February 19, 2005
Join us this weekend for our second annual teen talent contest: Talent From Twelve To Twenty. We flew these kids into St. Paul for the last Fitz show of the season—from Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Idaho, Michigan and Georgia (click here to read more about the contestants). We can't wait to show you what they can do.

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Segment 1
00:00:12Tishomingo Blues
00:02:20GK talks about youth Sunday in Lake Wobegon, lists contestants
00:05:42GK introduces Travis Hasko-Young and Ben Walden
00:07:57"Jungle Muzic" - Ben Walden and Travis Hasko-Young
00:10:12Toilet script
00:11:33GK introduces Drew Nugent
00:13:22"Dr. Jazz" - Drew Nugent
Segment 2
00:17:00SPCA script
00:19:22GK intros Andrew Fenner
00:21:00"Someone to Hold You" - Andrew Fenner
00:24:39Dog script
00:27:13GK intros Lilly Wolfson
00:29:12"I See The Rain" - Lilly Wolfson
00:33:03Powdermilk Biscuit Break
Segment 3
00:34:46English Majors script
00:37:53GK intros the Lovell Sisters Band
00:39:36"Train, Train" - the Lovell Sisters Band
00:42:55SFX script
00:47:00GK intros Stage Fright Remedy
00:48:52"My Casanova" - Stage Fright Remedy
00:52:30Brain script
00:54:37"Pride and Joy" - Ben Walden and Travis Hasko-Young
Segment 4
00:55:55"All of Me" - Drew Nugent
00:57:56"Daylight" - Lilly Wolfson
01:00:25GK talks to Lovells
01:01:02"Sing Me A River" - Lovell Sisters
01:02:54"Yesterday" - Stage Fright Remedy
01:04:11"Changing Leaves" - Andrew Fenner
01:05:25GK announces that voting is open
01:06:00"Limehouse Blues" - Shoe Band (Intermission)
Segment 5
01:09:42Welcome Back to the 2nd half, greetings
01:12:28Guy Noir script
01:20:37GK congratulates Pat on his Grammy Award
01:21:12"Peter Gunn" - Pat Donohue
Segment 6
01:23:35The News from Lake Wobegon
Segment 7
01:38:08GK announces Ray Marklund Award winner: Lilly Wolfson
01:39:28GK announces 3rd place winner Drew Nugent
01:39:55"Original Jelly Roll Stomp" - Drew Nugent
01:43:38GK announces 2nd place winner Ben Walden and Travis Hasko-Young
01:44:08"Autumn Leaves" - Ben Walden and Travis Hasko-Young
01:47:46Commercial spots
01:48:18Catchup script
01:51:36GK announces 1st place winners The Lovell Sisters Band
01:52:38"Roly Poly" - The Lovell Sisters Band
01:56:20GK thanks contestants and their families, credits
01:57:57"You Are My Sunshine" - All closer

Photos from the show
Click images to view slideshow. (Photos taken by Melissa Sperl)

Sound-effects man Tom Keith and actor Tim Russell, with the Toilet script. Lilly Wolfson, a pianist/singer/songwriter from Clifton, New York.
Drew Nugent, with "All of Me." The Lovell sisters—Rebecca, Jessica, and Megan.
Garrison reads Greetings submitted by listeners and audience members. Ben Walden and Travis Hasko-Young pull off the standard "Autumn Leaves."

Music Information
Performers, music sources and credits
Guest Information
  • Drew Nugent
  • Andrew Fenner
  • Lilly Wolfson
  • Ben Walden and Travis Hasko-Young
  • Stage Fright Remedy
  • The Lovell Sisters Band
  • Scripts
  • Toilet script
  • SPCA script
  • Dog script
  • English Majors script
  • SFX script
  • Brain script
  • Guy Noir script
  • Catchup script
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