May 8, 2004—Talent from Twelve to Twenty
This week, we welcome the six finalists in our Talent from Twelve to Twenty contest. A double bass and violin duo from Philadelphia; a classical pianist from Providence; a singer/songwriter from Wimberley, Texas; a uilleann piper from Baltimore; a guitarist from Eugene, Oregon; and traditional-music-playing brothers from Fulton, New York, join us on our stage at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul.

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Segment 1
00:00:00Logo (MPR)
00:00:13Tishomingo Blues
00:02:30GK opens, talks about Major League Baseball advertising, St. Paul banning smoking
00:04:43GK brings out talent show contestants, they draw numbers for order
00:12:35GK announces voting procedure for the contest
00:13:29Teen script
Segment 2
00:16:08Eliot Grasso - "O'Hare's Tilt"/"The Chiaroscuro Jig"/"Jig of Quills"
00:21:36Band Playoff ("No Such Thing")
00:21:58GK talks about the awards we are giving out tonight
Segment 3
00:22:24Katie Hyun and Nathan Farrington with Andrew Staupe - Bottesini Grand Duo, 3rd movement
00:28:39Band Playoff ("All I Wanna Do")
00:28:56Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 4
00:30:46Sahara Smith - "It Don't Rain Much"
00:35:30Band playoff (Don't Know Why)
00:35:45Rhubarb script
Segment 5
00:39:42Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand - "Quickbeam"/"Gondolin"
00:44:46Band Playoff (Hey Ya!)
00:45:01GK talks about voting procedure
Segment 6
00:45:36Brooks E. Robertson - "Cannonball Rag"
00:49:43Band Playoff ("Get the Party Started")
Segment 7
00:49:57Mo Tian - "Rigoletto Paraphrase" (Liszt)
00:56:56Band Playoff ("All-Star")
00:57:08GK announces it's time to vote! And talks about the value of music in the schools.
Segment 8
00:58:44Mo Tian - "Rigoletto Paraphrase" (Liszt)
01:01:33"Forever Young" - GK, Sahara Smith, Shoe Band, and Eliot Grasso
01:05:33Welcome back to the second half, greetings, Kid script
01:10:36More Greetings
Segment 9
01:13:11The News from Lake Wobegon
01:32:22"Blackbird" - Rich Dworsky
01:35:00GK announces finalists: Brooks E. Robertson, Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand, and Sahara Smith
Segment 10
01:36:50Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand - "Megan's Mind"
01:41:11Sahara Smith - "Twilight Red"
01:46:24Brooks E. Robertson - "Eiffel Power"
Segment 11
01:50:36Sauce script
01:52:00GK presents Ray Marklund award to Eliot Grasso
01:53:53Audience votes for winner: Brooks E. Robertson (2nd place to Sahara Smith, 3rd place to Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand)
01:57:33"Monaghan Twig" closer - Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand and Eliot Grasso

Photos from the show
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Eliot GrassoKatie Hyun and Nathan Farrington
Sahara Smith Noah and Andrew Van Norstrand
Brooks E. Robertson Mo Tian

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