January 8, 2005
We searched the stars for the best place to put on our first live show of the New Year, and they pointed us north. So we're going to Duluth! Stop on by, for two times the sound effects (Fred Newman and Tom Keith), acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke, steel guitar and dobro player Cindy Cashdollar, and the seven voices of the Mila Vocal Ensemble. Plus, the adventures of Guy Noir, the News From Lake Wobegon, and more.

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Segment 1
00:00:12Tishomingo Blues
00:05:36"Back Bay Shuffle" - Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
00:08:35Toilet script
00:10:26"Bristol Sloth" - Leo Kottke
00:14:34Cruise script
00:22:20"Tri su kralja 'idrila'," "Trgnala e malka moma" and "Oj, khodyt', pokhodyt' misjats'" - Mila Vocal Ensemble with GK talk
00:33:36Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 2
00:35:25Cell Phone script
00:36:50GK talks with Prudence Johnson about Country music
00:38:16Country songs segment: "Making Plans," "Let It Be Me," "That's the Way Love Goes," "As Long As I Live" - Prudence Johnson
00:48:22Guy Noir
00:59:27"Pamela Brown" - Leo Kottke
01:03:36Intermission/"Tulsa Straight Ahead" - Guy's All-Star Shoe Band
Segment 3
01:08:05Greetings/Welcome to 2nd half of show
01:10:52GK talks about Duluth
01:15:12GK calls Rowland Fowler from Embarrass, MN
01:19:30"Knockin' on Heaven's Door" - Pat Donohue, Shoe Band, Mila Vocal Ensemble, audience
Segment 4
01:22:09GK intros Louis Jenkins and his poems about winter
01:23:01Louis Jenkins recites his poems: "January," "Winter Light," "Ice," and "Some Things to Think About"
01:30:30Gk talks about singing like the vocal ensemble
01:31:06"Dubravushka" - Mila Vocal Ensemble
Segment 5
01:33:09The News from Lake Wobegon
Segment 6
01:52:04"Twice" - Leo Kottke
01:55:29Credits, Fred Newman/Tom Keith SFX
01:57:50"As Long As I Live" - GK/Prudence Johnson/Shoe Band

Scene at the Fitz

The People We Meet at Our Show

Margie Miller and her nieces
Margie Miller
& her nieces
Margie Miller (left) drove in to Duluth from Eveleth, Minnesota, to see our January 8 show with her nieces Chrissy Bartos and Bobbie Paull (Jo Paull is not pictured). Eveleth, boasted Margie, is home to the largest hockey stick in the world. "How big?" we asked. "Big," she said, and the others nodded their heads in agreement. (We checked it out, and they were right. It's a pretty big hockey stick.)

The Koralias
The Koralias
& friends
The Koralias — John and Barb and their daughter Beth, seen here with cousin Nik Dallos and friend Matt Ferguson — were thrilled to be seeing A Prairie Home Companion in their hometown of Duluth on January 8. Barb was especially delighted to learn that she and Garrison both wear red shoes, as red is a warm color, and one needs warmth on one's feet when one lives in a cold climate.

Shirley Peak
Mrs. Peak
We found Mrs. Shirley Peak after the January 8 show in Duluth, looking for her husband. He bought her tickets to our show for Christmas, sweet man. Mrs. Peak, from up on the Range, met Mr. Peak from Idaho when they were young and he was stationed in Duluth for the Coast Guard. They've lived on Superior ever since.

Steve Laskowski and LouAnn Kresal
Steve & LouAnn
Steve Laskowski and LouAnn Kresal were at the DECC for our January 8 show. The two told us they work at Minnesota Power, which is now called Allete. No, not "elite." Allete. Steve's favorite part of the show was Guy Noir.

The Horlockers
The Horlockers
We caught up with Mark and Dana Horlocker at the DECC on January 8. The couple met in the Twin Cities (she's a St. Paul girl), but he dragged her up to Duluth a few years back so he could get a degree in "outdoors stuff" from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Now they think they'll stay north forever.

Photos from the show

Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Melissa Sperl)

Garrison Keillor greets the audience. The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band (Pat Donohue on guitar, Gary Raynor on bass, Rich Dworsky on piano), plus dobro player Cindy Cashdollar at left.
The ladies of the Mila Vocal Ensemble, with a Croatian folk song, "Tri su kralja 'idrila'." Garrison Keillor with stage manager Albert Webster.
Sound-effects men Fred Newman and Tom Keith, during the Guy Noir script. Garrison Keillor as Guy Noir.

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