A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor

Dance script
Saturday, June 18, 2005

Garrison Keillor: It's summer time, and suddenly you're young, attractive, you look great in that flowered shirt with the tails out.

Sue Scott: Oh, thanks.

GK: The haircut is fantastic, the eye shadow, the pink silk blouse, the tattoo just below your navel, the red string tied around your wrist —nobody would know you grew up evangelical.

SS: Oh, yes they would. I can't dance.

GK: Yes, you can dance!

SS: I can't.

GK: You can. You just think you can't.

SS: I can?????

GK: With Salome Robotic Dancing Shoes for Baptists.. Salome shoes contain a computer chip that hears the beat and does the work for you. (DANCING SHOES)

SS: I'm moving! In rhythm! I'm dancing!!!!

GK: You're floating on a cushion of air, gliding across the dancefloor (SS Oh wow) as an onboard global positioning system guides you away from temptation, (SS WHEE), dancing dances no Baptist ever danced before — salsa dancing (SALSA, SS CRIES),and flamenco (RAPID HEELS, SS VOCAL) and techno music (TECHNO, SS REACTIONS). Irish river dancing (IRISH,

SS: Holy mother of God) Egyptian belly dancing. (EGYPTIAN OUD & BELLS) With Salome shoes, you can do reggae (REGGAE) you can dance on the table at a Greek restaurant with a plate of flamingt cheese curds (ZORBA BUILD&SS W PARTNER). You're born again and yet you're having a ball. Just don't kick off your shoes.

Tim Russell: (SNAKEY): Hey sweetheart— how'd you like to try on this glass slipper?

GK: Salome robotic Dancing Shoes — Sh-Bop-sh-bop-Du-Baptist.(MUSICAL BUTTON)

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