We're All Republicans Now - G. Keillor
Saturday, November 27, 2004

Garrison Keillor: I want to be a uniter, not a divider, on this show. And do my part to bring this country back together. Bring the red and the blue together ---- and red and blue combine to make----- red. That's right.


We're all Republicans now
We're all united and how
For national security
And cultural purity
We're all Republicans now
Down with the income tax
Get government off our backs
Less regulation—let people be free
To work overtime and have two jobs or three
Put strict constructionists back on the courts
Let liberals have it right in the shorts
It's a free country so go and have fun
But not in my backyard cause I have a gun
We're all Republicans
All Republicans
All Republicans now.

We're all Republicans now
We're happy Republicans now
God put us in office He
'S fulfulling his prophecy
We're all Republicans now
So if health care you can't afford
You better talk to the Lord

He brought us to power—it's His Will we do
We're only His Servants when we're pounding on you
He told us to battle and never relent
We weren't just elected, no, we were sent
No matter what happens, we're not to blame
For He has redeemed us from guilt and from shame
We're all Republicans
All Republicans
All Republicans now.

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