October 9, 2004
This week we're continuing our fall run in Minnesota with a show at Concordia College in Moorhead; featuring the big voice of gospel singer Jearlyn Steele, along with the Chuck Suchy, yodeler Janet Sorenson and Guy's All-Star Shoe Band.

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Segment 1
00:00:12Tishomingo Blues
00:02:40GK talks about farming, Concordia College homecoming, football team's big win
00:04:45GK introductions, talks to Chuck Suchy
00:05:48"Evening in Paris" - Chuck Suchy and Shoe Band
Segment 2
00:10:06GK talks about Prairie Home cemetery in Moorhead
00:11:32"Cemetery Song" - GK and Shoe Band
00:15:20Concordia script
00:19:16"Lutheran Polka" - Dan Newton and Shoe Band
00:21:22English Majors script
00:23:40"Nobody's Dirty Business" - Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
Segment 3
00:26:31GK welcomes Jearlyn Steele
00:27:20"I Need Thee Every Hour" - Jearlyn Steele and GK
00:30:54Powdermilk Biscuit Break/Where Did the Yodelers Go?
00:35:45GK talks to Janet Sorenson
00:37:24"Children of the Heavenly Father" - Jearlyn Steele, Janet Sorenson, GK
00:40:44"My Dad Taught Me to Yodel" - Janet Sorenson and Shoe Band
Segment 4
00:42:38Guy Noir
00:59:01"Cool In the Shade" - Chuck Suchy and Shoe Band
01:03:09Intermission/"Kansas City Kitty" - Shoe Band
Segment 5
01:07:22Welcome back/Greetings
01:11:06Organ script
01:12:27"Hi-top Sneakers" - Dan Newton and Shoe Band
01:15:07Duct Tape script
01:19:35"It Is Well with My Soul" - Jearlyn Steele and GK
Segment 6
01:23:10The News from Lake Wobegon
Segment 7
01:40:35"Now the Day is Over" - Jearlyn Steele, GK, Shoe Band
01:43:55"Molly's Field" - Chuck Suchy
01:48:50Laser script
01:50:40"I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart" - Janet Sorenson
01:53:25Credits, "The Parting Glass"
01:54:30"Red River Valley" - GK, Shoe Band, Jearlyn Steele, Chuck Suchy

Photos from the show
Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Kelly Schaub, and Thomas Scheuzger)

Yodeler Janet Sorenson GK, Sue Scott, Tim Russell and Tom Keith in Guy Noir script
Dan Newton on his accordion Janet Sorenson, GK and Jearlyn Steele
GK rehearses with Jearlyn Steele and Janet Sorenson Singer/Songwriter Chuck Suchy

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  • Chuck Suchy
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  • Guy Noir
  • Organ script
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  • Laser script

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  • Cemetery Song

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