Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 4
00:31:17Guy Noir script - GK, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, Tom Keith, Rich Dworsky, et al.
00:45:38"I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray" - The Fairfield Four
00:50:33"Help for the Needy (Today)" - The Fairfield Four
00:52:42GK intro Fairfield Four members
00:54:53"Four and Twenty Elders" - The Fairfield Four
00:59:58"Foggy Mountain Rock" intermission - Shoe Band, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan
Segment 5
01:03:48Catchup script - GK, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, Rich Dworsky
01:06:10"Tennessee Blues" - Geoff Muldaur, Amos Garrett, Shoe Band
Segment 6
01:11:38Brain Surgery script - GK, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, Tom Keith, Rich Dworsky
01:15:07"Porgi, Amor, Qualche Ristoro" (from Le Nozze di Figaro) - Maria Jette, Rich Dworsky, et al.
01:18:29The News from Lake Wobegon
01:38:37"Menuetto" (from Quartet no. II, op. 44, no. 1) - The Mozart Effect String Quartet
Segment 7
01:40:55Movie Medley script - GK, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, Rich Dworsky, et al.
01:45:46GK intro Leo Kottke
01:46:48"Regards from Chuck Pink" - Leo Kottke
01:50:36"Eight Miles High" - Leo Kottke
01:56:10Why Men Go Deer Hunting script/"Blues Shuffle" - GK, Tim Russell, Sue Scott, Shoe Band
01:57:52"Foggy Mountain Rock" closer - Shoe Band, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan

Photos from the show
(Photos taken by Alan Frechtman and Melissa Christensen)

Two of the Fairfield Four (Oct. 23, 1999)Jerry Douglas (Oct. 26, 2002)
Andy Stein, Stuart Duncan, and Alan O'Bryant (Oct. 21, 2000) GK does Guy Noir (Oct. 14, 2000)

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  • Stephanie Davis
  • The Fairfield Four
  • Jerry Douglas
  • Stuart Duncan
  • Leo Kottke
  • Maria Jette
  • Geoff Muldaur
  • Amos Garrett
  • Guest Recordings
  • Stephanie Davis
  • The Fairfield Four
  • Jerry Douglas
  • Stuart Duncan
  • Leo Kottke
  • Maria Jette
  • Geoff Muldaur
  • Amos Garrett

  • Scripts
  • English Majors
  • Catchup
  • Guy Noir
  • Brain Surgery
  • The Story of Bob
  • Why Men Go Deer Hunting

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