November 22, 2003
From The San Diego Civic Theater in San Diego, California
Our musical guests included Celtic fiddler Natalie Macmaster, rockabilly filly and prog-country star Rosie Flores, as well as steel guitarist and dobro player Greg Leisz. And in the spirit of sunny SoCal recreation, we played host to surf guitar band the Duo-Tones.

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Segment 1
00:00:00Logo (MPR)
00:00:12Tishomingo Blues
00:02:45GK talks about Arnold Schwarzenegger being sworn in, Bush in London, California
00:05:17"Waitin' For A Train"/"Nobody Knows You"
Segment 2
00:09:14Guy Noir script
00:20:17"Aromatherapy Cowgirl" - Rosie Flores
00:24:04"Single Rose" - Rosie Flores
00:28:12Powdermilk Biscuit Break
00:30:35GK introduces the DuoTones
00:31:09"Pipeline" - The Duo-Tones
00:34:19GK talks to The Duo-Tones
00:35:48"Mr. Moto" - The Duo-Tones
Segment 3
00:38:30Rhubarb script
Segment 4
00:44:03Butter script
00:46:22GK talks about John F. Kennedy
00:49:06"Appropriate Dipstick" - Natalie MacMaster
00:54:00"The Fairy Dance" - Natalie MacMaster
01:00:40"Deep Water" - Intermission
01:04:17GK talks about San Diego
Segment 5
01:08:14Catchup script
01:14:32"Let It Be Me" - GK and Rosie Flores
01:18:30"Apache" - The Duo-Tones
Segment 6
01:22:19Duct Tape script
01:23:28"South By Southwest" - Pat Donohue and Shoe band
Segment 7
01:27:00The News from LakeWobegon
Segment 8
01:45:00"Fallen Leaf" - Greg Leisz and Shoe Band
01:47:00"Welcome to the Trossachs" - Natalie MacMaster
01:55:00Credits/"Goodnight Ladies"/"Ramrod" closer

Photos from the show
Click to enlarge. (Photos taken by Matt Thueson and Jessica Nordell)

Our venueFred Newman
Rosie Flores The Duo-Tones
Sue Scott and co. Natalie MacMaster

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